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Terms and conditions are expressed in the FAQ.

Our frames are reproductions. We realize them by observing strictly the balanced ornates of antique models. 

Our frames are gilded in Dutch metal leaf. We use genuine gold leaf only under request.

1) If you want to buy a genuine gold leaf frame, you have to add 30% to the standard price of the calculator page, in case you choose the oil gilding technique. 

2) If you want to buy a genuine gold leaf frame made by water gilding technique, you have to add 60% to the standard price of the calculator page. 

We privilege Dutch metal leaf because we have developed an excellent patina technique (aging process) that does not allow the client to identify whether the finish is  genuine or imitation gold. In other words, we opted to favor customer savings.

We use lime, tulipwood, and ayous. It depends on the frame model. We may also use other types of wood not listed above.

We realize handmade picture frames. Each frame is a stand-alone frame with characteristics created for a specific painting.

During the realization, we strictly observe the photograph of the model ordered by the customer. Due to the continuous variations of the sizes of our clients’ paintings, we can’t reproduce the frames in the same identical form as the model displayed on the site. In fact, the model displayed corresponds to a specific painting with very unique measures.

Based on our experience, we will decide from time to time which stylistic structure to adopt to realize the model chosen by the customer. Therefore, both the section design and the photograph are purely indicative of the style and section profile and hardly, in any case, identical to the model we will realize.

We do realize custom made frames. When you order through the calculator page you automatically will send us the painting’s dimensions.

If you wish to be more precise, mail us the thickness of the painting. If your painting is thicker than 1.5 cm (0.6 inches), we might need to modify the profile of the frame. Be aware that larger and heavier frames require thicker structures on the back to obtain solidity.

Delivery time varies according to the category of frame. Usually, it takes 60 days for our selections of expensive and affordable frames, 45 days for low-price frames, and 10 days for molding in lengths.

We use DHL or FEDEX providing a tracking number. Shipping time is 3 to 5 days for European countries and a bit longer for the rest of the world.

We do not offer insurance for damages because the insurance provided by couriers rarely refunds damages.

We will repair the frame. Therefore, you need to return the frame to us. Please be aware that shipping costs will be billed to the clients. 

Since our frames are custom-made, each with unique characteristics relating to the customers’ paintings, we won’t be able to receive them back and make a refund.

Our price calculator page displays a shipping price included in the total amount to pay, valid under the following circumstances:

1) The selection of low-price frames is always shipped dismounted, except for very small frames.

2) The selection of expensive and affordable frames are delivered mounted whenever the external size of their package does not exceed cm 80 x 120 (31.5 x 47.25 inches). On the contrary, according to previous agreements with the client, they will be delivered dismounted. This solution is the cheapest way to proceed.

If the clients prefer the frame mounted, even when bigger than the size expressed above, we will proceed with a new shipping price calculation, which will be added to the total.


The conditions described above are understood to be accepted by the customer at the time of the order. For any dispute attributable to the conditions described above, we will rely on the court of Bologna.