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Neoclassicism it’s been an artistic movement in the field of visual arts and literature. Its inspiration came from Greek and Roman classical arts. So, Neoclassical frames got to be specifically defined by certain rules.

The main source of Neoclassical picture frames became inevitably Rome. In fact, Rome contained the best heritage of the two great classical cultures melted together. With that in mind, we can certainly affirm that Neoclassicism is an Italian movement.


Renaissance art had already watched to the infinite source of Roman antiquity. Renaissance artists search for any possible element to build a new classical trend. So, Neoclassical frames were not the first in looking back to traditions. Instead, that was the second time that a trend got dogmas from Greco- Roman culture.

Renaissance disappeared under the overwhelming flow of Baroque and Rocaille arts. They canceled in a matter of a century most of the classics. But after the discovery of Pompeii and Herculaneum, Greek and Roman art got back. Artists and artisans put their energy and focus, back in time. The new model of Neoclassical style frame was plenty of ancient decorations. Indeed, they appeared for the first time a long time ago.

Also, the Neoclassical frames looked after the Renaissance models. In fact, as the masters of the 1500s had already gone through such a process, Renaissance frames became models as well. In short, Neoclassicism is a melting pot where ancient traditions merge with more recent ones, forming a unique new style.


Due to the work of Winckelmann, Neoclassicism got its rules and its deep why. Winkelmann defined the classical traditions as the most relevant to pursue. He considered them the best ever existed in the Western world. Therefore, the major artists in all disciplines of visual arts got inspired. They knew clearly the path to catch. With a solid theory building the base, Neoclassical picture frames followed very precise dogmas.

Another fundamental cause for the spreading of the new trend has been the Grand Tour. Artists and students from all over Europe traveled to reach Rome. The Eternal Town was considered a real museum of traditions. The flow of intellectual people to Rome speed up the spreading process of Neoclassicism. Indeed, Neoclassical style frames got out of Italy and became the new model to pursue.


Greco-Roman decorations were manifesting themselves all around Rome. The architecture was in itself a magnificent example. Museums, and churches as well, were full of classical elements and symbols. When French travelers returned to their country, contributed to the diffusion of the new artistic movement. 

Even though Neoclassicism reached everywhere in Western Europe, France has been the most receptive country concerning it. French carvers and gilders realized astonishing Neoclassical frames. They started from the Italian examples and push themselves even further.


Moreover, Neoclassical picture frames prepared the path for the future Empire style. The one which took off in France under Napoleon. But with the Empire art, classical traditions start to melt away. On one hand, Empire frames have been the continuity of Neoclassical style frames. On the other hand, they are responsible to dissolve the original elements into a fresh new style with its specifics.

The threshold that marked the end of the Rococo style is 1760. Since then, the Neoclassical rules of symmetry and equilibrium started mitigating the exuberance of the Rococo ornamentations. But Neoclassicism did not cover uniformly the past traditions. 

First, the greatness of Greece was for sure difficult to reach. To far for the many, and too dangerous as well. Second, Rome was nearer, safer, and contained the history of Greece in itself. As a result, all the Greek tradition has been filtered through the more recent Roman culture. As we know, Romans literally had absorbed Greack arts, emphasizing its magnificence.