18th Century Picture Frames

18th century picture frames are a huge category within you will find plenty of models of antique frames. Above the page, you can see few roman picture frames usually called from collectors Maratta frames or Salvator Rosa frames. Maratta and Salvator Rosa frames are between the most popular Italian frames. Collectors from all over the world know them.

They represent a good alternative to Rococo style frames, which was instead very popular in France during the same period. We can certainly affirm that Rococo art, influenced Italian craftsmanship just for a few typical mirror frames. Carvers looked at the Rocaile style inserting in their works some decorations and structure patterns in a very original way. That process gave birth to the Italian astonishing style that has been labeled “Barocchetto“.

Take a look at one of the most famous kinds of Barocchetto style frames named “Labbretto Bolognese“. See the same kind of model in a simpler shape clicking on model #032. In conclusion, during the 18th century, apart from Bolognese frames and Roman frames, the Italian styles, were characterized by beautiful mirror frames.

Venetian 18th Century Picture Frames

As already discussed in the above paragraph, Venice produced very few models concerning 18th century picture frames for important paintings. For sure, the most known model used for paintings is our reproduction #059. It is the typical frame that you will most see with the paintings of the great Venetian master Canaletto.

We have grouped the Venitian frames of the 700s on the following page: Venetian picture frames. They have very specific profile shapes and ornates, the ones you see above, that make them very much recognizable among others.

French 18th Century Picture Frames

Among the most popular 18th century picture frames there are the antique French picture frames. We offer our clients, several models with different finishings. The typical shapes are these two: #029#037. Of course, when we talk about French frames of the 1700s, we talk about Rococo picture frames.

During the 18th century, France lived a shiny period conquering ground all over the world. At the same time produced a huge quantity of gilded furniture in Rocaile style to show to the world its magnificence. Even in the field of frames for master paintings, France had a marvelous role, producing a lot of Louis style frames as our #036.

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