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Antique Oval Picture Frames

Antique Oval Picture Frames are hard to find with the perfect size for your paintings. Go for an exclusive reproduction frame customized as you prefer!

Custom oval frames

Antique oval picture frames for sale in any size. Choose below your favorite model.

antique oval picture frames
Oval picture frame reproduction #023

Antique Oval Picture Frames for sale

We specialize in antique oval picture frames for sale available in any size. Our antique oval frames can be customized as clients wish. Mainly we produce custom oval frames with rectangular external shapes and oval internal sight, and we usually recommend this kind of structure because it’s cheaper. Therefore the price turns out to be more convenient as you get a more decorated frame for a lower price. Antique style oval picture frames with a complex profile made of concave and convex moldings are challenging to be built. Contrarily, models made with a wooden oval mat fixed inside the rectangular frame are a brilliant choice.

We use the above-described kind of frame structure quite a lot for museums like Staatliche Museen (Gemäldegalerie). The artwork, all together with a more oversized frame, gives us the chance to insert a major number of decorations in the flat corner surfaces. Look at the model above, which was used to frame a painting of Salvator Rosa.


It is easier to reproduce old oval picture frames with rectangular external forms because the flat wooden mat is the only extraordinary work to do. The rectangular frame is made as usual, while the wooden mat will be cut by a simple saw with an internal sight that will be equal to the shape of the painting. This technique is easy to apply. When the mat in raw wood or MDF is cut, we fix it by gluing it inside the rectangular frame, and the two structures become a single solid frame.

The second step of this procedure is to decorate the four flat corners of the mat. We usually put on those empty spaces, four angulars ornate with the same style of the frame moldings. The last step of the procedure is to gild the whole raw surface homogeneously and create a patina to age the gilding. See as an excellent example of this work the old oval frame displayed above on this page.


Making oval frames with an outer oval shape is complicated and dangerous at the same time because it is tough to curve wide-width moldings. Therefore we first start building a flat oval piece of wood thick and wide enough to be molded by a router. That uneasy task requires a high risk! Under request, we can do it, but customers have to be aware of the higher cost of its process. Even if we can make antique-style oval picture frames without wooden mats, we try to address customers with the most straightforward and convenient choice.

Of course, there are specific paintings, mostly older than the 17th-century era, that precisely need antique oval frames without a mat. Before the 17th century, mats were very much used during the Gothic period to build altarpieces. They were used to contain the sophisticated structures of Gothic panels. Contrarily, Renaissance art had fewer examples of them. Renaissance panels won’t usually have a mat, and most of the Renaissance oval picture frames are just like the one shown below:

Cod. 094 (Round Renaissance frame)

We took as example code 094 because it could be oval instead of round, and nothing would change to validate our thesis. It’s because we don’t have a photograph of that model with an oval shape, but as an example for our claim, it still works fine.

You can tell on your own the quantity of material used to realize the cod. 094, is much less than the material used for a wider structure frame as our model cod. 023 (Salvator Rosa oval frame). Still, cod. 094, even with less wood and gold, is more complicated to realize because of the issue described above in this article.


We realize both antique oval picture frames and antique round picture frames. We want to make an essential distinction, though, that it can come in handy for customers. To manufacture custom round frames, we need just the size of the diameter of the artwork. To realize custom oval picture frames instead, we need to have the perfect shape of the painting drawn on paper. To accomplish with an ideal result, it is better to send the drawing of the artwork perimeter via traditional mail.

No matter how big it’ll be the drawing, we will unfold it on the floor if it’s too big, and create the sight of the frame 5mm smaller than the edge of the painting. If necessary, we can create rabbets (overlaps) much broader. That’s just up to the client’s need.


Even though our primary mission is to deliver exclusive top-for reproduction of antique oval picture frames, since a decade, we have elaborated a cheaper production of vintage oval wooden picture frames for interiors. Our solution for the most affordable price is delivering product rich in decorations but still accessible for a vast strum of possible customers. For this purpose, it is more valid than ever the use of external edges.


we have got a Catalog with more than 1000 models of picture frames that you can pick from to build cheap custom oval frames. Most of the frame profiles shown in our catalog are in modern style, but still, you can find at least 100 models with different section widths and finishing that you can always buy and ask to transform into vintage oval frames.

You can pick any model, and we will craft with our mat technique either astonishing contemporary style frames or vintage oval picture frames with the same care we use for our expensive models.