In this website, you will find high-quality reproductions of antique frames for sale in several shapes, styles, and finishings. Any model displayed on the site is a replica of an authentic frame. Our mission is delivering to a vast community of customers antique looking frames for paintings personalized for each artwork. We provide them with three different category prices so that you can go for the category you have the budget for.


For Expensive and affordable reproductions, we create a few product category pages from where you can pick any model, calculate its price based on the painting size, and purchase it straight away. It is a very straightforward process that allows you to buy online on your own.


For cheap modern picture frames and cheap antique frames, we create a Catalog and a Pricelist because they are together more than 1000 models. So if you want to buy an inexpensive picture frame, you must download the catalog and price list and send us an email to make the order.

Find here our Exclusive Reproductions of antique picture frames Made in Italy. We realize custom antique frames for sale with the perfect size of your painting.

Follow the link below to see our most expensive reproductions, specially made for important artworks. You will find them split per era, region, and style.

Expensive Reproductions »

We spent several years figuring out how to create a collection of custom antique picture frames available for a very reasonable price!

We have achieved our goal studying new techniques that allow us to realize exclusive reproduction frames saving time and expensive materials. Click below to see our achievements.

Affordable Reproductions »

antique frames for sale

Cheap Frames


To reach the majority of possible customers, we realize the production of cheap antique frames in several styles and shapes. We either sell them in length or custom size. In the catalog, the antique style frames are displayed on the first pages while the modern picture frames come after. Besides any cheap frame model, we show its section profile. You can then decide if the section width, the rabbet, and other measures are ok for your artwork. You can buy frames with different finishings, and they’re all displayed around the main frame profile.

We supply cheap antique style frames to private collectors and antique dealers. Between cheap antique picture frames, there are, in fact, some very handy for old paintings as well. We’ve created a vast selection of inexpensive frames to enlarge the community of our customers because our mission is to reach people of every gender, class, and age. Our goal is to build a brand that can be a reference for any picture frame.


Our catalog displays together with cheap antique looking frames a considerable number of cheap modern wood picture frames for interior decoration. They are particularly suitable for architects and interior designers as they usually deal with contemporary interiors. We manufacture modern moulding frames by semi-industrial techniques to achieve a massive production at a very affordable price.

There is no minimum order for cheap custom frames, but we strongly advise customers to buy them in bulk to low the oversea shipping cost.


We try hard to make every one of our customers happy, offering all types of prices! That is why, apart from the custom framing service, we realize a massive production of wood picture frame moldings in lengths.

No minimum order is required for picture frame moldings in lengths, but we want to give a smart advice: try to buy a minimum of thirty meters (about 15 rods) to reduce the oversea shipping price. For purchasing delivered within Europe, there is a flat rate shipping cost of 50 euro, while for deliveries out of Europe, the flat rate shipping cost is 99 euro.

Download CATALOG and PRICE LIST below.



Exclusive Reproductions of
Antique Frames

SINCE 1905

We specialize in Italian, French, and Spanish Reproductions of Antique Picture Frames for sale since 1905. In our Gallery, you’ll find Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical, Empire and Renaissance styles. They have a significant role in the field of antique frames for old master paintings. We deliver unique reproductions because we put in practise the most difficult ancient techniques.

See below the two most significant techiniques necessary to realize top quality replicas of antique frames.




We have been working for several famous museums. Between them: MetropolitanNational GalleryBritish MuseumStaatliche MuseenKunsthistorisches.

To the question about how happened to be that such famous museums use Reproductions instead of the original antique picture frames made in Italy, there is just a simple answer. It’s almost impossible to find in the market beautiful antique picture frames that can fit properly with the old master paintings owned by the museums.

Most of the time, you can find the antique picture frame for sale with the right shape and style. It is anyway improbable that it would have at the same time the right size for the painting. Due to this big problem with the size of antique frames, the “Laboratorio Federici,” which is the corresponding Italian name of the company NowFrames, has framed a considerable number of paintings for the major museums all over the world.


Even the most careful glance of experts in carving and gilding can’t recognize that around the painting, there is a reproduction of an antique frame. Apart from the shape, the carving, and gilding, which makes the difference in our structures is the “Patina.” That is the Italian term to define the tricky process of making appear the reproduction dark, with some little broken parts and with some fake wormholes.


  1. Silver Picture Frames
  2. Gold Picture Frames
  3. White Picture Frames
  4. Black Picture Frames

Antique Frames Styles


  1. Renaissance picture frames
  2. Baroque picture frames
  3. Rococo picture frames
  4. Neoclassical frames
  5. Empire frames

Clicking on the links above you will be able to reach the product gallery pages of the main styles of our reproduction frames. We cover a range of styles that goes from late 15th century to early 19th century.


Down below you find the major period frames that we cover:

  1. 16th century picture frames
  2. 17th century picture frames
  3. Antique pictute frames 1800s
  4. 19th century picture frames
  5. 1920 vintage picture frames

Antique Frames

We strongly recommend you to buy our antique frames for sale as they are the ones which make us distinguish all over the world. We will follow you in each step during the purchase solving any one of your doubts. Remember that we’ve been doing this for more than a century.


In our vast collection, which counts more than 150 antique picture frames models, you can personalize the lacquer color of anyone, and you can ask for a particular finishing. Also, you can change the shape of the section width into the one that you like most. As we entirely produce the frames, we can intervene in any step of manufacturing as the customer wants. The essential quality of our reproduction frames is that they are available in any size.

Just tell us the size of your painting, and we will custom one of our Antique Picture Frames for sale in the best way possible for you. For any change that you require mail us before buying. As a result, you will get a response within 24 hours with the approval concerning the changes that you are asking.

Antique Frames Finishings


  1. Black and Gold Picture Frames
  2. Vintage Silver Picture Frames
  3. Gold Leaf Picture Frames
  4. Walnut Picture Frames

All our antique picture frames are Made in Italy. The above finishings are just an example of what we can do to satisfy the main client’s desires.

Antique Frames SHAPE


  1. Antique Round Picture Frames
  2. Antique Oval Picture Frames
  3. Octagonal picture frames

We listed above the main shape structures of our antique frames for sale. We tend to realize shapes like oval, round, and octagonal with a square frame at the outer part of the structure. 

Why do we advise customers to go for these solutions? We always recommend a square or a rectangular structure of the outer part of the frames because the entire body of the work would be more robust. Also, you will have a product with much more wood and gold for the same price. In fact, order a simple oval, round or octagonal frame without the external square frame, costs the same.

Why would a simpler frame costs equal to a more elaborated one? Because the amount of work to do for realizing both is equal. To realize the simple models is quite a long work.

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Worldwide Shipping

DHL courrier all over the world using tracking numbers and ensurance.

Important Paintings?

Do you have an important painting to frame? You will find here more than 150 models of exclusive reproductions of antique frames categorized by price, style, and period.


We think that an excellent Reproduction frame can solve all of your problems without any headache! A Reproduction frame can’t be compared to a shallow industrial copy of an old master painting. Here is why. An old master painting was made by an artist while an antique picture frame was created by a master carver and gilder. There would be a slight difference between an artist and a good craftsman, even if the craftsman lived five centuries ago. 

So here comes the difference: we are still excellent craftsmen as in ancient times, but we are not so sure about all the factories out there making copies of very famous paintings inflating the whole market.

Due to this, I feel free to say that there is not much difference between us and a master carver and gilder born during Renaissance time. We haven’t changed so many things in the process of making a beautiful antique frame since ancient times. The techniques used are almost the same and gives us the great advantage of being able to realize beautiful reproductions. See, for example, Massimiliano Gurrieri (Master Carver and Gilder) in action in this video.


See the main gallery with all the reproductions displayed. Don’t go mad looking for authentic antique picture frames with the right size for your painting. You would look forever!

Most of our clients get so involved with our reproductions, that after the first order keep on changing all the ugly frames that they owned for decades.

worthy Reproduction frames

Since 1905 the “Laboratorio Federici” is between the most relevant ateliers in Europe for antique picture frames Made in Italy. Maybe it can have even realized more then 10 thousand! What we know for sure is that the most recognized antique dealers know very well our workshop since it has been founded. 


Some of our reproductions manufactured at the beginning of the 20th century already have considerable value. Even if they are still replicas of styles much older, they’ve got a unique taste. Because of the “patina,” and because of the beautiful carving, which makes them look authentic, it’s now almost impossible to define their age.

When a few of the experts out there recognize a frame as made from “Laboratorio Federici,” they declare it as a Reproduction. But at the same time, they give our frames a high value due to the quality and the excellent work.

instant quote


We offer to customers the opportunity to calculate the price of the exclusive antique picture frame for sale, instantly. When you click the button “get a quote” you will land to a friendly page with blank text boxes to be filled out. You have to fill them with the two most important measures of your painting. They are Hight size and Large size, which can be expressed either in cm or inches. 

Then you hit the button calculate, and our efficient algorithm will instantly respond with the total price of your purchasing, including the shipping price. When you know the price, you will then be free to order the frame and paying by the methods that you prefer.

Delivery and pAyment


Delivery is in about 60 days from the order. We use the DHL courier with an insurance service that covers any damage, and we ship all over the world. We use high-quality material to pack the frames so that it doesn’t frequently happen significant damages. See our policy about shipping.


Delivery is about in 14 days from the order. We still use  DHL with an insurance service. Usually we ship these productus dismounted with an easy system that allows customers to mount them in place. That’s the way to save more then 60% in shipping for cheap frames. Follow this link on our youtube channel to see our system: Lamello.


You can either pay by wire transfer or by PayPal and credit card. After calculated the price by the calculator page associated to the frame that you intend to order, you can proceed with payment. Then you can mail us the order details as requested along the process of purchasing.


To pay cheap frames you have first mail us requesting for a quote. You can then either procced with the payment by PayPal or wire transfer. As there is not an automatic system to purchase our cheap frames, tu pay them by PayPal you must click on the fallowing link:  PayPal payments.