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black picture frames

Large Black Picture Frames are our specialty. Find in the catalog below any width size that you wish.




BUY here custom black wall frames with tailored size for your paintings and mirrors.


Large Black Picture Frames

We specialize in Large Black Picture Frames for interiors and Black Wall Frames for antique and contemporary paintings. As you surf on the website you will realize that we are able to produce many models. In fact here you can find many kinds of shapes, styles, and finishings.

We manufacture our models with different width sizes. Therefore you will be able to buy frames from a width size of 2 cm to one of 25 cm or more. For larger profiles, you should contact us by mail and tell us how large you would like the width of the frame to be.

We’re able to modify some other things apart from the width. Order here one of our large black picture frames tailored as you prefer. Mail us the size of the painting or of the mirror and we will deliver to you quite quickly a perfect frame.

Black Wall Frames

Since 1905 our workshop has dealt with clients for framing old master paintings. Either important museums or private collectors order us hight quality reproductions of antique picture frames for paintings with missing frames. Dutch art, since the very beginning of the 17th century, produced a magnificent collection of Black picture frames that became famous all over Europe.

Follow this link to see an exclusive collection of fine reproductions of Antique Black Wall Frames in French, Italian and Dutch style. The most evident difference between the style of the Southern European countries and the Netherland, is the absence, in most Flemish picture frames, of gold. Usually, Italian, French, and Spanish baroque picture frames have some parts in gold and some others in black paint, while very few Flemish frames have gold.

Feel free to contact us for any questions related to how to frame old master paintings. We will give you the best solution to enrich your artwork with one of our astonishing custom antique black picture frames.

Antique black wall frame for modern art?

Here at Federici Workshop, we believe that modern and contemporary art match pretty well with antique frames. In the last decades, we’ve seen some important modern painting of Lucio Fontana, Pablo Picasso, Morandi framed with Reproductions of antique black picture frames. Some with a bit of gold some with no gold at all but all producing an astonishing result.

So our best advice to you is: if you want to raise the value of your modern painting, choose a fine Reproduction of our antique black wall frames. The contrast the will emerge from that match will surprise you!