Antique Looking Picture frames

Antique Looking Picture Frames became very important in a global market with few original frames. BUY here an exclusive Reproduction Frame!



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antique looking picture frames
Reproduction #100

Antique Looking Picture Frames Made in Italy

Federici Workshop has been manufacturing Antique Looking Picture Frames since 1905. For more than a century we have been realizing frames observing the old techniques. We continuously commit ourselves to discover new techniques to be able to make you save money! Our major goal is to produce Affordable Top Quality Reproduction Frames.

How can we combine good quality with affordable price? Looking any single day for improvements in our techniques and trying every possible path. We are aware that there are not mistakes but just experience. This approach makes us a leader company in the reproduction of fine antique picture frames at the best price!

The main secret of this approach is the focus on the final result instead of focusing on every step. Plenty of craftsmen out there seek just to execute any single passage of the ancient techniques even when they are obsolete. How do we know that a technique is obsolete? We know a better way to reach the same result!

Reproduction #100:

Antique looking frame evolving or stuck?

Since the very beginning of manufacturing Gothic Style Frames, which appear first in the 13th century, craftsmen have evolved. The first kind of gilding was water gilding, which is wonderful and we still practice it when needed, but during Renaissance times appeared a new technique. This new process of gilding improves quality and helps to save a lot of time. Should we get back to water gilding or go on when possible? All of us know the answer.

Here in Laboratorio Federici, we think that a very important Renaissance artwork should be framed with a Renaissance Picture Frame. When that’s not possible is much better to realize a Top Quality Reproduction of a Renaissance Picture Frame.

Delivery and Payment for our antique looking picture frames

Shipping our Antique looking Picture Frames takes about two days within Europe and takes about five days to the rest of the world. We ship by DHL Euroconnect for European countries and by DHL Express for all the other countries. You will receive an email with the tracking number to track the delivery.

We manufacture every single package by hand to take the most care of our frames. As we customize our Antique Looking Frames in any size we prefer to personalize any package. See a video showing the packing process clicking below:

Packing process video

Instant Quote

We provide our customers with a great service: the instant quote of every frame! Customers, when clicking the button “Calculate Price”, will reach a page to fill out with the painting measurements. An instant total price, including shipping price, will be then calculated by our algorithm in a second.

Reproduction #100: