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Massimiliano Gurrieri


Master Carver & Master Gilder

My experience in the field of Restoration, Woodcarving and Gilding began in 1988 at the Federici Workshop in Bologna. From 1905 to 2010 Federici Workshop framed old masters paintings for the most important museums and galleries of the world. Among the most important museums there are the Metropolitan (New York), National Gallery (London), and the Staatliche Museen (Berlin). The Workshop also collaborated with renowned architects and leading companies in Furniture Design to carry out work of Decorative Gilding for Interior Design.


(1988 - 2000)

We have been commissioned by the Staatliche Museen and the Berlin Art Gallery for framing paintings of the following Masters:

  • Carved and gilded frame for a Leonbrune painting (1988)
  • Carved and gilded frames for Nicolas Poussin (1988 – 1994)
  • Carved and gilded frames in gothic style for Schiavone and Guariento (1994 – 1998)
  • Carved and gilded altar for the Masolino triptych (1994 – 1998)
  • Frames for G. Batoni, Carracci, Guido Reni, Paolo De Matteis, M. Stomer, Sassoferrato (1994 – 1998)
  • Roofed Baroque frame for seven paintings of Sebastiano Ricci (1999)
  • Frame for Prospero Fontana painting (1999)

(2000 – 2007)

I made 30 oval carved and gilded frames for the Patriarch of Venice containing the portraits of the 30 past patriarchs of the town (2003)

For private clients from all over the world, including Geneva, London, Monaco, New York, Los Angeles, S. Francisco, Frankfurt, Rome, Milan, etc. … I made frames for paintings of:

  • Caravaggio (2005)
  • Orazio Lomi (2005)
  • A. Carracci (2006)
  • Matia Stomer (2006)
  • Luca Giordano (2007)
  • Salvator Rosa (2007)
  • Francesco Guardi (2007)
  • Artemisia Gentileschi (2007)
  • Prospero Fontana (2007)
  • Sebastiano Ricci (2007)
  • Cittadini (2007)
  • Picasso (2008)
  • Boldini (2008)
  • Morandi (2009)

(2000 – 2007)

In the last three years there are numerous partnerships with Design Firms from all over Europe for the design of furnishings and art frames relating to the discipline of Gilding and Carving of the wood.

(2007 – 2013)

In the last five years there have been countless collaborations with Design and Furniture companies from all over Europe for the design of furnishing accessories related to the Artistic Frame and the discipline of Gilding and Wood Carving.

Since 2007, thirty oval wooden panels gilded with Dutch gold leaf have been created for the Viabizzuno company in Bologna, an important company in the furniture and lighting sector. They were an integral part of a richer luxury interior lighting project. The collaboration with the Viabizzuno company still continues with the 23-karat gold leaf gilding of countless zinc rods used as furnishing accessories for modern chandeliers.

In 2008, 40 carved, gilded and lacquered headboards in Tuscan style were made for the Hotel ‘Il Salviatino’ in Florence.

From 2009 to today, export commissions have been significantly intensified, addressed above all to customers from countries in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Russia for which important carved and gilded frames on wood have been carried out for modern and contemporary paintings of various value.

Since 2010 a strong collaboration has begun with the well-known Thai painter Natee Utarit for the reproductions of Roman frames of the 700 with measures of monumental proportions.

In 2013 a wooden frame was created for Titian’s Self-portrait


  1. “Maestro d’Arte” (Master of Art) by “Istituto d’Arte” (Institute of Art) Bologna (1987)
  2. NLP Certificate by PNL Meta Bologna (2014)
  3. “Liceo Artistico” (Artistic High School) Bologna (2016)
  4. Cultural Mediator certificate by ICOTEA Milan (2016)
  5. Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation by ICOTEA Milan (2019)

Language Skills

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Italian

Computer Skills

  • Webmaster
  • SEO


In December 2010 Massimiliano Gurrieri was interviewed for the project “L’Impresa fa Notizia – Artigianato Aristico” by the Cna Bologna Communication Office with a series of questions that highlight the orientation and business strategies of the Federici Workshop.

In June 2013 Massimiliano Gurrieri released an interview for a well-known American magazine called Manner of Man Magazine in which he answered a series of compelling questions about the world of frames and high-quality antiques. See the interview in PDF format at the following link: Manner of Man interview – “Reproduced with permission of Manner of Man Magazine”