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White Picture frames

We specialize in White Wall Frames for modern interior design. BUY them customized as you prefer.




CHOOSE one of our tailored size white frames for your paintings or mirrors. Click below to download the Catalog.

white picture frames
White picture frame

White Picture Frames

We specialize in distressed antique white picture frames and cheap white wall frames in any dimension. Our goal is to offer our customers a great range of choices with a good selection of products. Because of that, we created three main price categories from which you will be able to pick out your favorite frame. They are labeled as expensive, affordable and cheap catalogs.

We generally make antique white picture frames for antique dealers who want to frame modern artworks with top quality products. In fact, these products belong to the categories of expensive models. We manufacture super cheap white wall frames for contemporary paintings as well, but they’re not so complex as the expensive ones.

Between our expensive and super cheap frames, you will find a third category: affordable white wooden picture frames. These products are crafted with hand techniques, therefore they are pretty similar to expensive distressed white picture frames. They differ from expensive frames only for their simpler ornates, thus they appear soberer. In conclusion, they cost less because they need less work to be realized.

White Wall Frames for interiors

Architects and Interior Designers often use cheap white wall frames for mirrors. Even for paintings, they tend to use these kinds of models. They usually order a great number of frames and that would be hardly possible if they bought expensive white ornate frames. They buy industrial frames even because they need quick deliveries and the expensive frames have longer delivery time.

Our Antique white picture frames are realized by hand and by hard-working techniques. That is why we manufacture only a few models per month for luxury interiors. First, we cut them and second, we finish them as customers ordered.

It’s fair enough to say that both of our expensive and cheap frames belong to the same category of durable white wooden picture frames. In fact, our mission is to produce products that would last for centuries. Antique picture frames from the past are durable and we want to be able to create the same quality. We love our planet and we don’t want to spoil it with junk products.

White wooden picture frames

We are very careful in the choice of woods we use. Our distressed white frames are made of Swiss pine, lime, and tulipwood. Our cheaper white wall frames are made of ayous and pine. Swiss pine and lime are very good for custom frames but not good to produce frames in rods of 3 meter long because they tend to bend. Therefore for rods, the best choice is pine and ayous. In addition, we use tulipwood to strengthen the backside of the expensive frames that have to be delivered oversea.

We use heavy machinery to produce more than 300 meters of rods per day. We are able to deliver quickly a huge quantity of frames.