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Gold PICTURE frames

Custom size Gold Ornate Picture Frames for wall

Exclusive Gold Painting Frames and Cheap Gold Frames


Gold PICTURE frames for SALE

Our company specializes in custom gold ornate picture frames for sale. Find on this website very exclusive models of vintage gold picture frames for wall and cheap gold picture frames that you can either buy in antique or modern style. We realize large gold wall frames for paintings and mirrors with a specific join system that facilitates the oversea shipping costs. You will find a main distinction on our menu referring to price categories because we want to sell products to a vast range of customers. Therefore you can surf between the category price to find cheap gold frames that you can either buy with a service of custom mounting or in rods three meters long that would be cut at your location.

Federici Workshop specializes in three main categories of gold ornate picture frames for sale: expensive, affordable, and cheap ones. Of course, on our website, you can surf looking for other categories, as for example, styles. We produce custom frames in antique and in modern fashion, starting for very little money to reach the high price paid from museums and artwork collectors.


We distinguish between two major prototypes of clients: Interior Design enterprises and old master paintings collectors. Of course, it exists a considerable gap among these two types of clients because antiques are not always appreciated or used for contemporary interior design companies and vice versa.

Some architects like minimalism and use cheap gold picture frames for mirrors to decor interiors. In the last years, we noticed a new interest from interior designers: they’re looking at vintage gold picture frames to enrich their minimalist interiors. It seems to us that this became a new fashion. We encourage this trend because we consider antiques as unique pieces. When you put them parsimoniously within cold rationalist modern interiors, they stand out pretty well.

Interior designers solved the problem of choosing between antique and minimalist art, joining these two opposite trends together in a pleasant and harmonious fusion. Therefore, with this new approach, it’s possible to enjoy, at the same time, the essential comfort of modernity and the magnificent beauty of antiques.


We are very focused on the quality of the wood that we use. Our super cheap gold picture frames are realized with ayous. That is an African wood appreciated for its good properties. It is light and tender, so that becomes easy to work with it. For certain models, we use fir as well because it is more solid and helps to build more robust frames.


Even if tenderness is a quality to have a light product, it is shown to be a disadvantage for preventing frames from woodworms. Bugs generally attack more the softwoods then heavy ones. Therefore we use tulipwood, lime, Swiss pine, and fir for our expensive frames because they are more resilient. There is no way that such kinds of wood would be attacked in the future from bugs. They are too tough.

To prevent our cheap gold picture frames made of ayous from getting woodworms, we treat them with a particular chemical product that works very well. Thus don’t be afraid of buying our cheap products. They’re very durable in time.

Large Gold PICTURE Frames cheap and expensive

It’s roughly been now 30 years since we start creating excellent products at a reasonable price. In the field of contemporary art, we are super competitive, with large gold picture frames cheap. Because they are quite simple to make, we deliver them quickly, something between one and two weeks, depending on the quantity and the delivery location.


We are competitive with large gold picture frames because we prepare them using some new techniques. They are useful to strengthen our frames and create a top-quality product for a very low price! If you followed the above link, you already know about the “lamello”, which is an excellent material to assemble large frames without losing in quality.

We developed a system that allows us to build large gold picture frames cheap. We first manufacture them in rods three meters long. They came in several finishings and with a lot of different section widths. You can download our CATALOG of cheap gold frames and select the model that you like most. The standard maximum size for these types of frames is 12 cms. To buy extra large gold ornate picture frames for an affordable price, we must join together different profiles.


After quite long technical research, we came across a handful solution to get extra large gold frames mounted at the client’s place. First of all, we want to make clear that the main reason to ship the frames dismounted is to obtain a better shipping price. The total cost of a large gold wall frame sent dismounted could be 50% lower, compared to a frame shipped mounted.

Depending on the size of the frames, we decide which kind of join system using. You will always need to use glue and screws to get the four sides joint solidly. You will be able to hang the frame on the wall the day after the joining procedure. We help customers with youtube videos and advice to go through the process. In certain cases, you won’t even need the help of a carpenter to accomplish that task.

See this page to see the gold ornate picture frames assembled by standard tool kits. Those tools are significant only for small picture frames. It’s not a good idea to use them to realize more oversized frames. We discourage any of our customers to save money when a massive frame has to be made.

CUSTOM GoLD picture frames made to last forever

Our mission is to prepare gold picture frames that last forever. As we have restored antique frames since 1905, we got used to seeing frames older than 600 hundred years. As the products of the past are so durable, we think we must produce frames with the same quality. We strongly believe in a sustainable economy.

The new economy injected into the market an overwhelming quantity of poor products. We consider that a failure. In fact, the result is an excess of junk sold for little money. All the lousy quality gold ornate picture frames are going to become rubbish very quickly. That’s what we’re trying to avoid so badly!

In conclusion, our mission is to contribute by manufacturing lasting items. We advise you to consider the above-described issue and to think twice before buying a junk product. We invite everyone to buy always good quality custom gold picture frames to make this world a better place.

If you stick with us, you will be able to buy a better product. You will have a frame made with excellent materials and very efficient techniques. Therefore you certainly will let it as legacy because our frames overcome time.


In the field of picture frames, there are plenty of competitors who realize and sell modern gold picture frames. Therefore it exists a significant choice for customers within they can make their best selection. Related to the vintage gold picture frames, the thing change. A small number of companies can manufacture unique gold frames with the right taste of antique. The majority of factories produce classic frames paying little attention to the details of original antique frames.


Here at NowFrames, we put our significant effort in the realization of a vast range of unique vintage gold picture frames either for affordable or expensive prices. Our main goal as an enterprise born in 1905, is deliver to museums and private collectors gold painting frames with exclusive shapes and styles. Surfing our website, you will be able to appreciate the high number of antique category frames. In fact, you find here more than 150 reproductions of antique frames made with the intention to frame important old master paintings.

For more than a century, we have looked for enriching our collection of available reproduction frames. We realize them with such a variety of shapes and styles to be able to frame artworks from the 13th to 20th centuries. Surfing between the categories, you will reach galleries where we grouped our gold picture frames considering their era, style, and region.


We realize a line of top quality and expensive 22 carat gold leaf picture frames for significant paintings. We ship them all over the world to private collectors and art galleries.

If you are interested in buying a unique product, realized entirely by hand, with the use of ancient techniques and genuine gold leaf, click the following link to know more: Gold leaf picture frames. You will reach a product category page which displays many products. We describe the entire process of gilding and the difference among several techniques.