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Victorian Style Picture Frames are very decorative. You can use them for paintings, mirrors, and photos. Find here Custom Victorian picture frames for sale.


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Victorian Picture Frames FOR SALE

We specialize in Custom Victorian Style Picture Frames since 1905. We realize Victorian picture frames for sale focusing on the realization of affordable and cheap reproductions. Under the category of the affordable price, we inserted a significant variety of Victorian wall picture frames that you can buy either in bulk, with standard size, or custom made for your artworks. Our Victorian picture frames bulk are cheap because we manufacture them with an industrial system. They are already cut and mounted with standard size; therefore, you can easily use them for standard-sized artworks. Also, for art collectors, we realize top-quality reproductions of antique victorian frames customized specifically as customers require.

Here we cover a bit of the history of Victorian frames to understand why they come in a vast range of models, with very different finishings and shapes. Of course, the role of pictorial style during Queen Victoria had an inevitable influence on its necessary complement: The Victorian style frame.


To understand why Victorian art is related to significant variability, in terms of structure and kinds of decorations, we have to dig deeper into the two specific phases that distinguish the pictorial trends of the time. During Victoria’s reign, the United Kingdom was the most powerful nation globally, with all its colonies and the international commercial trades. Victorian art, due to the power of the United Kingdom, had a significant impact on the rest of European countries and, where possible, even on remote zones of the globe.

The beginning of the 19th century is determined in the UK, for the interest that painters had for the Renaissance. Raphael was the main character of the pictorial style of the Royal Academy of Art, and most of its painters tried to copy the typical idealism of the great master. This can be labeled as the first stage of Victorian art.

The passage from idealism and Renaissance to the real world described with accuracy takes place around 1840, when the industrial revolution in the UK reach its first peak. This period indeed is characterized for the opposite trend: The role of art consisted no longer in idealization but started to focus on the real world, with its dramatic accuracy for details within it.

In the early 1850s, a group of artists formed the so-called Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. This movement made of painters, tried to represent the reality as real as possible observing nature. In other words, they wouldn’t try to represent the subjects looking for noble appearance as Raphael did before. They taught moral lessons through the use of their art. Also, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was fascinated by modern scientific breakthroughs and wanted to deny the biblical version of human history.

In conclusion, during the industrial revolution, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood represented the ascent of the new bourgeoise social class. Even if it was a relatively short-lived movement, it became very influential for contemporary and future visual arts. It was able to express the intentions and need of a new social class who was dominating the world.


The main characteristic of Victorian era picture frames is to have been inspired by many past styles. Consequently, they were mixed up in an eclectic way, sometimes forming an excess of ornaments. In other words, European decorations, together with the middle east and Asian influences, gave birth to the interior decorations of houses. Due to the variety of art styles that antique Victorian wood picture frames were inspired from, today, we find miscellaneous frames labeled as Victorian frames.


The effective use of Renaissance decorations determined the first stage of the Victorian style. The second stage instead was very much influenced by French style frames to the point that English frames are not so different from French ones. Impressionism spread all over Europe with a power that overwhelmed preexisting trends. In the 1870s, the manufacturing of picture frames follows the paradigm of Baroque and Rocaile French curved shapes with an infinite variety of lacquerings.

The production of antique Victorian frames was massive because there was a new social class requiring goods. We can even trace a clear threshold near the end of the 1800s from where begins the industrial picture frames. They were produced in quantity, and the workshops were no longer similar to the old tradition ateliers of Renaissance times. The character of the new workshop is likely the one of a small factory, with much faster rhythms and separation of disciplines.


The best samples of Victorian Style Picture Frames are the ones that have a good harmony between ornaments without exceeding in too many decorations. It happened too often at the end of the 19th century, the creation of monumental mirror frames and frames for paintings with tremendous exaggerations of ornates. Leaves, flowers, and all sorts of decorations were mixed together within heavy structures that would distort even the most worked example of Baroque style.

We try to identify the best models of antique Victorian picture frames and reproduce them in the simplest way. Follow below a few links that show fine models of Victorian frames. 

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Cod. 091 Victorian style picture frame
Cod. 097 Gold Victorian frame
Cod. 145 Custom Victorian frame

CUSTOM ANTIQUE Victorian Frames

We can realize our frames in any size. As we manufacture the frames starting from scratch, we can build them for any painting. So, we can prepare them to frame very thick paintings or very heavy mirrors. Our customers can personalize the frames and change the color of the finishing. Before purchasing, you must mail us your ideas.