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Rococo Picture Frames

See above a collection of Rococo frames for sale. All of them are exclusive reproductions that you can purchase personalized as you want. As Rococo style picture frames developed mostly in France, during the 18th century, the majority of our models are French.

Just a few of the displayied Rococo frames are lacquered. The French gilders used black and white paint, while the Venetians used green. Feel free to change the color of lacquer and the section width of any model at your convinience.

French Rococo picture Frames

Rococo Frames belong to a major art movement called Rococo art, which appeared around the 1730s in Western Europe. In fact, France and Italy were the most important protagonists of the scene. During the second half of the 18th century, the Rococo style spread over central Europe replacing entirely what remained of the Baroque art.

Rococo frames reached their maximum expression under the government of Louis XV. Also, the movement is called Rocaille and it represents the final evolution of Baroque art. For this reason, Rococo style picture frames are plenty of decorations characterized by intricate leaves. 

In terms of shape, Rococo style picture frames are lighter and more refined than Baroque Frames. The real difference between the two styles is given by an asymmetrical use of the ornaments on the Rococo models. This is a characteristic that appeared for the first time in artistic styles.

Even though Europe produced different types of models, we believe that French Rococo picture frames are the best, at least in terms of balance and shapes. Probably their primacy is due to the power of the French nation at the time.

venetian Rococo Frames

During the 18th century, in contrast to France, Italy was not unified under a unique kingdom. That could be the primary cause of the production of so diverse Italian Rococo picture frames.

Indeed, if we compare Venetian framesRoman frames, and Tuscany models, we instantly realize that they don’t have much in common. As a result, an observer can’t even pick similarities among them in terms of structures. 

The Republic of Venice produced a significant variety of Rococo style picture frames. Thus, they are the most famous referring to Italian production. The importance of the “Serenissima”, as Venice was called, was already declining at that time, and the Rocaille trend would have been the last splendor representation of the dying republic.

Venetian Rococo frames are the evidence of an extraordinary integration between different styles and artistic knowledge. The Venetian craftsmen have been able to mix centuries of styles and decorative skills. In short, we are proud to say that such a small republic could compete against the splendor of France.