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Black Antique Picture Frames

We specialize in Black Antique Picture Frames. As you can see from the above photographs we produce several styles of black antique frames. Some of them have got gilded parts to enlighten the final outlook of the entire structure. In fact, a bit of gold can make a difference to enrich the artwork together with the frame.

Above you see cod. 079, a quite unusual Dutch Empire frame. In fact, the structure is typically in the French style. On the contrary, reproduction cod. 102 is a typical 17th-century Flemish frame. It is perfect to frame Dutch paintings.

The reproduction cod. 087 is a very simple Cassetta frame. It is the soberest within our collection of black antique picture frames. Suitable for dark and small Flemish paintings because of its little section width.

Custom black antique frames for sale

We realize reproductions of black antique picture frames in any size. Therefore you can choose any one of them with the perfect size for your painting. The strength of our workshop is flexibility. Indeed, there is no limit to how we can customize a frame. Customers can ask for any kind of personalization.

One of the major requests related to our black antique picture frames is asking us to add a bit of gold on the inner and the outer edge of the frames. The second more requested change is the modification of the profile. Customers have to be aware that we offer a huge amount of profiles with standard section width in other sections of the website. So, for example, if you like a profile that is not finished in black lacquer you can ask to change it. 

Remember that if you keep the profiles how they are the price is quite low. On the contrary, any modification will rise a bit the price. In fact, this has to be recalculated counting how many hours of work we have to add to accomplish the modification. With that said, be free to share with us any one of your ideas. We will be glad to realize your dreams.