Museum Picture frames

Museum Picture Frames are usually masterworks. Many old master paintings are framed with fine Reproduction frames. Go for an Exclusive custom made reproduction!


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museum picture frames
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Museum Picture Frames

Since its birth, our workshop has provided Museum Quality Picture Frames for the most important museums around the world. Among them, there are Staatliche Museen (Gemäldegalerie) and Metropolitan Museum. Over the course of a century, we have dealt with very important works. Among the most remarkable painters we have framed, there are Leonardo, Raffaello and Michelangelo. Museums generally commission high-quality frames, which require many hours of work. So the final product is practically identical to the authentic antique picture frames.

There are many important artworks framed with reproductions of Museum Picture Frames. Because of wars and economic disasters, many museum art frames have been destroyed. Historically the frame has always been considered a complementary part of the painting. So it is only in recent times that it has achieved considerable importance for antiques and collecting. As a result, many old master paintings are frameless. Therefore this is the main reason why since 1905 we have been collaborating with the major museums of the world.

Why isn’t worth to cut Museum Art Frames?

First of all, buying authentic Museum Frames and cut them to fit it to paintings is not a good idea. There are some models of frames that are easy to cut because they do not contain carvings. Therefore it becomes easy to cut them and put them back together with the right size. But the models very rich in carvings, particularly baroque frames are very difficult to cut. So we strongly recommend buying a reproduction frame instead of cutting an authentic frame to adapt it to an old painting.

Authentic frames can be worthy for collectors when are just a bit bigger than the painting to frame. This way a good frame restorer could add a thin flat gilded surface to the rabbet and lengthen the width size of the profile. In fact, adding a little gilded wood surface is much better than cutting off some parts of an original frame.

In conclusion, our best advice is to buy a fine reproduction frame for your painting. SELECT your favorite model and go for it!

Any size for Museum Picture Frames

Our most remarkable skill in the field of framing is the reproduction of Museum Quality Picture Frames in any specific measurements. Since we are totally in charge of the production of our models, we can customize them in all their parts. Therefore, we can follow any advice from customers. We strongly recommend relying, anyway, on our experience. Therefore we lessen carefully to any customer’s idea and we always try to put them in practice, either if they are ornamentation changes or structural changes.

In our site, you will find two main categories: expensive frames and affordable frames. Expensive frames belong to our Museum Frames category. In general, museums have the financial resources to order expensive frames, however, in many cases, they have also ordered affordable frames. In fact, our affordable models are not a second-level product. They simply need fewer hours of work to be realized.