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Authentic antique picture frames or reproductions of antique frames for sale in any size? Our reproduction frames are very much appreciated by museums and private collectors.

Following the link below you will find a collection of high-quality handmade models that can be customized in every part. Our specialties are the Italian, French and Spanish frames in all styles.

Expensive Reproductions »

We spent the last ten years figuring out how to create a collection of antique picture frames available for a very reasonable price! 

We have achieved our goal by carefully studying new production techniques that allow us to realize exclusive reproduction frames, leaving out some of the more expensive ancient techniques. Click below to see all our available models.

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Antique Frames

antique frames for sale

Cheap Frames for sale


We specialize in reproductions of antique picture frames and modern wooden picture frames for interior decoration. This category of frames is particularly suitable for architects and interior design companies.The manufacture of these models takes place through modern techniques that allow a high production at a super cheap cost.

We either supply them to private collectors or antique dealers. Between the antique frames, there are some, usable for old paintings as well. In fact, old frames for sale is still our main mission!



We try hard to reach every kind of necessity for all types of customers offering all types of prices! In conclusion, we specialize either in custom picture frames or wood picture frame moldings in lengths.

There is no minimum order for cheap custom frames but we advise clients to buy them in bulk to low the oversea shipping price. Same advice for picture frame moldings in lengths: try to buy a minimum of thirty meters to reduce the shipping cost.


  1. Silver Picture Frames
  2. Gold Picture Frames
  3. White Picture Frames
  4. Black Picture Frames

Catalog available below, download it right now. SELECT your favorite models and mail us the codes to know the price per meter of every one. We will reply within 24 hours.



Antique Frames Styles


  1. Renaissance picture frames
  2. Baroque picture frames
  3. Rococo picture frames
  4. Neoclassical frames
  5. Empire frames

Clicking on the links above you will be able to reach the product gallery pages of the main styles of our reproduction frames. We cover a range of styles that goes from late 15th century to early 19th century.


Down below you find the major period frames that we cover:

  1. 16th century picture frames
  2. 17th century picture frames
  3. Antique pictute frames 1800s
  4. 19th century picture frames

Exclusive Antique Frames

We strongly recommend you to buy our antique frames for sale as they are the ones which make us distinguish all over the world. We will follow you in each step during the purchase solving any one of your doubts. Remember that we’ve been doing this for more than a century.

As we can personalize any one of the frames on our website, don’t hesitate to ask for different kinds of finishings. For example, if you like a model shown in gold and black paint and you prefer it completely gilded, tell us by email! We will reply within 24 hours.

Antique Frames Finishings


  1. Black and Gold Picture Frames
  2. Vintage Silver Picture Frames
  3. Gold Leaf Picture Frames
  4. Walnut Picture Frames

Of course we can finish our antique picture frames in other ways. The above finishings are just an example of what we can do to satisfy the main client’s desires.

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Important Paintings?

Do you have an important painting to frame? You have found the right website. You will find here more than 150 models of exclusive reproductions of antique frames categorized by price, style, and period.

CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW to enter and see the main gallery with all the reproductions displayed. Don’t go mad looking for authentic antique picture frames with the right size for your painting. You would look forever!

Most of our clients get so involved with our reproductions, that after the first order keep on changing all the ugly frames that they owned for decades.