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Find here a rich collection of Baroque frames for sale. All the models displayed above are exclusive reproductions of custom Baroque picture frames that you can buy with the exact size of your paintings. Our custom Baroque frames can be realized either in Genuine Gold Leaf or Dutch gold leaf at your convenience. We realize them with several combinations of finishings; therefore, you can personalize the kind of gilding and the color of the lacquer. As our goal is to be a significant reference in the field of frames, we realize three main categories of Baroque style picture frames for sale: Expensive, affordable, and Baroque frames wholesale. The ladder is shown inside a catalog that allows you to buy either cheap Baroque frames in bulk or in rods three meters long.


We show expensive and affordable custom Baroque frames for paintings above on this page. They’re unique and exclusive because they are precise reproductions fo authentic Baroque style frames. Every one of them was replicated from an existing original antique model with great care of details. Therefore, at first glance, you will think that they are authentic. We manufacture them, putting in practice the most ancient gilding techniques available since ever.

We have been reproducing replicas of Baroque style picture frames for more than a century. That’s why we’ve got an extraordinary knowledge of the manufacturing process of these models. We still use gold water gilding on red bole under request. To make save money to our customers, we tend to realize Baroque style gold frames using Dutch gold leaf instead of Genuine gold leaf. That would low the price significantly. Still, our gildings are completed with a good Patina technique that makes seem them original antique frames. Anyone of our methods requires high-quality manual skills and takes a long time to be done. That is the reason why our unique Baroque style picture frames are so valuable.


Since our mission is to produce frames for a large number of customers, we decided to create a line of inexpensive products. Although this line of products is very qualitative, they benefit from some processing techniques that significantly amortize the production cost. In essence, we have found a system that creates highly worked frames at an affordable price.

The fundamental characteristic of our system is the sobriety of the production steps required to reach substantial results. Technological innovation, and continuous research to find new materials and gain new skills, in this sense, are the main protagonists. Although we put in practice a more straightforward manufacturing method, taking off a few of the most challenging procedures, we still realize very sophisticated custom Baroque frames. Some of them have simplified ornamentation, but some others are even more complex, under the aspect of decorations.


How did we realize a good quality CATALOG of baroque style frames for a low price? We created a catalog focusing on the significant necessity of customers. Most of the time, who wants to buy Baroque style picture frames don’t care about a proper style. This kind of customer is looking for an excellent product at a reasonable price. His main target is to decorate home instead of getting a frame for an old master painting.

If you want to frame a low or medium price painting, you should go for this solution. You can download over here a beautiful catalog with plenty of cheap baroque frames! Still, if you have to frame a mirror or you have to decor interiors with medium price contemporary artworks, you could go for this line of products.

Download the catalog of our custom Baroque picture frames cheap: CATALOG.


The Baroque style was born in Rome around the beginning of the 17th century because the Catholic Church encouraged the production of a very sophisticated style to show the power of itself. That style has been manifested in several disciplines like sculpture, painting, and architecture. Even in frames remains available a wonderfully rich collection of models.


To remember just a few great painters of the Baroque era, we can mention Carracci, Caravaggio, Velázquez, and Rubens. We’ve mentioned two Italian painters, one Spanish painter, and one Flemish, to remember that the Baroque style invested the whole of Europe from the early 17th to mid 18th century. Therefore the significant artworks of these artists are framed by elegant custom Baroque Picture Frames. Even if Flemish, Spanish, French, and Italian 17th-century frames are very different between them, concerning shapes and forms, they still have in common the beauty of their complex ornates.


In the field of authentic frames, Federici Workshop dedicated a lot of time in manufacturing unique reproductions. As our workshop is located in Bologna (Italy), the original town of Carracci, we have in town a great tradition of antique Baroque frames for paintings. We reproduce our models, watching and carefully studying the originals of the National Art Gallery of Bologna. (The most famous museum in town).

The National Art Gallery of Bologna allows us to get in touch with large Baroque picture frames. You can see them from near to appreciate the quality and the strengthening of their structures. Large Baroque picture frames show the importance of the Church in teaching dogmas and concepts to people during history. You can tell it from the magnificence of the artworks. Their large Baroque frames are imponent, very heavy if you would, but still, rich in ornamentations and very well balanced, they give to the observers a better focus of the painting.


For more than a century, Federici Workshop has worked for the major museums manufacturing custom Baroque picture frames for paintings. In many cases, museums contact us to frame an old master painting with a missing frame. They look among the models of our collection and ask to realize a replica with a particular size. Our strength is to be able to provide any model in any measure.

Especially for extra large Baroque picture frames, we found a system to create the four sides of the frame dismounted but already cut with the perfect size to be. We developed a method to join the four sides together quite easily in the place of destination. With a simple use of glue and screws, our frames can be fixed together and hunged up on walls.

When frames are too large is not a good idea to try to ship them mounted. Unless they’ve got a very wide width, they would be more exposed to damages during transport. Even though their section width would be wide enough to be robust, their weight could begin to high to be handled easily. Therefore to prepare four sides dismounted, it comes to be the best possible solution for the safety of the frame. Besides, shipping the four sides of large custom size Baroque frames dismounted, allows the customers to save money.


The most challenging task we have to face is to replicate in detail authentic antique Baroque frames. In that case, first, we must study the photos that the museums send us, then we do some sketches. Second, we choose the best solution, and we carve little samples of every selected ornate. We then prepare the molds to use our wood pulp and realize exquisite decorations to be mounted on the flat surface of the frames. The last step involves us to carefully recarve the wood pulp to make the carvings look like the original wood carvings.

See on our Youtube channel two videos showing our system:

Wood pulp mounting
Wood pulp carving


Manufacturing cheap Baroque frames wholesale by innovative techniques is one of our goals! We can make frames using expensive ancient methods, but we know that sometimes it is a waste of materials, and resources. There are types of clients that don’t need that kind of work.

We belong to a new generation of artisans devoted to recycling materials. Therefore we encourage our customers to make us use  new working techniques. The wood pulp for carved decorations is our most innovation. Our wood pulp is made 99% of wood so that the 1% of the solvent used to create a handy paste doesn’t change the its main property. The paste that we can prepare get dry after about a week. When it is dry, we carve on it fine decorations as we do for normal wood ornamentations.

See a video on our Youtube channel where we recarve four beautiful corner leaves of a Spanish picture frame by the use of this super innovative procedure: wood pulp carving.


What about the final result? The final result is terrific. Nobody can tell the difference between a frame made by our technique and one made traditionally. Still, there is a vast difference, but that is due to the price. Our customers can save this way up to 60%.

Talking in detail about the final result, we can say that wood pulp carving is as much resilient as wood carving is. The shape of ornates will be precisely the same, and the gilding will be even easier because the porosity of the wood pulp allows the gesso to get more attached to the carvings.

The last thing worthy to say about this topic is related to the brightness of the gold. Wood pulp will always be resilient but softer than wood. The property of softness is useful while using the agate stone to bright the genuine gold leaf surfaces of the gilding. In fact, the more soft is the surface to bright, the brighter can the gilding becomes. In conclusion, in certain situations, the use of wood pulp would be even better to obtain specific results.