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Large Vintage Picture frames

We specialize in large vintage picture frames cheap and expensive. Buy extra large vintage picture frames either customized or in lengths.

Extra Large Vintage Picture Frames

We specialize in extra large vintage picture frames. They are reproductions. Thus, since 1905 we have been realizing large vintage frames cheap and expensive picture frames for big paintings. We are able to build models with section width over 30cms. Furthermore, our reproductions are customizable as you prefer. 

Following the links of this page, you will be able to check our standard models with a large section profile. The standard models don’t have a section width major than 16cms. But keep in mind that we can create much bigger profiles. Send an email asking for any modification.

Give us an idea of what you want to achieve. If you prefer you can send us a detailed project of a very large antique picture frame. We love this kind of challenge. So, the more difficult it is, the more it makes us happy. If you mail us a project, we will reply within 24 hours.

Large gold vintage picture frames

We show on the website more than 1000 models. They come in several finishings. Therefore, you will be able to see different tones of gold. Even though the downloadable catalog contains a significant amount of frames, the suitable for big paintings are few. If you download it you’ll find not very large profiles. In fact, the biggest is 12cms wide.

Why they are not suitable to build large gold vintage picture frames? Because they would twist over time. Of course, we can strengthen them on the back and increase the height of the profile. With a tulipwood frame deep 3cms we would create very large ornate picture frames.

However, for extra large paintings, a wider section width is better. You will obtain a more robust structure. As a result, a large frame like that can last forever. For this reason, we address customers to this ladder solution.

We make our large picture frames in various types of wood. Usually, the frames are made of ayous, pine, linden and Swiss pine. We can even realize them, under request, in other kinds of woods.

Large vintage picture frames cheap or expensive?

Surfing our site you can choose either cheap models or expensive models of large vintage picture frames for sale. We produce medium price frames as well under the name of Affordable frames. There you meet super quality at a very reasonable price.

We spent more than a century realizing fine reproductions of large antique frames for museums and affordable reproductions for interior design and private collectors. The two categories have the same quality but substantially differ for the manufacturing time procedures. As affordable frames are sober we realize them much quicker and at a lower cost.

The delivery time between expensive and cheap products is extremely different. The cheap frames can be delivered very quickly while the expensive ones have very long lead times.

See this link for a specification on delivery times.

Any size

Large Vintage Picture Frames can be craft for any painting size. We are able to deliver frames with huge dimensions and we can supply them dismounted if they are too big to be shipped.

We follow our customers in all phases, from the purchase up to the delivery of our reproduction of antique frames trying to solve any problem. We offer our customers an on-site installation service, worldwide, if required.