Baroque Picture Frames

Since 1905, Federici Workshop specializes in the reproduction of Baroque Picture Frames. The Baroque style was born in Rome around the beginning of the 17th century because the Catholic Church encouraged the production of a very complex style to show the power of itself. That style has been manifested in several disciplines like sculpture, painting, and architecture. Even in frames remains available a wonderfully rich collection of Baroque Frames.

To remember just a few great painters of that era, we can mention Carracci, Caravaggio, Velázquez, and Rubens. We’ve mentioned two Italian painters, one Spanish painter and one Flemish to remember that the Baroque style invested the whole of Europe from the early 17th to mid 18th century. Therefore the major artworks of these painters are framed by fine Baroque Picture Frames. Even if Flemish, Spanish, French and Italian 17th-century frames are very different between them, concerning shape and forms, they have still in common the beauty of their complex ornates.

In the field of antique picture frames, Federici Workshop dedicated a lot of time in manufacturing unique reproductions. As our workshop is located in Bologna (Italy), the original town of Carracci, we have in town a great tradition of Baroque frames. We reproduce our models watching and carefully studying the originals of the National Art Gallery of Bologna. (The most important museum in town).

Reproduction of Baroque Picture Frames

For more than a century Federici Workshop has worked for the major museums manufacturing Baroque frames. In many cases, they contact us to frame an old master painting with a missing frame. They look among the models of our collection and ask to realize a reproduction with a very specific size. Our strength is to be able to provide any single model in any size. Museums, sometimes, ask to personalize our models. It’s not a problem for us.

The toughest task we have to face is the one of replicating an authentic Baroque picture frame. In that case,  first, we must study the photos they send us and we draw some sketches. Second, we choose the best solution and we carve little samples of every selected ornate. We then prepare the molds to use our wood pulp and realize fine decorations to be mounted on the flat surface of the frames. The last step involves us to carefully recarve the wood pulp decorations to make them look like fine woodcarving ornates.

See  the following videos if you’re interested in our innovative technique:

video 1 (Wood pulp mounting)

video 2 (Wood pulp carving)

Traditional procedure or innovative one?

We think that innovative techniques, for manufacturing above all Baroque picture frames, are the best! Why do we think like that? We are able to make frames by using ancient techniques but we recognize that sometimes they are a waste of time. They could even be a waste of material resources. We belong to a new generation of craftsmen devoted to recycling materials. Wood pulp is made 99% of wood, that is why is so good. Therefore the 1% of the solvent used to create a very handy pulp allows us and customers saving a bunch of money and many trees.

What about the final result?
The final result is wonderful. Nobody can tell the difference between a frame made by our innovative technique and one made in a classic way. Actually there is a huge difference, but that is due to the price. Our customers can save up to 60%.

Our last advice related to Baroque picture frames: CHOOSE one of the models presented above. That will let you buy a unique reproduction for a very reasonable price.