Cod. 085

Reproduction of an old Walnut Picture Frame. It’s an early 18th-century Roman-style picture frame that can be made in custom size

Width cm 8


Walnut Picture Frame

Reproduction of an antique Maratta Walnut Picture Frame. This 18th-century model is available in any size. We realize it molding a 3-meter long rod using heavy carpenter machinery.  We produce a minimum of three hundreds meter of it to offer a cheaper price. When a client order it, we cut it with the right custom size of the painting.Calculate Price | We Ship it in 60 DAYS from the order by DHL. The shipping lasts from 2 to 5 working days. It depends on the delivery area. Within Europe is quicker.

Properties of walnut picture frame

This walnut picture frame is made in ayous and tulipwood perfectly colored as if it was walnut. These woods are combined together to obtain the maximum strength.  We basically use ayous because it is cheaper, therefore if a customer asks for this model made in real walnut the price is going to change a lot. In fact, manufacturing just a single frame without following standards needs a huge amount of time to be invested. We strongly recommend ordering cod #085 with standard finishing because it is just beautiful for a very reasonable price. 

  • Section width cm 8
  • Rabbet cm 1

Walnut picture frame finishing

The finishing of this rare type of walnut frame is in wood color. We use several hands of dark shellac to obtain this wonderful result. First, we apply a hand of a specific furniture oil over the molding. Second, we use a rug to dry it out all along the sides. After a while, we start applying dark shellac until we obtain the perfect color of walnut. Of course, our priority is to make look the frame as antique so that’s why we are engaged with the patina process which is well explained below.

Antique dark finishing (“Patina”)

To do an astonishing Patina is one of the most interesting skills of framers in order to make seem this Reproduction of an antique walnut picture frame as an original one. The entire process is run by the use of specific stones to hit the frame. We’re trying to create few tiny broken parts all over. Even the wormholes you will be able to see, are fake. As a result, any damaged little part of the frame is just a part of a bigger plane.

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This Reproduction of a Maratta Walnut Picture Frame fit very well with any kind of antique painting or drawing. In the last years, our customers used it to frame several modern paintings as well. In conclusion, our advice is to choose this frame to frame an important painting or if you need just a beautiful frame.