Cod. 132

Vintage Picture Frame in walnut color. It’s an early 18th-century Italian style picture frame made of ayous finished in antique style

Width cm 4.5



Vintage Wood Frame

This Vintage Wood Frame is made of ayous and it’s a replica of an 18th century model. It is available in any size so that you can use it for any painting. Calculate Price | We Ship it in 60 DAYS from the order and the delivery is by DHL courier. The shipping process lasts about 2 working days for Europe and 5 days for the rest of the world.

Properties of the Vintage Wood Frame

This frame is made of ayous and tulipwood perfectly combined together to obtain the maximum strength. We use ayous for the front where the molding develops and we build the back in tulipwood to strengthen the entire structure of the frame.  It is completely customizable in order to meet any client desire. For instance, you can change the shape of molding making smaller or larger, you can change the rabbet and even the finishing.

  • Section width cm 4.5
  • Rabbet cm 1

Vintage Wood Frame finishing

The finishing of this rare type of Italian 18th-century style frame is in walnut color. We use several hands of dark shellack to obtain this wonderful result. It is our most simple finishing to realize at a very low cost an astonishing reproduction of antique frame. With this model, we framed a Tiziano artwork. Follow the previous link to see it.

Antique dark color

This vintage wood frame looks very antique because of the process of darkening. For that purpose, we use stones to hit gently the surface to create tiny broken parts. We diligently fake a few wormholes to give the frame a real antique look.  If you take a careful look at the photographs above, you will be able to identify all those little tricks described before. As a result, any little damaged part of this frame is just a part of an ancient technique. It’s been roughly more than a century now that our gilders and framers use this technique.

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This Vintage Wood Frame fits very well with any kind of antique painting or drawing. As it is quite sober it can be used to frame paintings poor in detail. That would let the painting stands over the frame and not the opposite, which is the major issue to frame wrongly a painting.