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Museum Picture frames

Museum picture frames for sale. Buy our custom reproductions of museum art frames for paintings personalized as you wish.

Museum Picture Frames for sale

Since 1905 our workshop has provided Museum Quality Picture Frames to the most important museums around the world. Among them, there are Staatliche Museen (Gemäldegalerie) and Metropolitan Museum. Over the course of a century, we have dealt with very important works. For instance, we have framed Leonardo, Raffaello, and Michelangelo

Museums generally commission high-quality frames, which require many hours of work. In fact, our reproductions have to be practically identical to the authentic frames. That makes us specialists in the field of reproduction frames and museum framing.

Unique replica frames

There are many masterpieces framed with reproductions of Museum Style Frames. Because of wars and economic disasters, a significant amount of museum art frames have been destroyed. Also, they have been lost or even stolen. For this reason, museums need frame suppliers like us.

Moreover, frames were historically considered a complementary part of the painting. But in recent times antique dealers started to sell them apart from their paintings to gain more money. This practice incremented the chaos related to masterpieces without frames. Once sold apart, an expensive museum frame would join another painting.

Thus, a lot of artworks are still frameless. As a consequence of this lack, nowadays, antique frames have achieved considerable relevance for antiques and collecting. Museums and collectors strive to find suitable and coherent frames for their paintings. Furthermore, it’s quite complicated to adapt authentic museum art frames to artworks. In fact, the size almost never fit.

resize Museum Art Frames?

First of all, buying authentic Museum Picture Frames, cut and resize them is not a good idea. The models with few and small carvings are easy to downsize. In fact, after the cut to rejoin their sides together is not the end of the world. 

On the other hand, the models with rich ornamentations are difficult to resize. For instance, it is very challenging to downsize Baroque frames. You’re never going to find a way to rejoin harmoniously the four corners as they were before cutting. A significant portion of decorations would be lost. Sometimes we do these kinds of interventions. However, we think that should be the last option a customer should go for.

Furthermore, when you downsize authentic Museum quality frames, you destroy their value. You could have bought a Museum art frame spending a lot of money and lose almost all of it. In other words, nobody will pay you back the original price of a cut frame.

For this reason, we recommend buying reproduction frames. You don’t waste money because they’re customized for your paintings. They always are going to have the perfect size for your artwork. Also, you can avoid the tiring and never-ending search of finding the right antique piece. That could take ages.

Authentic frames for paintings

Authentic frames can be adapted to paintings just in few cases. Firstly, when they are just a bit bigger than the painting itself. In fact, a good frame restorer could add a thin, flat, gilded surface to the rabbet. This intervention would lengthen the width size of the profile. As a result, the modified museum frame could now fit perfectly its new artwork. 

Secondly, the frame you choose should have the right decorations. They have to match stylistically with the gilded mat. On the contrary, you will ruin the whole of the composition’s style. For instance, museum picture frames significantly worked with plenty of decorations, could be in contrast with the sobriety of the added mat.

In short, adding a little gilded mat can be wise. When possible, it allows you to keep the frame intact and you don’t lose its value. But out of the conditions just explained, it wouldn’t be a wise idea. For this reason, our advice is: buy reproduction frames. You are never going to face any kinds of issues.

CUSTOM Museum Frames FOR paintings

Our most remarkable skill in the field of museum framing is the ability to realize Museum Quality Picture Frames of any size. Since we are totally in charge of the production, we can customize our museum style frames in all their parts. As a result, we do follow any valuable advice that customers give us. However, we strongly recommend trusting in our taste and relying on our vast experience. 

On one hand, we listen carefully to any customer’s idea trying to put them all into practice. They can either be ornamentation changes or structural modifications. On the other hand, we advise collectors about the best possible solution, especially if their solution is not really suitable.

Expensive and affordable models for sale

On our site, you find two main categories of museum style frames: expensive and affordable. In general, museums have the financial resources to order expensive frames. However, in certain cases, museums buy our affordable frames. In fact, we are able to supply unique museum quality frames for a low price.

In the last three decades, we have focused on the production of affordable museum art frames. We did it because of the economic crises. One after the other, crises overwhelmed the world economy. Therefore, we wanted to be prepared for the worse. 

Furthermore, minimalist art influences constantly the interior design taste of many. It is not a secret that architects and interior designers ultimately love minimalism. For this reason, we needed to be able to supply a kind of product suitable for the new trends.

Valuable but inexpensive museum style frames

So, how did we manage to create value for a low price? The answer is simple: innovation. We love to be in constant research of new materials and new techniques. Firstly, we use recycled material like wood pulp. As a result, we realize museum art frames with a low impact on the environment.

Secondly, we skip many ancient techniques that became obsolete. For instance, we use oil gilding instead of water gilding. For all these reasons, our museum picture frames for sale are very affordable. They simply need cheaper materials and fewer hours of work to be realized.

In conclusion, our workshop can either supply expensive museum quality picture frames for exclusive collectors or sober museum frames manufactured to be inexpensive but durable at the same time.