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Cod. 085

Reproduction of an old Walnut Picture Frame. It’s an early 18th-century Maratta style picture frame available in any size

Width cm 8

Walnut Picture Frame

Reproduction of an antique Maratta Walnut Picture Frame. This 18th-century model is available in any size.

Properties of walnut picture frame

This walnut picture frame is made of ayous and tulipwood colored as if they were walnut. These woods are combined together to obtain maximum strength.  We basically use ayous because it is inexpensive. Therefore if a customer asks for this model made in real walnut the price is going to change a lot. In fact, manufacturing just a single frame without following standards needs a huge amount of time to be invested. 

Section width cm 8
Rabbet cm 1

Walnut picture frame finishing

The finishing of this rare type of walnut frame is in wood color. We use several hands of dark shellac to obtain this wonderful result. First, we apply a hand of a specific furniture oil over the molding. Second, we use a rug to dry it out all along the sides. After a while, we start applying dark shellac until we obtain the color of walnut. Of course, our priority is to make look the frame antique.

Antique dark finishing (“Patina”)

“Patina” is an Italian word that refers to how dark is the frame. Apart from dark gold, the age of frames is determined by few cracks and tiny broken parts. For this reason, our gilder uses some kinds of stones to hit the frame. Also, the woodworms are fake as well, and you will be able to notice them by analyzing the pictures above.

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