Most frequent questions and answers

Our frames are reproductions of authentic frames. We realize them observing strictly the nice and balanced ornates of antique models. 

Reproductions give us the opportunity to frame any painting with any size.

Our frames are gilded in genuine gold leaf under request. We use 22 carats gold leaf. 

If customers doesn’t request for any specific gilding we than use Dutch gold leaf which is really good as well and it costs much less. 

The prices you see on our calculator page referring to Dutch gold leaf finishings. 

If you want to buy a genuine gold leaf frame you have to add about 30% to the standard prices of the calculator page. 

We privilege Dutch gold leaf gilding because we are highly specialized in the process of making the frame appear as antique. 

In recent years, after several researches, we have developed an excellent technique that does not allow the customer to identify whether the finish is in pure gold or in imitation gold. We have therefore opted to favor the customer saving.

We usually use five different kinf of woods: Swiss pine, lime, tulipwood, ayous and pine. It depends from the model frame. 

Inexpensive frames are usually in ayous and pine while the expensive frames are made by a combinations of Swiss pine, lime and tulipwood. 

To have your frame made in a kind of wood not listed above, it is necessary informing us during the order. Contrarily, we will use the most suitable wood. 

Exceptionally we may also use other types of wood not listed above.

Our workshop produces  exclusively handmade picture frames. 

Each frame is a stand-alone frame with its own characteristics. During the realization we strictly observe the caracteristics of the model chosen by the customer but due to the continuous variations of the size of the paintings, as well as their thickness, we can’t reproduce the frames in identical form of our site. 

It will be our care, based on our experience, to decide, from time to time, which stylistic structure to adopt in order to realize the model chosen by the customer in the best possible way. 

Therefore, both the design of the section and the photograph are purely indicative of the style and section profile and hardly in any case identical to the model that we will realize.

We make the frames in any size. To place an order, simply send us an email with the dimensions of your painting. 

Indicate the thickness of the paintng in order to identify the most appropriate frame model. 

Often it is necessary to modify the profile of the frames so that they can fit properly with the thickness of the paintings. 

Furthermore, depending on the size of the painting, we will decide, on each occasion, the most appropriate modifications to do, giving particular emphasis on the strength of the finished work. 

The larger and heavier frames require special structures on the back to obtain solidity, and at the same time lightness, to the whole work.

We are able to customize any frame of our catalogue. Of course for any change we have to count additional money. 

We can change the finishing and the shape of the section frame. You just ask for any change and we will give you the right price.

The delivery time is usually 60 days from payment. Sometimes could be a bit less or a bit later. It dipends from how big is the work to do. 

If you have any particular need to have the frame earlier, just ask and we will do our best to make you happy.

We ship our frames with DHL EXPRESS, FEDEX, DPD group  and provide a tracking number.s 

The delivery time is from 3 to 5 days within European countries and a bit longer for oversea shippings. 

Custom duties and taxes are always charged to customers.

We do offer an insurance service for shipping. That comes included in the total price. The insurance covers the major damages.

When you receive the package, if you see it broken, you just tell the courier. Then you unwrap the package and check the frame.

Take few good pictures of the damage showing the open package together with the frame. 

Then, You send us the pictures and we will be able to open a claim. In a couple of weeks, we’ll receive a response from the courrier.

When a refund is approved, we decide if restoring the frame in your location or restore it in our workshop. We could even decide to make a new frame. That depends on the kind of damage and on how much money the insurance company decide to devolve.

Since our frames are custom made, each with very specific characteristics relating to the painting owned by customers, it is not possible to return the frames, as it would be difficult to reuse them for other paintings. 

The frames can be replaced only if they have arrived damaged or with different measuresments from those assigned by the customer.


At the time of the order, the conditions described in the FAQ are understood to be accepted by the customer. For any dispute attributable to the contractual conditions described above, we will rely on the court of Bologna.