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Cod. 080

Reproduction of an Empire style Vintage Gold Frame gilt on wood. It’s an early 19th-century French picture frame

Width cm 5.5

Vintage gold photo frame

Reproduction of a French vintage gold photo frame gilt on wood. This early 19th-century model in French Empire style is available for any particular painting size so that you can frame with it any painting.

Properties of vintage gold photo frame

This vintage gold frame is made of ayous and tulipwood combined together. This way we are able to obtain the maximum strength of its structure conserving a very lightweight.  It is customizable as clients prefer. For instance, you can change the kind of finishing and the molding shape. For any change, we have to recalculate the price because usually, it is going to rise a bit.

As the section width of this model is pretty thin, this frame fits very well with photographs as well. You could use it either for photographs or paintings as you like.

Section width cm 5.5
Rabbet cm 1

360° presentation

Click on the video below to see this replica frame with a 360° overview.

vintage gold frame decorations

Most part of this large vintage gold photo frame is without decorations. A smooth gilded surface of 5,5 cm large is decorated with just a thin wood pulp decoration in the inner part. Our wood pulp is made 99% of wood so that our frames are very durable for a long time. If you want to know more about how we use the wood pulp for our decorations watch this video:| This procedure allows us to maintain the prices quite low because carving wood is much more expensive.

An antique dark color for vintage gold photo frame

The way we darken our frames is very sophisticated and requires long practice. First of all, you need to know antique picture frames very well. Second, you have to know the material to use for the task. We use shellack to darken the surface of the gold and we use a stone to hit it and fake a few little broken parts. At the end of the process, this vintage gold photo frame will look like a very old frame. As a result, the distressing of the gilding is just a part of a bigger plane.

See below a video showing all the steps of the Patina.

More videos related to the aging process 

Explanation of the aging process
Distressing the gold surface
Rub off the gilding
Dark shellac
Applying shellac
Final result