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Renaissance Picture Frames

We specialize in the reproduction of Renaissance Picture Frames since 1905. Tuscany is an Italian region where Renaissance art was born around the beginning of the 15th century. For this reason, the majority of original Renaissance frames existing, come from Tuscany.

On this website, you mostly find Renaissance frames with the cassetta structure. They are typically from Siena and Florence as these two towns were abundant of master carvers and gilders.

reproductions of renaissance frames?

When we refer to the mature Renaissance, we think about the works of Leonardo, Raffaello, and Michelangelo. So, these painters are framed with Renaissance style frames. Some of them are originals, very few to say the truth, and many of them are good reproductions.

Why there are so many important masterworks framed with reproductions?

To answer this question we have to go back to History. In particular, we have to understand what happened during the second world war.  Firstly, Nazis stole a significant number of work arts from the occupied regions during the 3rd Reich. Secondly, they did not steal the antique frames because they wanted to carry out the major possible number of paintings.

This is the reason that explains why so many Renaissance picture frames were lost and their paintings arrived in the 21st century without the proper frame. It explains as well why there are so many old masterworks framed by non-original frames. 

Important museums, as for example the Staatliche Museen (Gemäldegalerie), tends to solve this issue by buying fine replicas. As a result, purchasing one of our exclusive Reproduction of Renaissance frames seem to be a great idea.

cutting original renaissance frames?

First of all, cutting an original Renaissance picture frame to adjust it to a painting is inconvenient. Indeed, when an authentic frame is downsized, its value is lost! Second, its adjustment to a painting is rarely well done. Don’t do it. At the end of the work, you can tell that it was cut because of the ornates: they don’t run properly along the sides.

For this reason, the risk of cutting a Renaissance frame is to lose the value of the original piece and the realization of an unpleasant work. Therefore, we strongly recommend our customers to avoid the downsizing of any authentic Renaissance frame.

What happens when you need a frame for a Renaissance painting?

Here in Laboratorio Federici, we think that a Renaissance painting should be framed with a coherent frame. If you don’t find it after quite a bit of research we advise you to quid. Our advice is instead to look for a good framer and realize a fancy reproduction.

What if you really want to go for an original Renaissance frame?

Like any other style of frame, Renaissance picture frames need to fit perfectly with the measurements of the paintings. Every collector knows that this fact could lead to a never-ending research. In addition to the issue of the size, it’s difficult to find authentic Renaissance picture frames for a low price. There are expensive because they are very old.

Renaissance picture frames in any size

The most significant quality of our work is that we can offer frames in any dimension. Tell us the measurements of your painting and we will customize one of our Renaissance frames in the most effective way for you.

We personalize any element of our Renaissance picture frames. Indeed, one can ask to modify the color and section width of any model. You may even ask for changing the decorations: you could mix the ones of a model with the ones of another. Any kind of modification is possible if you consider that it benefits the outcome.

For any modification that you need, mail us before buying. Accordingly, you can get a reply within twenty-four hours with the options available. As we completely manufacture our Renaissance Picture Frames, we can change almost any phase of our work following the customer’s instructions.

Replicas vs Reproductions

Since 1905 we realized a lot of replicas of Renaissance picture frames. We love to use the word replica referring to the specialized work of replicating an antique frame. That is done with particular care for any single detail. Indeed the replica has to be a copy of the original one.

This is a work asked mostly to be done because the collector owns a pair of artworks with one missing frame. In this case, there are not many choices other than asking for a replica to adjust the pair.

The time needed for the replication of an existing frame is huge compared to the realization of a standard reproduction. In fact, there is a significant study of the carving and gilding to be done when it is a matter of a replica. All the effort has to give the replica the same look, shape, and color as the original.

In other words, we recommend our customers to go for our standard reproductions. As a result, you will save a bunch of money but get at the same time a precious Renaissance frame.