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Antique Wood Picture Frames for sale

Reproductions of Antique Wood Picture Frames for sale. We specialize in antique hand carved picture frames since 1905. Our specialty is to be able to customize any one of our models. Indeed, you can ask to modify the section width, the carvings, and the laquer as you want. Buy our antique carved wood picture frames personalized as you want.

We use Swiss pine and limewood to realize the carvings. They are softwoods and easy to work. Under a specific request, we can change the type of wood. Of course, that is going to raise the final price. For this reason, we strongly recommend making us use Swiss pine.


Why the majority of Italian antique wooden frames are in Swiss pine? Because Swiss pine was a softwood abundant in North Italy and northern European regions. Even though it is tender, it’s very resilient as well. For example, it never gets attacked by woodworms.

Poplar is another quite common wood for antique wooden picture frames. Actually, poplar was more used for another kind of furniture. For instance, a significant number of antique cabinets are in poplar. It is not bad for carvings but is definitely easier to find antique wood frames made of poplar with plenty of woodworms.

Of course, there is a treatment for woodworms. So, I wouldn’t worry too much about it as it is not really a big deal. In our workshop, before carving, we treat any wood with chemical agents. Even after the carving process, we use a type of gesso with a product inside to prevent woodworms.

tulipwood for the back of the frames

We usually use more than one wood on our antique wood picture frames. As we love to build solid reproductions we put on the back of the frames tulipwood.

The tulipwood is a very compact wood. It is resilient and makes the entire structure of the frames significantly robust. Even though is quite tough to work, it can be carved. Its strength allows to craft frames that can travel overseas without risk.

antique hand carved picture frames

Realizing reproductions of antique hand carved frames takes a long time. Here in Federici Workshop, we have spent more than a century carving antique wood frames. In fact, our workshop was born in 1905. Since then, four generations of master carvers have dealt with a lot of reproduction frames. Also, we have worked for the most important museums all over the world.

Watch a video on our Youtube channel showing a typical carving process: carving an Antique Frame. In the video, you will see Massimiliano Gurrieri Master Carver at work. He is patiently realizing a replica of a Bolognese antique wooden picture frame. You can see more videos with him working at this link: more videos.

Making Reproductions of Antique Wood Picture Frames is a tough task. If you do it by hand it is going to be a long work. One has to carve any single ornate detail one by one. Master carvers used to work that way in the past centuries. So we do nowadays. We conserve the traditions which matter.

ANTIQUE CARVED wood frames in any size

We realize antique carved wooden picture frames of any size. Indeed, our reproductions are suitable for paintings in all dimensions. Remember that the available models are customizable as well. For example, you could even change the profile width at your wish. Some people, in fact, like them wider while others prefer them smaller.

For any modification, we will recalculate the final price. So, if you want to contain the price you should buy our standard models. Calculate the price on your own by clicking on the button: “get a quote”. You will find that button on any product page.

choose the technique

The majority of the frames shown above are realized by mixed techniques. In other words, we realize certain models using wood and wood pulp together. Why do we mix up different techniques and materials? We do that to lower the prices. That way we can reach a broader number of collectors.

The good thing is that you can always choose your preferred material. For instance, you can ask for a rigorous hand-carving technique. If you go for this last solution the final price is going to raise quite a bit.

What we want to make clear is that any solution is going to be fine. Either expensive or affordable frames are very well made. In other words, the final result won’t change that much. Our replicas of antique wooden frames are all astonishing.

authentic antique wood frames vs replicas

For over a century, exactly since 1905, Federici Workshop has manufactured antique wood frames for old master paintings. We have worked for major museums worldwide solving their problems. Museums buy exclusive reproductions of antique wood picture frames because there is a lack of authentic frames.

It is quite common nowadays to own a frameless masterwork. When that happens our services become indispensable. Thus, we realize a replica of an eligible authentic frame when a painting is frameless. Sometimes museums just go for one of our standard models. They can either choose between our expensive or affordable antique wood frames for sale. 

Why museums and collectors don’t buy authentic frames? Because they never fit the paintings. So, after a while, when a needed frame is not found, we intervene in solving the problem. We won’t let customers in a never-ending search. Remember that it’s almost impossible to find an authentic frame with the right size that you need. In conclusion, if you haven’t solved your problem yet, click the button below.