Antique Gilded Frames FOR SALE

We specialize in antique gilded frames for sale since 1905. Our primary mission is to deliver exclusive reproductions of antique gold gilded picture frames cut with the size that you need for your paintings. We either work for private collectors or major museums all over the world. Our custom framing service offers a vast range of price possibilities. You will find in our website more than 150 unique antique gold frames for sale in several styles that you can buy personalized as you prefer. For a lower price, you can pick between 1000 super cheap antique gold frames wholesale either delivered mounted with the measures of your painting or cut to be mounted at your place with huge savings on shipping.

The website displays three category price: Expensive, affordable, and super cheap. Since 1905 we have been manufacturing thousands of fine reproductions in different styles and finishings. We categorized our models with a careful focus on the main period styles. Therefore you will be able to choose between period, and region of our antique gold frames with many kinds of shapes and decorations. We manufacture gilded picture frames for modern paintings as well. Every year we realize new models of them as the contemporary interior trends change in time quite fast.


The finishings of our antique gilded frames for sale are enriched from an excellent patina of the gold surface. Our Master gilders can create a very antique look just by the use of simple tools. Looking at our replicas carefully, you will notice, even from the photographs, little cracks, wormholes, and rubbed surfaces that give our reproductions the real taste of antique. Surfing in between the category styles, you’ll see an abundant use of gold and lacquer mixed together. Black and white are the two primary colors used to reproduce very antique gilt frames as Renaissance, Baroque, and Neoclassical models.

See the pictures above to check just a few of the gilded frames that we can realize either for antique paintings or modern interiors. Click here if you wish to know more about our fine reproductions of antique picture frames.

Antique gold frame with Dutch Gold Leaf or Genuine Gold Leaf?

The title of this paragraph contains an excellent question. I want first to explain the difference between these two excellent materials that we use to create antique gilt frames. Dutch Gold Leaf is made of copper and zinc. It is very ductile. In fact, it comes in thin square sheets of 14 by 14 cms.

Get more info following this link: Dutch gold leaf composition.

Genuine Gold Leaf is made 100% of gold, and that’s why it costs much more than Dutch metal leaf. There is not much to say about the quality of gold because any human being already knows it. So now it is time to explain the difference between these two materials regarding the production of gilded frames.


If you need exclusive reproductions of antique gilt frames with a very old look, you don’t need to spend money in real gold because you won’t be able to distinguish it from Dutch gold leaf. When Master gilders lay a few hands of shellac on the gilded surface to create a dark patina, you will not be able to tell apart real gold from Dutch gold. The Patina made of dark shellac will cover the brightening of the gold. The frame surface will finally seem an antique gilding because of the tiny cracks and the little broken parts that gilders fake in order to realize a good replica of an antique gilt frame.

With that said, if you need to buy more valuable products, than you got to go for gold leaf picture frames. The use of genuine gold will raise the price up to 30%, and in some cases, with the use of water gilding, which is a very ancient gilding technique, the cost can rise up to 70%.

Customize your antique gilT frames

Check the items above and order your favorite one. Remember that the whole production of antique gilded frames for sale can be tailored for any of your paintings. This should probably be the most significant advantage of buying a reproduction instead of buying an authentic one. You never find original frames in the size that you need.


Change, if you wish, the finishing of any one of our products, for example, mixing lacquer and gold together. You can modify shapes and sections width of our gilded frames at your convenience.

Tell us a color of lacquer that you would like to see on our replicas; mail us a picture of it, and we will lacquer the frame with your favorite color. You can either change the rabbet to show more of the outer edge of the painting or to cover it as you need. We usually can change the overlap of the profile molding in the exact size you give us.

In some cases, we don’t add a cost for changes, but sometimes we have to. It depends on the kind of work and the time necessary to realize it. Therefore mail us first your ideas, and we will approve the changes and communicate you the sum to add on the total amount to pay.

antique gold frames wholesale

In our range of services, one finds the chance to get antique gilt frames for a low price. In this industrial era, where machines and automatized works are the main characters, we decided to offer an excellent option to buy top-quality reproductions of antique gilded frames manufactured in rods of three meters.


For a type of customer who wants to frame a lovely old painting without investing too much money, we suggest our antique gold frames wholesale because they are very cheap. You will still find in that category different models divided by styles, shapes, and finishings. They cost much less because of the use of heavy machinery that allows us to produce more than 300 meters per day. Interior designers and private collectors love to buying antique gold frames wholesale to save money.

Download the catalog of our super cheap wholesale items: CATALOG SUPER CHEAP


Even though we don’t suggest to personalize our cheap antique gilt picture frames because the price would then rise significantly, we give customers the chance to pick among a vast quantity of profiles. Therefore in the super cheap catalog, you find moldings with different section widths, you find gold, silver, and many kinds of lacquer finishings.

We grouped the models around their profile. Therefore besides any profile, which is sketched with its measures, there are plenty of frames with the same structures but realized in different finishes. Anyone is labeled with a long code that you got to give us to identify the exact finishing of the model you want yo buy.


There is an outstanding innovation we want to share here: We can build huge antique gilded frames for extra size paintings or mirrors. We have got the right technology to craft products that can be easily mounted at your place. We deliver them dismounted, and you will be able to mount them with glue and screws.

Of course, when we refer to large antique gold frames for sale, we refer not just to bigger structures, but wider profiles as well. We can realize moldings with a section width up to 40 cm for a relatively reasonable price. How do we accomplish that? We’ve been studying the system for quite a long time. Our remarkable innovation is to put together a few profiles to create custom molding frames super large, solid, and with an elegant style.

The above described process takes, of course, a long time to be done. First, we have to go through the step of which molding to select for a balanced shape. In fact, they have to be compatible with not much of a work. Second, we stick them together, and we prepare a new finishing that can homogenize the entire profile and make it seem like just one solid piece.