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We specialize in the manufacturing of antique looking picture frames since 1905. Our historic atelier realizes antique looking wooden picture frames with great care for the wood. We combine different woods in the same structure to get a good strength with a low weight. Besides, we commit ourselves in searching for new materials and techniques to realize antique looking wall frames resistant to time. We want them hung up on walls forever. Discover three main category frames split for their price to get straight to the kind of product that you are looking for. Also, find a calculator page that allows you to get instant quotes, including worldwide shipping. You can select antique looking frames categorized by styles: From Renaissance to Victorian art, we realize custom frames of any era. Our mission is to be a point of reference for customized and exclusive antique looking gold frames.

How can we combine good quality with affordable price? Looking any single day for improvements in our techniques and trying every possible path. We are aware that there are not mistakes but just experience. This approach makes usa a leader company in reproducing fine antique looking frames at the best price!


The main secret of this approach is the focus on the final result instead of focusing on every step of the production. Traditional carvers and gilders don’t spend too much time on research on new techniques and materials. The majority of craftsmen seek to execute any single passage of the ancient methods even when they are obsolete. How do we know that a technique is outdated? When we discovered a better way to reach the same result!

As there are plenty of old paintings that need a frame, and as many of them don’t need a museum frame, we have been focused, in the last three decades, on the research of a system to reproduce unique antique looking gold frames for an affordable price. For the purpose, we use the wooden pulp for the decorations and the Dutch gold leaf for gilding. The rest of our effort is on the patina, which is the most important step for the production of antique looking gold frames.


Patina is a word that refers to the process of aging antique wooden picture frames. It relates to their color, usually very dark gold, that distinguish the type of gilding. Gilding could be, in fact, characterized either for a warm or dark shade, depending on the type of pigments used into the shellac.

The consumption of gold and its brown color, will give to the gilding a sense of antiquity. In most cases, if you don’t need museum-quality frames, but you need just fine reproductions of antique looking wooden frames, the focus on the right patina is the best action to take. In conclusion, there is no need to waste too much time focusing on super expensive materials, like real gold, and ancient and very traditional techniques to have an astonishing result. Sometimes, skipping a few passages could be an advantage.


We want to specify here the three main characteristics of antique looking gold frames. A frame, to seem antique, needs a dark gold-tone, which is the most known property of antique frames. At first glance, from a certain distance, your eyes will see old age on the gilding just by its color itself. But what happens if you step closer to the frame and start focus on details? You will recognize a new gilding surface. Now is when it comes into place excellent gildings abundantly rubbed out, with few broken parts, especially on the outer corners. Also, a few fake woodworms along the sides would come helpful.

The tricks described above, even if can seem at a first glance hazardous, constitute the core of a realistic antique patina. Don’t make the mistake of eliminating one or more of these tricks just because the frame is new, and you want it in perfect conditions. If you follow our advice, the structure of antique looking wooden frames must be intact and solid, but the gilded surface has to be damaged by wear and friction. In conclusion, you can’t create something with an old looking without having quite a few damages.

Are techniques evolving or stuck in time?

Since the very beginning of the manufacturing of Gothic Style Frames, which appear first in the 3rd century, artisans have evolved. The first kind of gilding was water gilding, which is terrific, and we still apply it when needed, but during the Renaissance era appeared a new technique. This new process of gilding called oil gilding technique helps to save a lot of working time. As the final result is as good as if the frame would have been gilded by a traditional water gilding procedure, we strongly advise customers to go for this cheaper technique!

As already said before, if you don’t need a museum-quality frame for an old master, you can lower the final price of our reproduction frames by entitle us to use younger techniques. Should we get back to water gilding every time or we should go on, when possible discovering new techniques and focusing on the final result? All of us know the answer.

shipping Antique looking wall frames

Shipping our antique looking wall frames takes about two days within Europe and takes about five days to the rest of the world. We ship by DHL Euroconnect for European countries and by DHL Express for all the other countries. You will receive an email with the tracking number to track the delivery.

For very few customers, we use as well a cheaper courier to save a bit of money. Ask for this solution if you don’t need a recognized international courier. Check their web site: BRT courier.

We manufacture every single package by hand to take the most care of our frames. As we customize our antique looking frames in any size, we prefer to personalize any box. See a video showing the packing process clicking below:

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After twenty years of experience in packaging frames, we’ve got a good experience in how to create a box. It doesn’t happen too often that our products get broken during shipping. If it does happen that unpleasant circumstance, we will follow and help you in any step to enhance the insurance we bought for you from the courier. Learn more about this topic following this link to our FAQ.