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Wood Picture Frame Mouldings in Lengths


Made in Italy

wholesale picture frame moulding lengths catalog online

picture frame mouldings in lengths

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We ship all over the world with insurance service and tracking number

picture frame lengths

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We are a wholesale picture frame lengths supplier in Italy. We developed systems that lower the price

Wholesale picture frame moulding lengths supplier online

Download our wood picture frames moulding in lengths catalog with more then 1000 profiles for sale online. We realize rods 3 meters long and you can buy them either in modern or antique styles. Check the PRICE LIST to see the high quality of our picture frame mouldings for sale at a very low price. We offer personalized custom picture frames for paintings and pictures. DHL EXPRESS for pretty fast worldwide shipping with insurance and tracking number available.


We use ayous and fir. They are good woods, soft and resistant at the same time so that frames come out durable but easy to handle. Fir is better then ayous when it is a matter of bending. In fact, sometimes happens that after you have stored picture frames in lengths, they bend a bit, especially if they are made of softer woods.

We strongly recommend using fir if you think to store the rods for quite a bit. Instead, if you are going to cut the rods pretty soon after the purchase to make custom frame mouldings, ayous is good enough.

Picture frame moulding manufacturer

We are in Italy one of the most recognized picture frame moulding manufacturers. We can produce a massive quantity of rods per day. We either serve retailers and private clients. We produce rods 3 meters long because they are easy to store, easy to ship, and eventually easy to cut on size. This way, you will face a minimum of waste.


Customers can order frames with a standard size of 3 meters or can buy them cut with chop service. We have no problem in supply either a significant amount of rods or just one stick with a custom size. You just have to send an e-mail with all the measures you need.


To benefit from a lower price, customers should buy a standard box of wood picture frame moulding in lengths. For some small frame mouldings, some times, you need a minimum of 60 meters to fill a box. Instead, for bigger frame moldings, 30 meters are enough. You could even mix different kinds of models to fill a standard box. A standard box weighs something between 20 to 30 Kg.


The shipping of a box, like the one described above, is much more convenient than shipping just one little stick. Especially if it has to be shipped oversea. We use DHL EXPRESS for our fast shipping service. Our package includes insurance and a tracking number. Shipping lasts about five working days for deliveries oversea and a couple of days for deliveries in Europe. Usually, clients receive our frames within 14 days from payment.


Our warehouse is very well furnished with almost all the models you will see in the CATALOG. We store 100 meters of sticks per model, so you will always find what you’re looking for. If you need more wood picture frame molding in lengths than the standard quantity that we store, we take an additional week to realize any quantity you require and deliver it buy our fast DHL shipping service.

Wholesale picture frame moulding catalog

Find here an wholesale picture frame moulding catalog with more than 1000 profiles. We offer our customers a very affordable price for excellent quality. We realize our products entirely in Italy, putting in place years of experience in the field. Our primary mission is to serve the most significant quantity of customers all over the world with a top-quality product.


To achieve the goal of producing in Italy at a very low cost, we have to innovate our technology continuously. We deal with the best machinery produced in Europe to create wood picture frame moulding in lengths at a higher speed without losing in quality. Even if we use heavy machinery for that purpose, we never forget to focus on handwork solutions. They are indispensable when it is time to create distinctive quality.


Download the CATALOG and the PRICE LIST. They’re in PDF format and display the entire collection of wholesale picture frame moulding in lengths. We show every model in different finishings, and you always find beside any model its shape profile molding. From the shape profile, you can easily see if the model you want to buy is enough large or enough deep to contain the kind of paintings that you need to frame.

After you’ve picked the model, you can look for its price in the Pricelist. Now you can realize how affordable are our wholesale wood picture frame moulding in lengths. We are, for sure, one of the best frame suppliers in Europe at affordable prices for exclusive quality.

Custom picture frame moulding supplier

We specialize in custom picture frame moulding either for interior design companies or for private clients. We did not establish a minimum order to be done to buy our products. Of course, prices change a lot when you buy 100 custom picture frames from when you buy just one. Still, we serve everybody with the same care.


We offer personalized custom picture frames and personalized picture frame mouldings in lengths. You can ask for any variation of the finishing that you would like to realize. Just send us an email from our contact page and inform us about your ideas. Once our staff approves them, you will be charged with the additional work to do.


Under request, we can change the shapes and styles of our frames. We advise customers to ask for this service just for the purchase of a significant quantity of frames. We don’t have a minimum order, but we still recommend customers to take in count that changing the shape profile of a model is worthy enough when it is about a big quantity purchase. The time for the modification, in that case, would be absorbed from the entire project, and you won’t spend too much.

In conclusion, you don’t need to bother anymore, looking around for wholesale picture frame mouldings suppliers. You have found the one! Just DISCOVER all the beautiful models we’re able to produce.

Download below picture frame moulding CATALOG and PRICE LIST.



Picture frame moulding lengths in antique style

We are engaged with the production of several types of style frames. We both like modern and antique styles. As our workshop was born in Italy in 1905, we developed great skills above all in the field of antiques. We restore antique frames, we realize high-quality reproductions of custom antique frames for museums and art galleries, so we know a lot about classic styles.


Of course, when it is a matter of wood picture frame mouldings in lengths for cheap, we can’t let prices rise too much. Frames sold in lengths need to be very affordable because usually they’re addressed to interior designers, photographers, or retailers. Those are kinds of clients who want to invest in our products. So prices have to be maintained quite affordable.

We develop a system that focuses more on the entire outlook of a frame than its own details. That allows us to create models with a strong antique outlook mixing various types of classic ornates together at our convenience. So you will find models that got inside their styles typical ornates or structures of various period frames. At the end of this process, you would think the frame is antique even if it’s not an expensive replica of an authentic frame.

If you want to go deeper on this subgect, we advise you to fallow the link: antique picture frame moulding.

we strongly recommend customers who look for high-quality replicas of antique frames to switch for a different section of this site. For that purpose click on antique picture frames.

Modern wood frame mouldings in lengths for sale

Nowadays, modern frames are a great alternative to classic frames. Especially for minimalist and rationalist interior designers who deal with contemporary art, modern styles are their favorite trend. For this group of clients, we developed a production of very modern wood picture frame moulding in lengths for sale to be used for contemporary interiors.


You will find in the CATALOG plenty of minimalist style frames. They are super smooth shape profiles in several colors. We realize unfinished wood frame moulding lengths as well. You can buy them unfinished and ask for a particular finishing to be done.

For the contemporary interior we offer many fancy shapes as well. We always look for different profiles to insert in the CATALOG. Nowadays one of the primary request from our clients it’s for shabby picture frames. Download the SHABBY CATALOG or vist our page white picture frames.

Check Catalog and Price list

After the downloading of the Catalog and the Pricelist in PDF format, there are a couple of steps to take to get the total price quickly.


First, you open the Catalog and Pricelist. You search for the models that you like best in the Catalog. You copy the code number of the selected frame just below its picture, and you paste it in the text box that you’ll be able to open when you click on the lens of the top menu of the Pricelist. Paste the code in it and click enter. You will be addressed instantly on the price of the inserted code.


Multiply the price per meter for the quantity of frame that you need. Remember: the rods are three-meter long so that the cost of every rod is three times its price per meter.

For deliveries out of Europe, there is not to add any tax. For deliveries within Europen countries, we must add to the total 23% of Italian fees. The last step is to add the shipping price. For that, customers have to send us an email with the delivery area where they want to receive the frames. We will then find the best possible delivery price in a matter of hours.

Download below the picture frame moulding CATALOG and the PRICE LIST.