Black Antique Picture Frames

We specialize in Black Antique Picture Frames. As you can see from the above photographs we produce several styles of black models. Some of them have got gilded parts to give a bit of light to the frame. We introduced frames with little gilded surfaces because many dark old paintings need them. In fact, a bit of gold can make a difference to enrich the artwork.

Above you see an Empire frame, some 17th century Cassetta frames and just one 18th century frame with four gilded corners painted on black paint. The Empire frame is Dutch, you can tell it from the rigorous structure without a trace of gold. The reproduction frame #102 is a typical 17th-century Flemish frame very good to frame Dutch paintings.

Frame #087 is a very simple black Cassetta frame. It is the soberest within our collection of black antique picture frames. It is good to frame with it sober and quite small dark Flemish paintings because it has a very thin with.

Any size

We realize our reproductions of black antique picture frames in any size. Therefore you can choose any one of them and have it with the perfect size of your painting.  The strength of our workshop is flexibility. There is no limit to what we can do. Clients can ask to customize anything of the frames.

Usually, they ask to put a bit of gold on the inner part of the frame, near to the painting sight. Often ask for a modification of the profile. Customers have to be aware that we offer a huge amount of standard models with standard section width to produce frames at a low cost. Any modification, in fact, costs a bit more money, which has to be calculated referring to the number of hours we have to add to finish the work.

With that said, be free to accomplish any one of your ideas, choosing to modify any single part of our black antique picture frames.

Reproductions frames vs original Balck Antique Picture Frames

We advise customers to buy authentic frames for their paintings only when they find good models with perfect size. Therefore we think it is useless to buy an authentic antique frame and spoil it cutting it trying to frame a painting. There are two main reasons: first, if you do that the value of the frame is gone. Nobody will buy it for the entire price. Second, it is not a good practice to ruin antiques because they are unique.

In conclusion, the advice we give to our clients is to go for one of our top-quality black antique picture frames to save money and to save antiques. Remember that our frames have been around more than a century now, as the Federici workshop was found in 1905. Important museums and antique dealers all over the world know us and know our fine reproductions. They are considered very good products and the best possible alternative to authentic antique picture frames.