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Cod. 083

Reproduction of a Large Baroque Frame gilded on wood. It’s a late 17th-century Cassetta style frame with acanthus decorations in abundance

Width cm 14.5

Large Baroque Frame

Reproduction of an Italian Large Baroque Frame gilt on wood. This early 17th-century Cassetta style frame is good to be used as a Baroque photo frame as well. It is available for any particular painting size so that you can frame with it any painting or any photographs. 

Properties of Large Baroque frame

This Baroque Frame reproduction is made of ayous and tulipwood perfectly combined together. As a result, we obtained the maximum strength with the minimum weight.  You can customize the rabbet size as you prefer. For instance, if you want to show a bigger part of the painting you can ask to reduce it. As this model has a quite large width section, it is very good for framing big paintings. 

Section width cm 14.5
Rabbet cm 1

Large Baroque Frame Decorations

Watch a video of the carving process following this link to our Youtube Channel. Carving Wood Pulp | The Decorations are handmade and Carvers use a special technique to carve wood pulp ornaments. As a result, this new technique makes you save a lot of money without losing quality.

Why you don’t lose quality? First of all because at the end of the work you will not be able to distinguish a frame with wood carving ornaments from a frame with wood pulp ornaments. Second, because a frame with wood pulp decorations can last in time the same amount of time as one with wood carvings. Our wood pulp, in fact, is made 99% of wood and it strong and resistant.

Antique dark color for Large Baroque frame

“Patina” is an Italian word that refers to the color and the age of the frame. Making a very good Patina is the most important skill of a Master gilder to realize a fine Reproduction Baroque Photo Frame like this one.  After gilding, Gilders hit the gilded surface with a stone in order to create few broken parts.

The second step is to rub out a bit of the gilding and keep on distressing it with few tricks until you reach the desired aged look. In addition, the wormholes are fake as well. Watch carefully the photos above and you will be able to see the results of this technique. 

The videos below represent the entire Patina process starting from the beginning.

More videos related to the aging process 

Explanation of the aging process
Distressing the gold surface
Rub off the gilding
Dark shellac
Applying shellac
Final result