Most frequent questions and answers

Our frames are reproductions of authentic frames. We realize them observing strictly the nice and balanced ornates of antique models. Reproductions give us the opportunity to frame any painting with any size.

Our frames are gilded in genuine Gold Leaf under request. We use 22 carats gold leaf. If customers doesn’t request for any specific gilding we than use Dutch Gold Leaf which is really good as well and it costs much less. The prices you see on our calculator page referring to Dutch Gold Leaf finishings. If you want to buy a genuine gold leaf frame you have to add about 25% to the standard prices of the calculator page.

We usually use five different kinf of woods: Swish pine, Lime, Tulipwood, Ayous and Pine. It depends from the model frame. Inexpensive frames are usually in Ayous and Pine while the expensive frames are made by a combinations of Swish pine, Lime and Tulipwood.

We can make frames in any size. When you make the order you just give us the size of your painting and we will make the perfect frame for you.

We are able to customize any frame of our catalogue. Of corse for any change we have to count additional money. We can change the finishing and the shape of the section frame. You just ask for any change and we will give you the right price.

The delivery time is usually 60 days from payment. Sometimes could be a bit less or a bit later. It dipends from how big is the work to do. If you have any particular need to have the frame earlier, just ask and we will do our best to make you happy.

We ship our frames with DHL EXPRESS which is very quick and provide a tracking number to know where is the frame each time on the website http://www.dhl.com/en.html. The delivery time is from 3 to 5 days. If the frame is very big and overcomes 70 Kg. we use DHL Global which provide a great service for very heavy pack. It’s just a little bit slower: from 5 to 10 days is the delivery time.

We do offer an ensurance service for shipping. That comes included with DHL shipping. The ensurance cover for any damage. When you receive the pack if you notice something wrong you just tell to the courrier. Than you unwrap the package and check the frame. Take few good pictures of the damages and of the pakage opened. You send us the pictures and in a couple of month we’ll receive the money back. Meanwhile we decide if restoring the frame to your location or to get it back and restore it in our workshop. We could even decide to make a new one. That depends from the kind of damage.