Black Baroque Picture Frames

We specialize in black Baroque picture frames since 1905. Black is the most used color that gilders would use to lacquer their models. Why ancient framers would use black more than other colors? We don’t know with certainty but what we believe is that black and gold, wisely mixed together, create a decorative effect. Indeed, gilt carvings stand out pretty well from black lacquer.

With that said, you now know why in our offer you find many black Baroque frames. Of course we replicate them because they were popular in the past as well. Even red, white, blue, and green paint has been used a lot. But black remains probably the most used color. Experts can identfy the style and the provenience of frames by the lacquer. For example, green paint, identify a Venetian frame.

Italian black Baroque Frames

Tacking a closer look at our black Baroque picture frames above, you see several Italian models. Code 027, code. 054, and code 056 are cassetta frames in black and gold finishings. They belong to the first phase of the Baroque style: between 1610 and 1620. We know it because of the flat black panel in the middle. On top of it, there are a few gilded decorations that stand out pretty well.

Code 062 instead, is one of the latest black Baroque picture frames that we realize. Its profile, with plenty of fancy decorations, is quite high. The gold of the carvings shines under an aged patina. This model represents the maximum expansion of black Baroque frames for paintings of the Italian 1600s. We’ve seen many more elaborated models during our profession, but this one is particularly suitable for rich paintings.

Black Baroque picture Frames or gilded frames?

We explain here why in certain cases black baroque picture frames can be better than the gilded ones. Firstly, If you look at cod. 010, which is equal to cod. 062 but completely gilded, you notice the benefit of the lacquer. In fact, the black paint lightens the heavily carved structure of the profile. Sometimes, the same model completely gilded can be too much for a painting. 

Secondly, the black lacquer can really help the frame to enlighten a dark painting. Indeed, paradoxically, a dark artwork needs a dark frame. So, which color would be better than black to diminish the tone of the shiny gilded along the sides? 

Black Baroque Frames in Any size

As we completely manufacture our balck Baroque picture frames, we can modify any phase of the realization. Consequently, we ar eable to follow most of the instructions that customers would give us. Moreover, we offer our customers the chance to buy the reproductions in any dimension. Therefore, any model can be realized for any painting.

Mail us your ideas and we’ll customize our black Baroque frames in the best possible way. Any modification can be done accordingly to our previous decision. Some of them, few times, happen to be impossible to realize. For this reason, remeber advice us about your suggestions before to buy. We usually reply to your email within 24 hours.

Replicas vs Reproductions

We have been doing reproductions of black Baroque picture frames since 1905 when our workshop was founded in Bologna – Italy. After more than a century of manufacturing, I can say that we have got it in our DNA.

What is the difference between Replicas and Reproductions? When we realize a frame replicating strictly the shape, style, and finishing of an original model, we are realizing a replica. It means that there would not be much difference, in the end, between our frame and the original. To do this job, customers have to send us a good set of photographs from which we start to make a sketch and a deep study to accomplish with that tough task. Reproductions, instead are the ones you already find on our website. They are standard products, in the sense that we’ve made them several times. It means we possess all the required tools to make them and their realization it become an easier task.

In conclusion, the big difference among replicas and reproductions of black Baroque picture frames is due to their price. Replicas, of course, can cost more than double respect our reproductions. If you want to know more about the topic fallow this link: antique picture frames.