Cod. 037

Reproduction of Antique Picture Frame 1800s. It’s an early 19th century French style frame very much used in 18th century as well

Width cm 13


Antique Picture Frames 1800s

Reproduction of a Antique Picture Frame 1800s gilt on wood. This French 18th century model was very much reproduced evenin the 19th century. It is available for any particular painting size. | Calculate PriceWe Ship it  in 60 DAYS from order. Delivery is by DHL courrier. Shipping process lasts about 2 working days for European countries and 5 working days for the rest of the world.


This Antique Picture Frame 1800s is made of Swish pine and tulipwood perfectly combined together to obtain the maximum strength.  This frame is completly customizable in order to meet any client desire

  • Section Width cm 13
  • Ribbet cm 1

Antique Frame 1800s Decorations

The carving is handmade and you can watch a video of the process following this link in our Youtube Channel: . Our eproductions of Antique Picture Frame 1800s have decorations made by wood pulp and carved by hand. SEE this astonishing technique which make you save a bunch of maney!



“Patina” is an Italian word that refers to the color of the frame. Making an astonishing Patina is one of the major skill of the Gilder in order to make seem a Reproduction of Antique Frame 1800s as the above as one authentic one. To complete this process Gilders use some different kind of stones to hit the frame in order to create some fake tiny broken parts. In addition the worm halls are fake as well and you will be able to see them anylizing in a deep way the picture detail attached to this page. In conclusion any damaged little part of the frame is just a part of a bigger plane.

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This Antique Frame 1800s fit very well with any kind of Antique style painting. In the last years our customers framed with it several modern painting as well. In conclusion our advice is to choose this frame whenever you want to frame an important painting or whenever you need to own just a beautiful frame.

Antique Picture Frames 1800s **Tailored HANDMADE Reproductions**