Black and Gold Picture Frames

Black and gold picture frames are a very classic way to produce frames since the beginning of the use of frames. Frames for paintings start to appear prominently in the 13th century during the Gothic style. Since the very beginning framers, who were once kind of artists, make abundant use of black lacquer on wood tabernacles.

The fact that gold and black paint together let carvings stand out better is the main reason for the great use of black lacquer on frames. When the frames are completely gilded, sometimes they can be heavy. In certain cases can even become more important than their painting and that goes against common sense. Frames were born as a complement of the paintings so they don’t have to be too rich.

Why so many black and gold picture frames belong to the Baroque style? First of all, because Baroque frames are very rich, so black lacquer make them appear lighter. Second because they contribute very much to enlighten dark paintings. A shine gilt Baroque frame wouldn’t fit well with a dark Baroque style painting. The contrast would be too much.

Black and Gold Picture Frames for an astonishing result

As you see from the pictures above, our collection includes several black and gold picture frames without carvings. Yes, one of our main strengths is the ability to use lacquer wisely to create astonishing finishings. Tuscany, during the Renaissance, produced a lot of Cassetta picture frames with flat black lacquered central panels without any carvings.

What do you see instead of carvings on top of these Renaissance Cassetta picture frames? Painted gold. If you look closely you will see beautiful corner decorations painted with gold paint. In the tradition, gilders would apply a thin layer of glue made with the shape of the final decorations on the corners. After that they would gild by gold leaf gilding just the part with glue and the gold leaf would be rub-out from the rest of the surface.

Usually, the painted gold is just on top of the flat central panels. we’ve got anyway few frames, as cod #018  with gold in other parts of the surface. See the nice effect made from the gilt and black squares on top of the outer sides of frame #018 and #011.

Any Size for Black and Gold Picture frames

Find in our collection of black and gold picture frames your favorite one. If you have particular ideas concerning how to realize the frame, just tell us. Be aware that we built a huge collection of standard products because we looked to lower the prices as much as possible. We now realize more than hundreds of standard models at a very reasonable cost. You will find section width of any type with any kind of largeness.

If surfing around the website you still wouldn’t find what you’re looking for, contact us by email. Explain your project and we will be happy to analyze it and see if we’re able to realize it. Be aware that any modification that you want to apply to our standard frames will raise the final price. Mail us any of your ideas and we will reply to you within 24 hours.

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