Victorian Style Picture Frames

Victorian Style Picture Frames are very decorative. Therefore you can use them for paintings, mirrors, and photos. This is the site to find your Exclusive custom made Frame!

Any size 

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victorian style picture frames
victorian style picture frames

Victorian Style Picture Frames

We specialize in Victorian Style Picture Frames since 1905. Victorian art was an artistic movement in the UK during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837–1901). During Victoria’s reign, the United Kingdom, was probably the most powerful nation in the world. Victorian art was, in all its fields, strongly influenced by the Renaissance movement. Therefore in the field of painting, Raphael, began the main character and most of the painters tried to copy the idealism of the Renaissance master. After that, the role of art changes its trend from idealization to the focus of the real world.

In the middle of the 20th century, a group of artists formed the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. These paintors observing nature, tried to catch any worth detail to represent the reality as real as possible. In other words they wouldn’t try to represent the subjects looking for noble appearance. They taught moral lessons through the use of their art. Likewise, Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was fascinated by modern scientific breakthrough. Above all they wanted to deny the biblical version of human history. In conclusion, in the middle of the industrial revolution, they represented the ascent of the new bourgeoise social class. Even if it was relatively a short-lived movement it became very influential for contemporary and future visual arts.

Victorian decorative arts

The main characteristic of Victorian decorative arts, including frames, is to have been inspired by many past styles. Consequently they were mixed up in an eclectic way forming sometimes an excess of ornaments.  In other words, European decorations together with middle east and Asian influences gave birth to the interior decorations of houses.

The best samples of Victorian Style Picture Frames are the ones which managed a good harmony between ornaments without to exceed in too many decorations.
Here at Federici workshop, we tried to identify the best models of antique picture frames and reproduce them. As a result, we offer our customers a good quality variety of Victorian frames.

Any size for Victorian Style Frames

We can realize our frames in any size. As we manufacture the frames starting from scratch we can build them for any painting. So, we can prepare them to frame very thick paintings or very heavy mirrors. So our customers can personalize the frames. In addition they can change the colour of or any finishing. However any change as to be approved by our staff so that before the purchase mail us your ideas and we will see if we can deal with them.

Reproductions vs original?

Do you think it is going to be easy to find an authentic Victorian style picture frame for the size of your painting? No, it is not! It could be easy to find just one authentic model for a mirror but very hard to find one for a painting with a very specific size. In conclusion our solution to this problem has been handled realizing astonishing reproduction of Victorian Style Picture Frames. Stop searching for an original frame and start to enjoy a fine reproduction today! Save money, stress, and headaches, Take action now clicking the buttons below.