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1920 vintage picture frames

We realize 1920 vintage picture frames for paintings and mirrors. Buy either custom vintage picture frames or molding in lengths.

Vintage Frames for sale

We specialize in 1920 vintage picture frames. Find cheap models for interiors with several finishings. Also, find vintage gold picture frames for important paintings. If you seek out cheap vintage frames check the downloadable catalog. An enormous number of items are available in length. You can buy the rods, or purchase custom vintage picture frames with the size of your artwork. 

If you look for unique frames, you’re in the right place. In fact, we offer a vast range of expensive vintage wood frames for sale. You can personalize them at your wish. We realize any one of your ideas because we care about customer’s decisions. 

Our unique vintage frames are made focusing on ancient techniques. Indeed, we do realize durable products for exclusive paintings. Since 1905, we have paid attention to the reproduction of many styles of the 1900s. Therefore, you’ll be able to find here a lot of models.


For architets we usually realize 1920 vintage picture frames wholesale. They look for inexpensive items to decor public and private interiors. Our company offers accountability and experience in the field.

Customers can choose from more than 1000 models. Check out the CATALOG. It contains many profiles with different shapes and finishes. The catalog shows cheap vintage frames. Our industrial systems allow us to deliver inexpensive items very quickly.

You can buy vintage style picture frames for cheap in length. They come 9 feet long with a low price, and delivery is fast. We ship them worldwide inside boxes of approximately 25kg. 

If you like custom vintage frames you’re still in the right place. We cut our models with the size of your paintings. As shipping overseas is expensive, we recommend buying them in bulk. As a result, you’ll purchase a low price product with an affordable shipping cost.

Exclusive French vintage frames

France has been one of the major European regions for hosting extraordinary artists in the 20th century. In the field of frames, when we refer to 1900 vintage frames, we refer to the works contemporary to Impressionists and Post-Impressionists. As France was so prolific in the production of art deco style frames, we focus on French models with particular care.

French vintage wall frames and mats

For paintings of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masters, we use old style frames. French models match perfectly with artworks of the 1900s. We either use wood mats in ivory lacquer or gold leaf. Mats play a vital role because highlight the artwork. Without the mat, the ornaments of the frame can suffocate the picture.

So, our 18th century French style frames are suitable for modern paintings. In fact, they have a great stylistic homogeneity. On the whole, those models enrich modern art. Consider buying our models searching for the era. We offer French vintage frames from the 1600s to the 1900s.


The 1920 vintage picture frames come out from a French movement of the 20th century. Its name is Art Deco. The movement was made by a variety of artistic currents. The primary elements that characterized Art Deco’s movement come from Cubism and other pictorial styles. 

In addition, Art Deco is formed by elements of the Louis Philippe and Louis XVI artistic trends. It felt the influence of exotic oriental arts as well. For instance, countries like China, Japan, and India had a great impact on 1920 vintage frames.

Art deco picture frames

The Art Deco style was born to give greater importance to the craftsmen of furniture. The original name of this artistic movement was Arts décoratifs. It means decorative arts. Therefore, in 1901, the SAD (Society of decorative artists) was founded. It actually gave to the decorators the same importance as the other types of artists.

The final result of the focus on decorations drove to a quite eclectic style. There aren’t strict examples of the rules of the style, but instead great freedom. As a result, frames were enriched following a miscellanea of trends. 

We share below a couple of links to Art Deco’s frames. Probably, Victorian and Neoclassical style represent the best models to find the source of vintage picture frames of the 1900s. It follow then a couple of links related to French frames and 19th-century frames. 

Neoclassical style frame
Victorian style picture frame

French frames
19th-century frames

CUSTOM vintage picture frames

Under request, we personalize any element of our vintage frames. You can modify the color and the finishings. Changing decorations, or mixing the one of a model with the one of another is possible. Indeed, any useful modification is ok for us. Especially if it can benefit the final outcome.

We manufacture custom vintage gold picture frames from scratch. For this reason, we are able to change any phase of the production following your instructions. Indeed, we are very flexible. 

Among our qualities, you’ll find that we make frames in any size. Tell us the dimensions of your paintings and we will realize our 1900 vintage picture frames in the best way. Send us an email to ask for any customization. We will promptly respond within 24 hours.