Reproductions of Antique Picture Frames

We realize Italian, French and Spanish Reproductions of Antique Picture Frames. In our Gallery you’ll find Baroque, Rococo and Renaissance styles. These styles had a great role in the field of antique frames for old master paintings. They’re all Unique Reproductions due to the fact that we put particular care on the execution of the ancient techniques. We have been working since 1905 for several important museums. Between them: Metropolitan, National Gallery, British Museum, Staatliche Museen, Kunsthistorisches.

To the question how happened to be that such important museums use Reproductions instead of the original antique picture frames, there is just a simple answer. It’s almost impossible to find in the market nice antique picture frames that can fit properly with the old master paintings owned by the museums.

Most of the time you can find the antique picture frame with the right shape and style. It is anyway very unlikely that it would have at the same time the right size for the painting. Due to this huge problem about the size of antique frames the “Laboratorio Federici”, which is the corresponding italian name of the company NowFrames, has framed a huge number of paintings for the major museums all over the world.

Even the most carefull glance of experts in carving and gilding can’t regognize that around the painting there is a reproduction of an antique frame. A part from shape, carving and gilding, what really does the difference in our frames is the “Patina”. That is the italian term to define the tricky process of making appear the reproduction dark, with some little broken parts and with some fake worm holes.

Any size

Customize any detail if you wish. In our huge collection, which counts more than 100 antique frame models, you can change the lacquer color of the the frame that you like and you can ask for a particular finishing. In addition you can change the shape of the section width into the one that you like most. As we entirely produce the frames, we are able to enterven in any step of manufacturing as the customer wants. The most important quality of our reproduction frames is that they are available in any size.

Just tell us the size of your painting and we will custom one of our Antique Frames in the best way possible for you. For any change that you require mail us before buying. As a result you will get a response within 24 hours with the modalities of the change that you asking for.

Delivery and Payment

Delivery is in about 60 days from order. We use DHL corrier with an ensurance service that cover any damage and we ship all over the world. We use high quality material to pack the frames so that it doesn’t happen frequently a major damage. See our policy about damages caused from shipping.

You can pay by wire transfer or pay by PayPal from the calculator page of the frame that you intend to order. Than you can mail us the order details as requested along the process of purchasing.

Calculate Price Instantly

We offer to customers the opportunity to calculate the price of every antique picture frame instantly. When you click the button “calculate price” you will be able to land to a nice page with blank text boxes to be filled out. You have to fill them with the two most important measures of your painting. They are Hight size and Large size, which can be expressed in cm or in inches as you prefer. Than you hit the button calculate and our nice algorithym will instantly respond with the total price of your future purchasing including the shipping price for your region.

When you will know the total price you will than be free to order the frame and paying by the methods that you prefer.

Is it worthy to buy a Reproduction?

With all the above things said we really think that a fine Reproduction frame can solve all of your problems without any headhache! A Reproduction frame can’t really be compared to a stupid copy of an old master painting. Here is why. An old master painting was made by an artist while an antique picture frame was made by a master carver first and a master gilder later on to finish it. There is a slightly difference between an artist and a good craftman, even if the craftman lived five centuries ago. So here comes the difference: we are still good craftmen as in the ancient times, but we are not so sure about all the factories out there making copies of very famous paintings inflationating the whole market.

Due to this, I feel free to say that there is not much difference between us and a master carver and gilder born during Renaissance time. We haven’t changed so many things in the process of making a fine antique frame since the ancient times. The techniques used are almost the same. This gives us the great advantage of being able to realize wonderful reproductions. See for example Massimiliano Gurrieri (Master Carver and Gilder) in action in this video:

Reproductions worthy as the originals

Since 1905 the “Laboratorio Federici” has made hundreads of antique picture frames. Maybe it can have even reached the number of one thousand! What we know for sure is that the most important antique dealers know very well our workshop since it has been founded. Some of the frames manufactured in the beginning of the 20th century have already a considerable value. Even if they are still reproductions of styles much older, they have got a special taste. Because of the “patina”, and because of the fine carving, which make them look antique, it’s now almost impossible to define their age.

When few of the experts out there recognize a frame as made from “Laboratorio Federici”, they declare it as a Reproduction. But at the same time they give to our frames an a high value due to the quality and the fine work.