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picture frame mouldings in lengths

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picture frame lengths

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Wood picture frame mouldings in lengths

We specialise in wood picture frames moulding in lengths and custom picture frames. Most of our production starts from rods 3 meters long because that is a good measure to cut frames without losing too much material. in fact, the waste is minimal because the remaining pieces can be reused for other frames.

We use ayous and pine for the wood mouldings. They are good woods, soft and resistant at the same time so that frames come out strong but easy to handle. Pine is better then ayous when it is a matter of bending. In fact sometimes happens that after you have stored picture frames in lengths they bend a bit, especially if they are of ayous.

We strongly recommend using pine if you think to store the rods for quite a bit. Instead, if you are going to cut the rods pretty soon after the purchase, ayous is good enough. You’ll surely will save some money.

Picture frame lengths

Customers can order frames with a standard size of 3 meters or can buy them cut with the measure that they need. We have no problem in produce either a huge amount or just one rod with custom size. This service is called chop service. You have just to send an e-mail with all the measures.

To benefit from a cheaper price, customers should buy a standard box of wood picture frame moulding in lengths. For some small moldings some times you need 60 meters to fill a box. Instead for bigger moldings, 30 meters are enough. If you want you can mix different kinds of models together to fill a standard box. A standard box would weigh something between 20 to 30 Kg.

The shipping of a standard box, like the one described above, is much more convenient than shipping just one little rod. Especially if shipping is oversea.

Custom picture frame moulding in legths

One of our major skills in the production of wood picture frame moulding in lengths is that we realize them as customer asks for. First of all, we are able to manufacture any model by just a photograph that the client would send us. Second, we can change any finishing of our catalog or the profile of mouldings.

We offer two different categories of modifications. The one related to just a single custom picture frame and the one related to a medium and big quantity of rods. Therefore by surfing this website, you found everything you need to be happy with frames! In conclusion, you don’t need to bather anymore looking around. You have just to discover all the beautiful models we’re able to produce. Download Catalog.