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Cod. 012

Reproduction of an early 18th-century Roman picture frame lacquered in black paint. It’s a Salvator Rosa frame

Width cm 7

Roman picture frame

Reproduction of an antique Roman picture frame gilt and lacquered on wood. This 18th-century model is available for any painting size. Therefore, you can fit it with any painting.

Structural properties 

This Roman frame reproduction is made with ayous and tulipwood combined together. We use ayous for the front side and tulipwood for the backside of the frame. As a result, we obtain the maximum strength with the minimum weight.

You can customize the rabbet width as you prefer. For instance, if you need to cover a bigger part of the painting you can ask to enlarge it. The rabbet depth instead, depends on the thickness of the painting. In most of our models, it is something between 1.5 to 4 cm. Sometimes even deeper due to structural reasons or under request.

Section width cm 7
Rabbet cm 1

Roman frame Decorations

The carving of this Roman picture frame is handmade and you can know more about the technique itself by watching a video on our Youtube channel. 

The lacquering of the black surface is customizable. You can ask for any color.  Watch a video on our Youtube channel showing the lacquering process:

Patina (aging process)

“Patina” is an Italian word that refers to how dark and old look to be the frame. Apart from dark gold, the age of a frame is determined by a few cracks and tiny broken parts all around the sides. For this purpose, our gilder hits its surfaces with some kinds of stones.

Also, the wormholes are simulated as well, and you will be able to notice them by analyzing deeply the pictures above. The presence of wormholes does not indicate activity within or a recent flight of beetles. Remember that they were faked by us to specifically age this Roman picture frame reproduction.

See below a video showing all the steps of the Patina.

More videos related to the aging process 

Explanation of the aging process
Distressing the gold surface
Rub off the gilding
Dark shellac
Applying shellac
Final result

roman frame button calculator


See below for models of Spanish and Roman frames with similar structures and similar finishings but at a lower price.

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