Antique Wood Picture Frames for sale

Find in this section our Expensive Antique Wood Picture Frames for sale and our affordable vintage wooden picture frames. We use Swiss pine wood and lime wood.  Some of the models shown on this page are expensive because they are carved by performing the ancient techniques of master carvers. Therefore it takes a lot of hours to make each model. We use them quite a lot to frame old master paintings of museums like Staatliche Museen (Gemäldegalerie)

In other sections of our web site, you will be able to find affordable reproductions of antique picture frames because they have wood pulp decorations. Wood pulp is used to save money on the final price.

The third category of frame you will find on the website is the one of cheap vintage wooden picture frames. Download the Catalog.

Why carving by hand takes such a long time?

Making Reproductions of Antique Wood Picture Frames is a tough task. As the carving is entirely made by hand it results to be a long work. Using our carving tools, we have to carve any single ornate detail as framers used to do in the past centuries. We can not count on modern techniques which actually help a lot!

Watch a video showing the process of carving an Antique Frame.

Vintage wooden picture frames in any size

We make Old Wooden Picture Frames in any size. Therefore you can frame any painting. Most of the time you can even change the profile width by enlarging it. For instance, you could add some new elements to enlarge the width of the frame or you can take them off to reduce it.

Every one of our models is customizable as you wish. Pick the model that you like and if you want to change the finishing just ask by sending an e-mail.

Old wooden frames for sale. Reproductions vs authentic

For over a century, exactly since 1905, Federici Workshop has manufactured antique wood frames for old master paintings. We work for major museums all over the world solving problems. Plenty of times museums ask for fine reproductions of antique frames because they have spent a huge time looking for authentic frames that are not easy to find. It’s almost impossible to find them with the right size that you need.

You could cut authentic frames to fit them to paintings but we catalog that as a barbaric practice. We think that authentic antique wood picture frames shouldn’t be touched at all in their original shape. This prevents the high risk of ruining a unique piece of art.