1920 vintage picture frames

1920 vintage picture frames are very much used for antique-style interior furnishings.

Any size 

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1920 vintage picture frames
1920 vintage picture frames

1920 Vintage Frames

We specialse in the reproduction of 1920 Vintage Picture Frames. France was a very important european region where 20th century’s Art got plenty of extraordinary artists. In the field of frames, when we refer to 1920s frames, we refer to the works contemporary to Impressionists and Post-Impressionists painters. 

In the last few decades, we have produced several 1920 vintage style frames for architects and interior designers. For the ancient paintings of great Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masters instead, we tend to use older frames. See our gallery of antique picture frames.

We use 18th century French style frames for important paintings of the early twentieth century because they have a greater stylistic homogeneity. On the whole, they are more suitable for framing modern and contemporary art.

Any size

We can personalize any element of our frames. Within our selection of 20th century frames we can modify the colour and any specific finishing. Therefore changing any decoration, or even mixing the one of a frame with the one of another frame it is possible. Any useful modification is ok for us if can benefit the final outcome.

We manufacture our picture frames completly. That is why we are able to change any phase of the production fallowing your instructions. Our best quality is that we can produce frames in any size.

Just tell us the size of the painting to frame and we will realize one of our 1920 vintage picture frames in the best way. Send us an email for any modification you want. We will promplty responde within 24 hours.

Many styles for 1920 vintage frames

1920 Vintage picture frames come out from an artistic movement born in France in the beginning of the 20th century called Art Deco. It was a miscellany of styles of various artistic currents. The main forms and elements that make up the Art Deco movement come from Cubism and other pictorial styles. They were mixed up with decorative elements of the Louis Philippe style and Louis XVI furniture. In addiction these styles already felt the influence of the exotic oriental art of countries like China, Japan, and India.

The Art Deco was born with the intention of giving greater importance to the craftsmen of decorations of furnishing. The original name of this artistic movement was, Arts décoratifs. That name in French means decorative arts. In conclusion in 1901 the SAD (Society of decorative artists) was founded, giving the decorators the same importance as the other types of artists.