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frames for mirrors

Buy frames for mirrors in any size. Download the catalog below.

frames for mirrors

Frames for Mirrors Made in Italy

We specialize in frames for mirrors since 1905. Therefore we provide frames for interior designers for important projects. Hotels, private houses, and even art galleries ask for these kinds of frames.

Probably our greatest strength lies in being specialized in the reproduction of antique picture frames. As a result, we have excellent craftsmen specializing in the old techniques of Master carvers and gilders. See a video showing the mastery of our craftsmen:

Carving a frame
Gold leaf gilding

Due to our experience in the field of antiques, where it is necessary to have great manual skill with regard to decoration, we are able to modify each model of our catalog without any difficulty to create unique works.

Any size

In our big selection of frames, it is possible to modify any color. Any modification is possible especially if you consider that it can benefit the final outcome.

Furthermore, as we completely manufacture our Frames for Mirrors, we can change any phase of our production fallowing your instructions. As a result, the most significant quality of our work is that we offer custom frames in any dimension and finishing.

Tell us the measurements of your mirror and we will customize a frame in the most effective way. For any modification that you need mail us before buying. You will get a reply within 24 hours

Delivery and payment for Frames for Mirrors

Deliveries are from 7 to 14 days from order. DHL courier comes with an insurance service that cover up every damage and we ship worldwide. Also, our premium quality material for packages guarantees fine shippings. Because of it, damages are quite unlikely. See our Faq’s about damages caused by shipping.

Pay Frames for Mirrors by wire transfer, credit card or by PayPal.

Get a Quote in 24 hours!

Send us an email indicating the frame codes for which you want the quote. Customers receive quotes for our Frames for Mirrors within 24 hours.