Round Frames

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TAKE A LOOK to Our Antique Round Picture Frames below.  All are Fancy Reproductions because we put particular care on the execution of the ancient gilder tecniques.

BUY antique picture frames in any specific size.

CUSTOMIZE the frames as you prefer. If you don’t like the default color you can change it. ASK for a particular finishing if you wish, or CHANGE the shape of the section width into the shape or the size that you like most. We make the frames in any size. Just tell us the size of your painting and we will custom one of our Antique Round Picture Frames in the best way possible for you.

Mail us for any change that you require before buying. As a result you will get a response within 24 hours.

You can order any model of Our collection in Round Shape.

We did not show all of them in this page because we did not collect the photos yet.

So Now GO for one of Our Antique Round Picture Frames and BUY it! CALCULATE the Price using our Price Calculator algorythm and GET a quote. Every frame is Made in Italy since 1905 by one of the Best European workshops.