Antique Round Picture frames

Antique Round Picture Frames are hard to find with the specific  measure that you need? This is the right website to solve your problem. GO FOR an Exclusive and much cheaper Reproduction frame!

Any diameter available

BUY here a frame with a tailored round shape for your painting. Choose the frame that you like best clicking below or CALCULATE the Price of Reproduction #052.


antique round picture frames
Reproduction of antique round picture frame #052

Antique Round Picture Frames for sale

Since 1905 we specialize in antique round picture frames for sale. We realize 95% of our old round frames with an internal round shape and a square external shape. We recommend this type of structure to customers for practical reasons.

First of all the frame made in this way is much easier to make. Second, with a bigger size, the artwork becomes more important. Even the price turns out to be more convenient, in fact, one reproduction of antique picture frames with an external round shape is more expensive. That is due to the difficulty of creating it.

Any diameter

We can personalize any element of our antique round frames for sale. In our big selection, it is possible to change the lacquer of any model and the finishing if you wish. Any kind of modification is possible especially if you consider that it can benefit the final outcome.

Tell us the diameter of your painting and we will customize one of our round frames in the most effective way for you. For any modification that you need, mail us before buying. Accordingly, you can get a reply within 24 hours with the options available.

Richer Round Frames with square external shape

Since the very beginning of the 20th century, we have made a lot of reproductions of antique round picture frames with square external shape.

There are countless round paintings in the market of antiques today. At the Federici workshop, we receive many requests to realize reproductions of antique round frames for paintings of every age, from the 1500s to the 1900s.

In many cases, although the painted part of the painting is round, the stretcher is square. This type of structure has been widely used in the past as it allowed a more elaborate and richer frame to be built around the canvas. See the example above, a model of neoclassical frame made in that way. Note the flat corner spaces richly decorated with floral elements.