Lacquering antique frames

In this video you can watch the Master Gilder of Federici workshop lacquering a fine Reproduction of a Roman picture frame of the 18th century. The frame is also known by two different names: Salvator Rosa Frame and Maratta Frame. You can see a nice photo of this frame with the all details following the […]

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Woodcarving using an eletric tool Even if an electic tool is used the process of carving is steal hard to do. The tool just help in avoid fatigue but the carver keeps moving the hands in the right way to give to the frame the rigth shape. Usually is used in the very beginning and […]

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Antique French Picture Frames

This is a very nice Antique French Picture Frame that I realized few weeks ago for an italian contemporary paintor. Gilded ornates and white laquer are very well balanced and contribute to form a perfect French style shape. These kind of frames were usually made around the end of XIX century. I can tell it […]

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