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Antique round picture frames

Antique round picture frames with the right size? Go for custom vintage round picture frames personalized as you wish


We specialize in antique round picture frames customized with the size of your painting. If you have round paintings that you want to frame with antique round gold frames, you came to the right site. Pick between a vast range of models the style that you like best and ask to realize it with a round form. Under request, we can manufacture almost any one of the models shown on the website with a round structure. You can either choose an affordable and super cheap frame to buy a good product for a low price, or pick one of our unique rframesuction of vintage style round picture frame realized with very ancient techniques.

We realize 95% of our old round picture frames with a square external structure. The circle would be inside, in the middle, and made by a gilded or lacquered wood flat mat. We recommend to customers this type of structure for practical reasons.

Square edge for vintage round picture frames

There are a couple of advantages that we want to explain here, referring to antique round frames built with square external sides. First of all, the frame made with a squared form is much easier to realize. We first cut the molding profile of the four sides, mount them, and we insert them inside a flat wood mat surface. As the mat would be decorated with the same style and decorations as the molding, it’ll become a balanced and organic structure.

The use of a square shape is a very antique technique used in ancient times to realize richer old round picture frames. Besides, having a more prominent structure, the painting inside becomes more important and decorated. Even the price turns out to be more convenient because the time to realize the work is less. The realization of vintage round picture frames without a wood mat inside requires the use of heavy carpentry machines that are not convenient for building just a single custom round frame.


We can personalize any element of our antique round frames for sale. In our big selection, it is possible to change the lacquer of any model and the finishing if you wish. Any modification can be realized, especially if you consider that it can benefit the outcome. All the improvements have to be approved by us via email. Therefore, before buying anything, mail us your ideas, and we will try to put them in practice.

Any diameter available

Let us know the diameter of your painting, and we will customize one of our vintage style round picture frame in the most effective way for you. We will proceed with giving you ideas on how to decorate the wooden mat. It could be lacquered with your favorite color, it could be gilded as the rest of the frame, or it could be made by mixing the two techniques.

Follow the link below to see a vintage style round picture frame with gold leaf gilding decorations and black lacquer. Four gilded carved rouses near the corners enrich the ornate, giving balance to the entire structure.

Cod. 144 Baroque round frame

Cod. 144 is the perfect example of how the lacquered wood mat will match perfectly with the moldings. You never will perceive mat and frame as two separate objects, as they are joint together by glue during the very first preparation.

The link to cod. 052, shows a vintage style round picture frame with a completely gilded mat. Following the link, you will see that the entire structure is very balanced by using ornates on the mat corners.

Cod. 052 Neoclassical round frame

As we haven’t realized every one of our models with a round shape, we haven’t displayed yet all the styles and models that we can manufacture. Remember that you can almost pick any one of our frames and have it round.

antique round pAINTINGs

Since 1905, we have been engaged with the reproductions of old round picture frames with square external shape. Countless antique square canvases were once painted just in the inner circle of the stretcher. That was a technique mostly used for portraits of gentlemen. It has been widely used in the past as it allowed a more elaborate frame to be built around the canvas. Nevertheless, the majority of antique round paintings are just round.

Antique round gold frames

We show down below an astonishing model of an antique round picture frame made by us for a Renaissance panel of a private Italian client. The frame has a section width of 12 cms so that the molded profile, finely carved, appears to be very balanced. Renaissance does not require mat because it is precisely a style that emphasizes composed and sober structures.

Cod. 094 Renaissance round frame

Frame cod. 094 is quite expensive because it takes an extended amount of work to realize it. Remember that we can manufacture almost any one of our models in this way. Send us an email with your ideas, and we will reply within 24 hours with all the possible choices available for you.