Rococo Picture Frames

Rococo Picture Frames belong to a major art movement called Rococo art. This movement defined as well as Late Baroque is an art style appeared around 1730s in Western Europe. Therefore France and Italy are the two most important protagonists of the scene. During the second half of 18th century the artistic movement spread over Central Europe replacing entirely the Baroque movement.

It’s a stile plenty of decorations, carvings and gildings and in the field of antique picture frames reached its maximum expression under the government of Louis XV in France. The style known as well as Rocaile style represents the final evolution of the Baroque art. In addition they both styles are very similar especially reffering to the quantity of decorations, which is huge. The real difference among the two styles is that Rococo combines toghether asymmetric ornates while Baroque don’t.

In terms of shape we can generally say that Rococo picture frames are usually slighter and more refined than Baroque Picture Frames. France, Italy and the rest of Europe, because of the different experiences they had, produced different type of models. After many years of observation of antique frames, we beleive that France have probably given to the world the most organic and solid result in term of forms of the style. An explanation for that could be that France in that time was a strong and united country while other countries involved in the mouvement were much weaker.

French Rococo Picture Frames or Italian ones?

During the Rococo style French picture frames happened to be the most important ones. Or at least this is the modern perception of contemporary collectors and antique dealers. The fact that Italy, probabily the second major european region to be influenced by Rococo style, was not unified under a unique kingdom, could be the reason why Italian Rococo Picture Frames consist in a huge varity of different models.

If we look to some venetian picture frames, roman picture frames and tuscany picture frames, they are so different between them that an observer can’t even pick similarity in terms of shapes and decorations. The Repubblic of Venice produced during the 18th century the biggest varity of models therefore venetian picture frames are the most famous in Italy for the Rococo style.

The importance of the “Serenissima”, as Venice was called during the past economic trade world, started to decline in 18th century. Rococo style would have been the last representation of the dying republic. The Rococo Venetian Picture Frames are an evidence of an extraordinary integrations between different styles and knoledge. In conclusion we can say that such a small republic as Venice could compite with the enormous kingdom of France.

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