Reproductions of Antique French Picture Frames

We realize expensive antique French picture frames and affordable French style picture frames. We are so focused on that production because France had a great influence on Italian culture, especially since the end of the 18th century.

The impact of Emperor Napoleon I on Italy was huge. He ruled most of Italy during his two decades of governance on the peninsula, introducing very important laws. He achieved a gradual transformation of the country. Before France’s influence, Italy was ruled by feudal laws quite obsolete and carried out with corruption. Therefore, with Napoleon, Italy knew a time of good reforms.

French style picture frames made in Italy

The spirit of France revolution spread out through Italy consolidating relations between the two countries. It is probably due to this historical event that Italian artistic culture was very much influenced by France. From the beginning of the 19th century, there has been an important production of antique picture frames made with the clear influence of French styles.

After the first Napoleon time of governance, when Empire style slowly fades away, several artistic elements were picked from past French styles to create a new eclectic form of art. So the 19th century in Italy, in the field of frames, is carried out with reminiscence of baroque, rococo and neoclassical ornate French elements.

Custom antique French picture frames

Our great skill, here at Federici Workshop, is that we can realize reproductions of antique French picture frames in any size. Due to the complexity and elegance of French style ornates, it is impossible to produce this kind of frames industrially. In fact, the Rococo style above all is made by elegant leaves that cross each other along the sides and have very specific ornates on each center part and on each corner.

The specific shape of antique French picture frames doesn’t allow production in bars. The only possible way, apart from realizing custom frames, is manufacturing frames on standard size which has to be adapted to the painting. Anyway, this task is very difficult because it is necessary to change the size by inconvenient practice.

French style picture frames from 17th to 19th centuries

French style picture frames, since the 17th century, had a great role in framing old master paintings. Nowadays in Italy, we keep on using French frames for modern and contemporary masterpieces. Filologicly speaking is, of course, wrong to use Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical or Empire style frames for modern painters. They’re opposite styles. Modern paintings are sober because they are inspired by rationalism and minimalism. To the other side stands out antique french picture frames with plenty of decorations.

Customers look exactly for this contrast to add value to contemporary and modern art masterpieces. With the use of Passepartout in ivory color the informal and rationalist canvases light up and gain a more pleasant look. Just to make an example, here at Federici workshop we framed with French style picture frames several paintings of Pablo Picasso, Giorgio Morandi and Lucio Fontana.