Black Baroque Picture Frames

During the time that we’ve been making frames for old master paintings, we focused very much on Italian Black Baroque Picture frames. Why black? As you can see from our huge collection of reproductions, black is the color that ancient gilders used to lacquer their models. But why ancient framers would use it more than other colors? We can not answer the question with certainty but what we strongly believe is that black and gold, wisely mixed together, produce an extraordinary effect. The gilded carvings stand out from black lacquer much more than from any other color.

With that said, you now know why our frame gallery is made for 40% of Black Baroque frames. You will see plenty of them because they were very much used in the past. Another color that we use to lacquer our models is white. That is a color related to Neoclassical style, craftsmen of the late 18th century use it to decorate their models.

Now, tacking a closer look at our black baroque picture frames above, you see three Italian models. Code 027 and code 054 are typical reproductions of Cassetta picture frames with black and gold finishings. They belong to the first phase of the Baroque style, the one around the 1610s and 1620s. We can tell it from the flat central panel lacquered with black paint. On top of it, there are a few gilded decorations. The third frame, code 062 is a late black Baroque frame. You can tell it from the structure, plenty of curves and of big gilded carvings.

Why Black Baroque Frames instead of gilded frames?

First of all, the styles that you see above are the ones usually used for paintings. For mirrors are better other kinds of shapes. for example, the ones composed of intricate big carved lives all around the sides. In fact, when the carving is too heavy there is the risk that the observer of the artwork doesn’t focus anymore on the painting but on the richness of the frame.

Second, black paint is not only making see the gilt carvings easily but also let appear the body of the structure lighter. In conclusion, too many carvings and too much gold together produce a heavy effect that can lead the Baroque style to be discharged for framing paintings.

Black Baroque Picture Frame in Any size

As we completely manufacture our Balck Baroque Frames, we are able to modify any step of our manufacturing process executing instructions that customers would give us. We offer our clients the chance to buy our reproductions in any dimension. Therefore any model of our collection can be made for any particular painting size.

Mail us your painting size and we will customize one of our Black Baroque Picture Frames in a perfect way for your painting. Any modification can be done accordingly to our previous decision, in fact, they’re a few things sometimes impossible to realize. That is why so important to mail us any of your ideas before proceeding with the payment. We will be able to reply to your emails within 24 hours.

Replicas vs Reproductions

We have been doing reproductions of black Baroque picture frames since 1905 when our workshop was founded in Bologna – Italy. After more than a century of manufacturing, I can say that we have got it in our DNA.

What is the difference between Replicas and Reproductions? When we realize a frame replicating strictly the shape, style, and finishing of an original model, we are realizing a replica. It means that there would not be much difference, in the end, between our frame and the original. To do this job, customers have to send us a good set of photographs from which we start to make a sketch and a deep study to accomplish with that tough task. Reproductions, instead are the ones you already find on our website. They are standard products, in the sense that we’ve made them several times. It means we possess all the required tools to make them and their realization it become an easier task.

In conclusion, the big difference among replicas and reproductions of black Baroque picture frames is due to their price. Replicas, of course, can cost more than double respect our reproductions. If you want to know more about the topic fallow this link: antique picture frames.