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Wall picture frames for sale personalized

picture frames

Picture frames for CANVAS paintings

We specialize in the production of personalized wall picture frames for classic and modern canvas paintings. Find here a catalog with over 800 models of wood picture frames for sale on line either for cheap or expensive paintings. Download the price list with prices per meter. Discover the highest quality at a super competitive price. Instant estimates for customized works. Online orders and fast courier deliveries.

Since 1905 the realization of wooden frames for paintings and mirrors is our mission. We list below the types of wood that we use for our production.


We make our models in different essences. The woods we normally use are Ayous, Tulip, Swiss pine, linden, and fir.


Ayous has excellent technical properties and a very affordable price. For this reason, we use it in our production of frames for affordable paintings. Hardly to embark, it is very resistant and at the same time, it is light. It is very useful for bigger works to limit the final weight of the product. Combined with tulip wood, which in contrast is heavy, it allows you to build a resistant structure.


For the fir, a different discourse must be made. We don’t use fir in its natural form. Through an innovative procedure, we create the so-called “jointed fir”. What is it about? It is the assembly of various small pieces of fir which, joined together firmly, become very resistant wooden boards. They retain an excellent lightness and do not embark.


We use Swiss pine and linden for hand carving. For example, we use them for most of our antique frames reproductions richly worked with ornate leaves. These are soft and high-quality woods, with the characteristic of being easy to carve and at the same time super resistant. Much of the authentic frames have been made with these woods. They have reached us even 700 years after their creation.

MODERN WOOD Picture frames for SALE ON LINE

Picture frames for modern canvas paintings are generally very sober. They are specifically devoid of the rich virtuosity of the classical ornaments. This is the reason why they adapt very well to the “lean” pictorial elements of contemporary paintings.


We create profiles of modern frames using an heavy carpentery machine. That can produce 300 meters of rods per day. Being a semi-industrial process, the prices are very advantageous. Their cost is determined by the quantity of wood used. Wooden profiles up to 5 cm wide have an affordable price. In contrast, models with higher and wider profiles are much more expensive.


Another strong point of the wood picture frames personalized for modern paintings is that they can be delivered to the customer quickly. This is due to a well-stocked warehouse. Deliveries are traceable and insured.


Since 1905 the Federici workshop has been realized reproductions of antique picture frames personalized. It is dedicated to two different types of production: affordable and expensive. Affordable production is semi-industrial while expensive production is artisanal. The latter is based on two main characteristics: wood carving and leaf gilding. These are ancient techniques carried out with patience and dedication. The purpose of their use is the creation of models that adapt to fine antiques.

Online ordering service and courier deliveries. Shipments are made oversea with a robust and accurate packaging. Follow the link to see a video on our customized packaging.


The prices of handcrafted frame reproductions are high. They can be calculated immediately by entering the painting measurements in the appropriate calculator. They are very expensive models because as mentioned above they require several hours of work. Being intended for exclusive paintings, it is necessary to produce them with particular care. They must look like authentic frames and are therefore absolutely unique pieces.

Expensive frames are typically intended for museums, art galleries, and collectors of important paintings. But why doesn’t this kind of customer buy authentic frames? Because they are difficult to find and when they are found they must be adapted to the painting.

Massimiliano Gurrieri (the Federici workshop carver) studied the structure and decorations of the original models. He has created a vast sample collection that contains Italian, French, and Spanish frames. The styles are between the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The website shows over 150 models that can be customized.


The cost of the inexpensive picture frames on line for classic canvas paintings is specified on the PRICE LIST. This category of frames has a very affordable price per linear meter. This is due to massive production. Although carefully made, the frames for affordable paintings fit all budgets. Even these picture frames can be personalized according to customer needs.

Below we talk about some very useful technical specifications for the correct purchase of the frames. There is a terminology that you need to know to avoid mistakes. Picture frames differ from other types of frames in some features. They consist of three essential sizes: sight, rabbet, and overlap measure. We explain what they are.


On the back of the frame, there is an opening designed to receive the painting. It is a sort of window in which the painting stays. This measure is called the rabbet. Generally, it has a measure of 1 cm larger than the painting. It must be bigger otherwise the painting would not fit into it. On the contrary, the front opening of the frame (called sight) is instead 1 cm smaller. Being smaller, the painting does not come out from the front. Finally, the small part of the profile that overlap the painting measures about 1 cm.

It is possible to make any variation of rabbet and overlap depending on the picture. For example, if we decide we want to show a signature displaced on the edge of the canvas, by intervening on the rabbet and the overlap we solve the problem.

Even the wood picture frames for modern paintings can be customized in this sense. They tend to have a smaller overlap. It is rare to find for these models overlaps greater than 0.6 cm. The Federici workshop stands out for personalizing these kinds of measures.


Our strength is picture frames for sale on line in all sizes. We can provide frames to customers with very specific measurements. We do not impose any limits in this sense. Especially as regards the frames for classic paintings, we often find ourselves faced with unusual sizes. In these cases, the use of decimals is more than normal. The world of antiques is made up of paintings of unique dimensions. The industrial revolution and its automation standardized the measures.


We are aware that to distinguish our choices it is necessary to make unique choices. What does it mean to select an exclusive product? It means buying a personalized frame. Each of our solutions is designed for a large audience. It is also designed to have a reasonable cost. It is quite simple to create exclusivity with stratospheric budgets. Try to give quality for affordable prices! Here our mission comes into play: to distinguish ourselves while being accessible to many. We see below an interesting method to create quality at minimum cost.


We know how to join several frame profiles of our catalog together. What does this innovative method entail? Combining two profiles is an excellent solution to create an exclusive and large product. A large and rich section can be obtained, with a minimum of extra work.

It is well known that the frames with large profiles are very expensive. Generally, they are produced in a very small number by carpenters. Produced with an artisan technique, they are inaccessible to most. Our method instead, guarantees exclusivity and a large profile for a super cheap cost.

The most difficult part of this task is finding compatible models. For this reason, a good technical skill is needed. The different profiles must fit on each other without creating structural problems. Careful planning will make the selection process possible.

If there is no compatibility between the finishes, further intervention will be required. For example, we will be able to finish again the two jointed frames. In the case of two row profiles, this last intervention will not be necessary.


All the finishes of our wood picture frames are changeable. For example, it is possible to change either the color of the lacquering or the type of gilding. It often happens that during the choice, customers decide to modify the finish. In this case, if we have the raw profile there is no problem. Otherwise, the price of the finished product rises a bit. We will charge an additional fee. We also consider modifications for large quantities of frame rods.


You now know that our strong point is the price! Given the strong competition between companies, we are constantly engaged in the search of new methodologies. As for the production of inexpensive but customized picture frames, we are among the leading companies in Europe. We have the necessary organization to create customized products with specific profiles designed by the customer. The difficulties for us are challenges.


Our mission also includes the production of elite products. We have been working for years for prestigious interior design companies. They most often commission picture frames for inexpensive canvas paintings made with special measures. The Federici workshop produces modern and antique frames wide up 50 cm. We make this type of model above all for international museums.

Click below either to see our expensive frames for fine antiques or to see the inexpensive frames. Download the PRICE LIST of the affordable frames that you can buy in rods of 3 meter long.