Antique Oval Picture Frames

Since 1905 we have been making antique oval picture frames. 95% of our oval frames production have the internal oval shape and the rectangular external shape. We recommend this type of shape to all our customers for practical reasons. First of all the frame made in this way is much easier to make. Secondly, the size of the object becomes more important. Even the price turns out to be more convenient, in fact, a reproduction of antique picture frames with the external oval shape is more expensive. That is due to the difficulty of creating it.

We use them quite a lot to frame artworks for museums like: Staatliche Museen (Gemäldegalerie)

Why is easier to produce external square shapes?

It is easier to reproduce antique oval picture frames with square external forms because we only intervene on the internal part of the them. This part has generally a flat surface which makes easy the work process. We cut the exact size of the oval over an MDF panel and then we gild it. This internal flat surface can be without decorative elements, or it can be worked at the corners. The models presented above have rich decorative elements at the corners.

The processing of the oval outer frame is complicated because in general, the profile is made of curves. The processing of complicated oval profiles needs for a dangerous machine to use.

Here at the Federici workshop, we are still able to make custom oval frame profiles. We simply try to address the customer to the simplest possible choice. Given the same amount of work, it seems in fact not convenient to make an oval frame with external oval shape. In conclusion, you would get a thinner frame at the same price as a much richer one.

Any size for Antique Oval Picture Frames

We make both antique oval picture frames and antique round picture frames. To make an order it is necessary to send the diameter of the circle by email. Concerning oval frames, it is better to send the drawing of painting via traditional mail. In this way, we will be able to cover the painting just 5 mm around its perimeter. We make ovals of any shape without any difficulty.