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Venetian picture frames

We specialize in the reproduction of Venetian picture frames. Find here Venetian style picture frames for sale with different shapes and finishes. Venice had a significant role in the field of art. It was one of the most prolific Italian regions. Even though it was a small republic, its artistic styles became famous. 

Venetian frames are known by art collectors because many master painters come from Venice. Just to remember a few: GiorgioneTitianTintorettoCanaletto. These artists had enormous success out of Italy as well. The best results of Venice belong to Renaissance and Rococo arts. Indeed, during the Baroque movement, Venice lost its importance for a while.

Venetian style picture frames for sale

Our Venetian style picture frames belong to the 1700s. As discussed previously, the Rococo movement influenced significantly the Republic of Venice. Consequently, the production of models with a typical Rocaille style has been remarkable.

The results that Venetian craftsmen produced are original. They focus on French trends without losing authenticity. Thus, Venetians merged the substance of Rococo art to new craftsmanship creating unique products.

Our frame cod. 034 is similar to French models. Even though it looks French, its details highlight its origin. Notice the four cartouches in the middle of every side. They’re very distinctive traits of Venetian picture frames.

The role of lacquer in venetian frames

Looking at Venetian picture frames you will notice the relevance of the lacquer. Venetians utilized lacquer as an asset. In fact, its meaning was to bring out the golden carvings. This way, they had the chance to save gold, which has always been expensive. At the same time, they could realize unique products with a minimum of effort.

Of course, gilders from other regions had previously used the lacquer. For instance, the Tuscan gilders realized beautiful samples of Renaissance frames. Before the 1700s the use of black lacquer has been quite frequent for the same reasons. However, Venetians were the first to lacquer their frames with green paint. See our model cod. 039. It perfectly represents the originality and the richness of Venetian frames.