Cod. 027

Reproduction of Baroque Black Frame carved and gilt on lime. It’s a typical reverse Cassetta picture frame with lacquered central surface

Width cm 14.5


Baroque black frame

Reproduction of an Italian Baroque black frame carved and gilt on lime. This early 17th-century model is available for any particular painting size, therefore you can order it for any of your paintings | Calculate Price We Ship it in 60 DAYS from order. Delivery is by the DHL courier. The shipping process lasts about 2 working days for European countries and 5 working days for the rest of the world. 

Properties of Baroque black frame

The frame is made of lime and tulipwood combined together to obtain the maximum strength.  This Baroque black frame is completely customizable in order to meet any client’s desire. For instance, you can lacquer the flat central surface with any color. In the above picture, this model is represented in black paint but we manufactured several of them in dark hearth paint. Even dark red could be a very nice choice for antique paintings. With that said you can choose the best color for your interiors as well.

  • Section width cm 14.5
  • Rabbet cm 1

Baroque black frame decorations

Watch a video on our Youtube Channel showing our wood pulp carving technique: wood pulp carving | The black lacquer on the flat surface make stand out the gilded ornaments by contrast. Any dark color would produce the same nice effect. Feel free to change anyway the lacquer as you prefer.

Antique dark color

We darken the frame with several hands of shellac. The shellac will protect the gilded surface from external agents as well. The distressing process of aging the frame is done proceeding with three steps: first, we rub the gilding, second, we hit it with a little stone and third we make fake wormholes on top of it with a long thin nail. When all these three steps are finished, we usually decide if darkening the gilding a little more with few more hands of shellac. But careful, because we’re not done yet. The very last trick we have to put in place to complete the aging process of this reproduction of Baroque black frame is to apply one last hand of very dirt shellac just on top of the carvings to make stand them a little more from the shiny gilding.

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This Baroque black frame fits very well with any kind of 17th-century style painting. Our customers framed with it several modern and contemporary paintings changing the color of the lacquer. In fact, if you choose white color for the flat surface, this frame is perfectly fine for contemporary interiors. In conclusion, our advice is to order this frame whenever you want to frame an important Baroque painting or whenever you need to own just a beautiful frame.