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Victorian Style Picture Frames

Victorian style picture frames for sale. Find exclusive reproductions of custom antique Victorian frames for paintings, mirrors, and photos.

Victorian Picture Frames FOR SALE

We specialize in Victorian Style Frames since 1905. Our models are split into two categories: expensive and affordable frames. The affordable Victorian picture frames are just more sober than the expensive ones. The quality is still very high. We realize any one of our models under the concept of creating durable products. 

Here we explain the difference between the two categories. First, our expensive Victorian frames are exclusive reproductions. They’re made by using ancient techniques. For instance, we use hand carving. 

Second, our expensive Victorian frames have a more complex structure. For example, they tend to be reacher in decorations. Also, they have a larger width size. For these reasons, we need a lot of working hours to realize them.

In short, all our models of antique Victorian frames are valuable. The expensive ones are just more elaborate. However, for the ones who like sobriety, our affordable Victorian style frames could be a better choice. They’re suitable for minimalist and modern interiors.

Origins of antique Victorian frames

Victorian frames come in a vast range of models. In other words, one finds a lot of different finishings and shapes. The 19th century pictorial style had a significant impact on the variety of Victorian style frames.

To know more about Victorian frames diversity, we have to dig into history. During Victoria’s reign, the UK was the most powerful nation globally. With its colonies, and the commercial trades, it was a rich kingdom. Therefore, the Victorian art had a strong influence on most of the countries. 

Idealism and reality in Victorian art

In the early 1800s, the UK’s painters showed interest in Renaissance art. In fact, Raphael was the main character of the Royal Academy of Art. Its painters tried to copy the idealism of the old master. This can be categorized as the very first stage of Victorian art.

The change of interest from idealism to reality happened around the 1840s. Thus, the new phase was characterized by the focus on natural things. In other words, the role of art became to describe the real world by accuracy and richness of details.


A group of painters formed the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. They represented nature as real as possible. In other words, they rejected the previous attitude of the noble idealization of Raphael

First, they were focused on teaching moral lessons, and considered moral as a part of reality. In addition, artists were fascinated by scientific breakthroughs. In fact, they denied the biblical version of human history.

Second, the Pre-Raphaelites represented the new bourgeoise social class. Even though it was a short-lived movement, it became fundamental for visual arts. It was able to express the intentions and needs of the ascending social class. The one that was dominating the world.


Victorian-era picture frames are strictly connected to the Industrial revolution. A fast rhythm of production overwhelmed the economy and the culture. So, Victorian frames were born under a new concept of production. 

The small ancient ateliers of artisans became big workshops. Any craftsman was trained just to accomplish with his own discipline. In fact, splitting the work into different disciplines is the main feature of the 19th century. As a consequence, the production of goods incremented a lot.

Gilders specialized in tiny parts of the whole work. The one who gilded always did that. The gilder who was applying gesso did nothing else rather than that. For this reason, they could realize works of gilding almost perfect. Never, before Victorian frames, appeared such specialized artistry. 

Sometimes, when you look at their works, you think they are industrial products. Of course, they are not. At least not in the sense that has the word industrial today.

Eclectic victorian frames

Victorian picture frames manifest a very eclectic style. The reminiscence of old trends is the main cause of it. Artists were seeking out a reinterpretation of ancient artistic movements. For example, the Gothic revival, other past elements, and the symbolic realism merged together into the new approach. 

Besides, Asian art reached Europe under the flow of the new commercial trades. Oriental decorations started to appear on the goods of craftmanship. Indeed, France and UK, with their vast empires, began a process of cultural globalization.

The artistic production of these two powerful nations was quite similar in many aspects. First, they both looked at the Oriental trends. Second, even if the Industrial Revolution started in the UK, soon it reached France as well. Even their pictorial style shared several points in common. 

For this reason, French art has been a great model for Victorian frames as well. In fact, the past French styles, as Baroque and Rococo, were reinterpreted on the Victorian style frames. In short, the diversity of elements and sources of inspiration created a huge variety of Victorian frames with a typical eclectic taste.  Click below to see our French-style frame collection.


As already discussed, Victorian frames can result redundant. With plenty of leaves, flowers, and all sorts of decorations, they sometimes form heavy structures. 

The best samples of Victorian Style Frames show balance between the ornaments. That is why we offer a few reproductions of antique Victorian picture frames realized in the simplest way. Follow the links below to see our best models. 

Cod. 146 Victorian style frame
Cod. 091 Victorian style picture frame
Cod. 097 Gold Victorian frame
Cod. 145 Custom Victorian frame

Custom reproduction frames

Custom Victorian frames are our specialty. As we manufacture them from scratch, you can ask for any customization. Besides, they’re suitable for big paintings or heavy mirrors. We give you the chance to change either the structure or the finishings. 

Click the button below if you did not find the reproduction frame you are looking for. You will reach a gallery of French style picture frames that we consider the main source of inspiration for the Victorian art style. You’ll find plenty of different models with astonishing structures and finishes.