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Antique Gilded Frames for sale

We offer antique gilded frames for sale since 1905. Our mission is to deliver exclusive reproductions of antique gold gilded picture frames in custom sizes. We either work for private collectors or museums all over the world. 

Find more than 150 exclusive antique gold frames for sale in several styles. For a lower price, you can pick among 1000 super cheap antique gold frames wholesale. We deliver them mounted or dismounted at your convenience. Also, you can buy them in length.

many categories

You’ll notice our products split into three category prices: Expensive, affordable, and super cheap. In addition, we’ve categorized our models by focusing on periods and styles. Therefore, you will be able to choose from a vast selection of frames. To be accurate, we decided to categorize our antique gold frames even for regions. So, you’ll find many kinds of shapes and decorations. 

We manufacture gilded picture frames for modern paintings as well. As contemporary art evolves quickly, every year we add new models to the catalog. Indeed, contemporary interior trends change in time quite fast.


The finishings of our antique gilded frames for sale are enriched from an excellent patina. Our gilders make them look antique. Thus, if look carefully, you’ll notice from the pictures little cracks, wormholes, and rubbed surfaces. Those are the real features of our reproductions. 

Among the category styles, you’ll see an abundant use of gold and lacquer. We love black and gold together for antique gilt frames. That is an optimal finishing to realize Renaissance and Baroque models. Instead, for Neoclassical style frames, we use gold and white.

Dutch Gold Leaf vs real Gold Leaf

Among our quality, you will find flexibility. We like to offer customers several options. Therefore, we decided to cover different types of gilding processes and different materials as well. Customers can choose between Dutch metal leaf or genuine gold leaf.

the difference

I want first to explain the difference between the two materials. We like them both to create antique gilt frames. However, one is much more expensive than the other.

Dutch Gold Leaf is made of copper and zinc. Thus, it’s not real gold. Even though they look the same they’re very different. Dutch metal leaf is inexpensive. Still, it’s ductile and it comes in square sheets of 14 by 14 cms. Get more info following this link: Dutch gold leaf composition.

Genuine gold leaf is made of 100% gold. For this reason, it is super expensive. There is not much to say about its qualities because anyone knows them. So, now it’s time to explain why you should choose one instead of the other to realize gilded frames.

GENUINE GOLD LEAF for antique gold frames

If you need exclusive reproductions of antique gilt frames with a very old look, you don’t need to spend money on real gold because you won’t be able to distinguish it from a Dutch gold leaf. When Master gilders lay a few hands of shellac on the gilded surface to create a dark patina, you will not be able to tell apart real gold from Dutch gold. 

First, the Patina made of dark shellac will cover the brightening of the gold. Thus, its surface will seem antique because of the tricks of the patina. Gilders fake little cracks and tiny broken parts all over the gold surface. At the end of that procedure, gilders realize replicas of antique gilt frames equal to authentic frames.

With that said, if you need to buy a more valuable product is different. In that case, you should go for gold leaf picture frames. The use of genuine gold leaves will raise the price up to 30%. With water gilding the cost can even rise to 70%.

Customize your antique gilT frames

Check the items above and order your favorite one. Remember that any single antique gilded frame for sale can be tailored for any of your paintings. This is probably the advantage of buying a reproduction instead of an authentic frame. Also, take into count that can be painful to seek out original frames with the size that you need.


Change, if you wish, the finishing of any one of our products. For example, change the color of any lacquer at your convenience. In addition, you can modify the tone of the gilding. Indeed, the pictures on the website are just an example of what we can do. There are two main tones, and everything in between, for the gold. The first is a so-called warm tone gilding. This tends to be reddish. The second is a cold tone gilding, which tends to be greenish.

Of course, gold and Dutch leaf are always yellow. That is the color they have, but we can change the trend of their tone. When we age the frame we can modify the shellac to apply. That’s the secret: the tone of the shellac. We usually recommend something in between the two tones. Indeed, we think that antique gilded frames never touch neither one nor the other extreme. 

Moreover, we offer the option to personalize any dimension of our profiles. We either modify the entire shape of the section width or just a little detail. In other words, our gilded frames can be personalized completely. For instance, you could need a smaller rabbet or even a bigger one than the standard size. If you want to show as much as possible of your artwork, you could ask for a very small rabbet. That’s not a problem for us.

The overlap of the frame is something that worries our customers. They want to know which would be the optimal size of it. When you’re not an expert, we recommend going for our standard features. If you do, you probably won’t deal with a bad surprise.

In some cases, we don’t add a cost for changes, but sometimes we have to. It depends on the kind of work and the necessary time to realize it. Therefore, mail your ideas. We will approve the changes and ultimately tell you if you have to add some money or not.

antique gold frames wholesale

In our range of services, one has the chance to get antique gilt frames for a low price as well. In this industrial era, where automatized works are the main character, we decided to keep up. Thus, we offer a vast selection of reproductions of antique gilded frames manufactured in length.


For a customer who wants to frame a painting without investing too much money, we suggest our antique gold frames wholesale. They’re super cheap. Still, you will be able to select a model in a catalog with plenty of shapes, and finishings.

Our cheap gilded frames for sale are competitive. Even though we build them by the use of industrial systems, they look antique. They’re especially suitable for architects and interior designers. They love to buy antique gold frames wholesale in length. That way they’re free to customize the sizes in their locations. So, they usually buy lengths of 9 feet that can be shipped in boxes of 25kg overseas.


We don’t suggest to personalize our cheap antique gilt picture frames because the price would rise significantly. Thus, you would lose the benefits of industrial work. For this reason, we suggest picking among the vast selection that we offer. You will certainly find the one you need. Apart from different section widths, you find gold, silver, and plenty of different lacquer finishings.

The catalog has 80 pages. On any page, there are more than a couple of different profiles. Besides them, you’ll find all the possible finishes related. So, for any profile, you will find even more than five options.

The profiles are drawings. They display the dimensions in cms. Any model is labeled with a code that you must give us to identify the exact finishing you picked.


There is an outstanding innovation we want to share here: We can build huge antique gilded frames for extra-size paintings or mirrors. We have the technology to craft huge frames. Indeed, they can be easily mounted at your place. We deliver the four sides dismounted to handle easily the shipping process. Also, we furnish a mounting system to follow. Still, you won’t be able to handle the mounting by yourself if you’re not an expert. In other words, you still need to ask for support from a craftsman.

Of course, when we refer to large antique gold frames for sale, we refer not just to bigger structures, but to wider profiles as well. We can build section widths up to 40 cm. Even though they’re huge museum frames, they have a reasonable price. 

How do we accomplish that?

We’ve been studying the system for a long time. Our remarkable innovation is to mount a few profiles of cheap frames together. This way we build super large gilded frames with a solid structure. After the work, each profile fits perfectly.

The process takes time to be done. First, we have to go through the selection of the right profiles. They have to be harmoniously fixed together. That is the part of the work more difficult. They have to be compatible without doing too much work. Second, we glue them together and prepare them for finishing. Lastly, we apply gold or silver, or lacquer at your wish. The final look will be astonishing. In short, the frame will look well balanced in all its parts. No one will notice the work of the composition there has been behind. Also, the entire structure would be a solid unique piece.