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16th century Picture Frames

Find reproduction of 16th century picture frames for sale. The 1500s coincides with the Renaissance era, thus 16th century frames and Renaissance models are the same. Tuscany has been the leading region in terms of art styles at the time. For this reason, the majority of our models come either from Florence or Siena.

Master carvers of the 1500s used to build Cassetta frame structures. That is a typical 16th century frame profile. You identify it by the flat central surface which could either be lacquered or gilded. Usually, on top of it, there are a few ornates. Some of them carved on wood and others painted in gold. The other significant trait of Cassetta frames is the outer edge: it’s always higher than the inner edge.

black lacquer for 16th century frames for sale

We realize our reproductions of 16th century Italian frames mostly using black lacquer. There is a couple of reason why we do that. First, because lacquer has been an important feature in Renaissance art, especially in Tuscany and in Spain. Second, because the ornates on 16th century Cassetta frames stand out giving a harmonious balance to the body of the structures.

Moreover, the lacquer helps to maintain the set of decorations sober. In other words, when it exists an empty space available for the lacquer, one won’t see an excess of ornamentation. As the Renaissance trends pursued equilibrium, we prefer this solution.

16th century spanish frames

16th century Spanish frames did not reach the magnificence of the ones of 17th century. In fact, Baroque Spanish frames became more notorious. Due to the relevance of Spanish Baroque painters, Spanish style frames spread over Europe. The most receptive area of that influence had been for sure Naples for political reasons. Indeed, Naples was a territory controlled by the Spanish kingdom.

Look at our models cod. 011 and cod. 018. We know those models are 17th century Italian frames. They precisely come from Siena, a town that produced significant art results. We know they are Siena frames because of their specific painted ornamentations. Though, these two models are very similar to certain 16th century Spanish frames.

In short, Italy and Spain give birth to astonishing results, sometimes so equal that you can’t even tell them apart. For instance, check a Spanish frame with the same structure and decorations mentioned above. Compare that Spanish model with our cod 11.