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Silver Picture frames

Silver Picture Frames are important furnishings for Modern Interior Design. CHOOSE among our huge collections.




BUY here silver wall frames with tailored size for your painting or mirror. SELECT below the category price.


silver picture frames
Reproduction silver frame #201

Silver Picture Frames

We specialize in Cheap large silver picture frames for modern interiors and Expensive silver wall frames for important paintings. Our production is huge because we realize every kind of style frame. We stand out for the reproduction of antique picture frames for museums, antique dealers and private collectors as well as custom silver frames for all types of contemporary paintings.

Our mission is to build an amazing frame catalog. We prepare our models with different profile sizes, different finishing because we want to offer a vast range of products. You’ll be able to surf inside the website choosing between three main categories: expensive, affordable and cheap silver picture frames.

Silver wall frames

Silver wall frames are one of our priorities because interior designers ask for them a lot. For a while, there is been a fashion with silver frames for wall. Architects use them to decor interiors with big mirrors and modern paintings. Even if gold picture frames are still very classic and adaptable to every circumstance, silver finishing is gaining relevance in the minimalist world of contemporary design.

If there is a big competence in producing small silver frames, there is not in the manufacturing of large silver picture frames for wall. This last is a category frame where framers need to dispose of hard skills, experience and enough space to store their products.

The main property of our enterprise is to be able to supply custom silver frames for any size. We work with every size and we realize any modification asked from customers. If a client picks out of our catalog a model that he would prefer to have with another finishing, that’s possible. Same, if he wants to change the shape profile or the width of it.

Silver frames for antique or modern paintings

Federici workshop is known all over the world for creating high-quality reproductions frames for old master paintings. We framed names like Raffael and Picasso, see this page to know about details. The main difference between antique silver picture frames and new ones is about the care and the time that a craftsman needs to complete the finishings.

Generally, modern finishing is a kind of industrial finishing while antique ones are made by hand. To catch the difference among them the customer has to be prepared for the world of antiques otherwise they look similar. We make antique finishing using yellow, red and black bole for the silvering process. In addition, antique silver picture frames are darkened enough to look very old. We rub them, we create wormholes and all those kind of things to make it seem an antique silver frame.