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Frames for canvas

Wooden frames for canvas paintings customized as you prefer. Choose from a vast selection the profile and finishing of your canvas picture frames

Frames for canvas Paintings

Find on this website several models of frames for canvas paintings in different shapes and finishes. We offer a wide range of prices among expensive frames, affordable ones, and super low price frames. You can either buy them in custom size or lengths. If you choose lengths, click on the links below to downloawd catalog and price list.


Are you wondering how to give life to your room? Well, the answer lies in the walls. What? Are they empty? That’s what my point is. Fill your walls with beautiful canvas picture frames. You will feel whole new energy in your room. Nothing in the world can help you express yourself better than a wooden frame for canvas with a nice painting inside. 

Decorating walls with canvas frames

You could even do it yourself by putting vivid colors on it, however, you like or you could even write motivational quotes. Whatever you desire, whatever is your taste, just put it on a canvas and you have already decorated your wall.

As fanciful can be to paint a canvas, it’s also quite a decision to which kinds of canvas frames pick the best possible model for your interiors. Not every kind of frame can suit your particular furnishings. When it comes to the selection of a frame for canvas, one has to be very selective. 

On one hand, the choice is tough because of the picture. You have to pick the one that fits perfectly. On the other hand, you got to pay attention to the furnishings. So, a picture is never complete without a frame, the same way a wall is incomplete without the right wooden frame for canvas.

A frame is as essential to a picture as a moon is to the sky. It gives a finishing look to the paintings and boosts their colors. Also, framing enhances the beauty of the interiors. For this reason, the choice of the right canvas picture frames is tough.

Wooden frames for canvas online

In this era of the internet and social communication, you can have everything right at your doorstep. From groceries to giant machinery, all are just a single click away. But when you are buying anything online, you have to be very sure that your order is the best of the best.

Ordering canvas picture frames is not a big deal. But you should know what type of model you want, what material you are looking for, and what your budget is. Here we are telling you all the secrets you should know when buying frames for canvas paintings. This way you can buy the best, always.

Types of Frames for canvas

Different types of frames look suitable with a particular type of canvas. The following discussion will help you to choose a model according to your art.

Wooden frames for canvas paintings

No matter what era it is, a wooden frame for canvas never gets old. They are timeless and give an immense natural texture to a piece of art. The most frequently used wooden frame for canvas is in lime, Swiss pine, fir, and ayous.

Aluminium models

For very modern canvases, aluminum frames can be an innovative choice. They are strong enough to uphold large pictures without bending. To increase the lifespan of the aluminum frame, a small amount of timber is also added. Aluminum frames are sturdy and can withstand all the wear and tear of the outdoors like moisture.

Floater frames

Floater frames give a three-dimensional look to the canvas. It appears as if the painting is floating inside the frame; this is because there is space between the frame and the canvas.

Frameless frames

In frameless frames, the canvas is stretched to the sides. The frame has a solid white front and an MDF back. It is an excellent option for those who like a contemporary look.

Double matted glass

The work that is done on paper with charcoal, watercolors, etc. needs special attention to be preserved. They require a double-matted glass frame.

Double matting brings out all the colors in a painting. Now here is a secret, a dark inner mat enhances the lights of a canvas, and a light inner mat enhances the darks of a canvas.

How to choose?

The most important question is, what are the criteria for selecting the right frame for your painting? Well, there are no hard and fast rules. You should go with whatever you like. Having said that, I believe that a canvas should itself direct what type of frame it should have.

Picking the perfect model is quite a tricky job. A general rule that goes without saying is that a frame should not overshadow the painting. It should always be less attractive than the picture because nobody wants to display a frame more than the inside artwork.

What type of model you should use depends upon what artwork you have. For instance, for canvases having prints or photographs, select a frame that matches their color themes. Black and white frames look good with black and white canvas for example.

As already discussed, certain paintings need to be preserved. Contrarily, some others don’t need specific care. Oil paintings, for example, are very resistant. Also, they must breathe, so usually, people do not consider glass for them. Instead, usually, people tend to choose accordingly the style and the color of the artwork.

Buying Guide for canvas picture frames

Here we are letting you into some tips and tricks for buying the best item accordingly to your needs. A frame you are buying should be worth every penny of your money.


You got to be very careful about the size of your canvas. Before ordering a canvas frame, measuring the size of your artwork twice is a good idea. Once the frame is made, there is no going back. For this reason, we strictly advise customers to measure with care.

The depth of the stretcher is also very important. Usually, a stretcher of a canvas is a couple of cms thick. So, you want to take it into count during the choice. The painting doesn’t have to get outside of the back. That would be a problem for what comes next.

Hanging the frame

The canvas frames we have, have hooks that won’t be visible after they are on the wall. We suggest using two hooks or nails to make the frame hang straight. We have a wide range of wall fixings that make you fix your canvas horizontally or vertically on the wall. Chrome ring hangers, brass hangers, and antique hangers are just an example of the vast choice that you have.


A canvas frame is very important for a room’s aesthetics. So we know that you don’t want a frame that does not last long. The frames we have are all sturdy and will protect your paintings for a long time.

Special care is needed when it comes to cleaning canvas frames. Canvas requires different attention. So, you should be very focused on this. If you don’t know how to deal with artwork, we recommend using just a soft cloth for wiping the frame and canvas. Don’t try anything else.

Type of walls

One important thing that most people oversee is that they do not consider their type of wall. Some walls cannot afford the burden of heavy frames. For this reason, you have always to consider the final weight of your artwork.

Besides, we suggest you observe your wall, whether it can withstand what you’re going to hang. Nobody wants to see their frames smashed on the floor.

Type of wood

We have a wide range of items made with different kinds of wood. You can choose whatever you think suits best for your canvas. If you have very specific needs, we’re open to several options. If you don’t have particular needs about the kind of wood, we suggest you trust us.

From the very beginning of our workshop, we tried several kinds of wood. After more than a century of work, we now know which are the best to use. Of course, that depends on the type of finishing we want to achieve.  All of them are exceptionally built and are of fantastic quality. You will love them.

Buying Frames for canvas Online

Buying a canvas frame online is an easy job, but there are some factors that people don’t consider and end up buying the wrong frame. We want you to know every secret to buying a perfect frame for your space.

How to measure the canvas

This is the most common mistake. You should measure your canvas very accurately, or else you will end up having a frame that is too small.

For a stretched canvas focus on the following steps:

• Place your canvas on a flat surface
• Measure the length, the width, and the corners that are folded in inches.
• Choose a frame with a proper section width
• Add 1/2 inch to the measurements if you are ordering a floater frame.

Compare the thickness of the canvas with the rabbet of the frame or also known as R measurement. The rabbet is the part of the frame where the artwork is inserted. Of course, that is in the back.

How to hang a canvas frame

There are two ways to hang a frame: by a metal wire, or by a hook. We provide the hardware hanging with all the necessary complements as nails, and different types of screws.

Now, the answer to the question of where to fix the frame on a wall is:

• The frame should be held 60 inches from the ground
• The center of the frame should be at your eye level
• There should be a 3 to 6 inches gap between the top of the sofa and the bottom of the picture.

If you wish to buy moulding in lengths click on the links below. You will receive the models in rods 3 meters long.


Why us?

Buying a canvas frame online is not that difficult. We promise you quality products with timely delivery and excellent customer support. Below we mention the reasons why you should order from us.

Customer assistance

One thing we are so proud of is our excellent customer assistance. We are available 24/7 to guide you and help you. We believe that our customers are our family. You are our support system, and the only thing we want is for our customers to be satisfied.

Yes, 100% customer satisfaction is something that we aim for. We are not just someone who wants to sell canvas frames. We help you choose the best frame for your home or workplace. Here we execute your ideas into reality.

You just tell us what you are thinking, and what kind of frame for the canvas you want, and we will suggest you the best according to your taste.

Quality of products

We guarantee the best quality of products. Canvas frames are something that should last forever. So, we provide you with sturdy frames. No matter what type of frame you choose, we have the best quality products.

Not only long-lasting, but the canvas frames should also look worth the price. All the products we have are worth their price. We set the prices accordingly to the material used. Therefore, you will never regret buying from us.

The quality of our canvas frames will speak for itself. They are not only beautiful but they’re made from high-quality materials, which, when you will hang them on the wall, will justify their price.

Frames for canvas with unique design

Everyone wants their décor to look unique. Keeping this in mind, we have canvas frames that will give an exceptionally new look to your space. Whether you are looking for a minimalist modern décor or timeless traditional frames, we have everything you desire.


We know that it’s a major area of concern when you are ordering something online. Canvas frames are delicate, and special care is needed when delivering them to a client.

We make sure that the frame is adequately packed so that it reaches you in the best condition. We pack the frames for canvas with bubble wrap. To make sure that the corners remain intact, we pack them with protective corners. We pack larger frames in cardboard. The frame from the time you order till the time it reaches you is entirely our responsibility.

We want you to be very relaxed when it comes to delivering on time. We make sure that the product reaches you on time.

User frendly website

We hope that you find our website easy to use. You can search your desired frames for canvas very easily. We have properly guided you about the size of the frames, and the material which suits what type of canvas. Every detail is provided on the website, with terms and conditions, and there are no hidden prices. For any queries, feel free to contact us.

Care advice

We all agree on the fact that individual items require special care. Wipe the canvas frame with a damp cloth. You can use glass cleaning sprays for wiping the double-matted glass frames. Oil paintings should not be exposed to sunlight and humidity. Always be careful that your canvases have enough room to breathe.


You can completely trust us when it comes to buying canvas frames online. We have the best customer support. Your experience with us will be remarkable.

We have tried to address all your queries for canvas frames. Through this article, you can easily choose canvas frames. We have tried to cover materials that are high in demand, and you can find a wide variety of materials and designs on our website. Order once and you will love the experience so much that you will come again and again.