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antique picture frame moulding

Antique frame moulding by length

Chop service available

antique picture frame moulding

antique picture frame moulding chop service

We specialize in antique picture frame moulding chop service for paintings and mirrors. Download a Catalog with 1000 frame profiles with different shapes and styles. Extra-large and extra-wide profile frames are our specialty. Check the Quality and discover our super competitive prices downloading the Pricelist. An antique picture frame moulding calculator is available for instant quotes. Online purchase and super-fast worldwide shipping service.

Our workshop was founded in 1905 in Bologna (ITALY). Since the very beginning, our mission has been manufacturing exclusive reproductions of antique picture frames. In more than a century, we served museums all over the world and have between our clients art galleries and collectors who own beautiful masterpieces.


What is chop service? It is an excellent chance to get frames dismounted but cut to size and shipped for a lower price. When it is a matter of sending oversea just one frame, it could be painful. As shipping price is calculated from couriers, not only by the weight of the package but from its volume as well, chop service becomes a convenient choice to get a better shipping price. In fact, when the frame is dismounted, the volume of its package is much less.

Since now, most of the wholesale frames suppliers have served their products in chop service only for retailers. Retailers would receive the four sides of the frame dismounted and would then use pro framing tools to mount it accurately. But what about private collectors? The ones who need to save money and receive a product ready to be easily mounted without special tools? We solved this problem. Our system allows customers to join the four sides of the frames in just a matter of minutes.

Follow the link below to see our easy joint system.


Our journey began with the custom framing of old master paintings at the beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays, we serve a more significant spectrum of potential customers because we introduce in our production a full range of custom made frames that start for a very low price and rise to stars when it is a matter of framing and old master peace.

We realize, with great care, antique picture frame moulding cut to size either for exclusive paintings or for affordable ones. The approach doesn’t change that much. We take in count diligently the perfect size of the painting, and we build the exact frame for it. We have been deal with particular measurements since the beginning of our company.

antique picture frame moulding for sale

Our company is divided into two sections. The first is engaged with the manufacturing of replicas, and reproduction frames realized focusing on manual skills. We use antique carving and gilding techniques for that. The second section of the company manufactures a significant amount of antique frame moulding in rods three meters long to be cut on size or to be sold in length.


Our specialty is antique picture frame mouldding for walls, even if we sometimes deal with other types of frames. We developed several systems for mounting the picture frames that make us one of the leading enterprises in the field.

We ship our models with antique hooks replicas that can be attached to the back of the frame by screws. This way, hooks are going to be adequately fixed and hang on walls without danger.

To reach the goal of lower the shipping price, we studied a quick join system that allows customers to mount the frames at their place quickly.

See a quick video of the process on our Youtube channel: Lamello.


We frame different kinds of paintings: on canvas, on copper, panel, and paper. We treat copper, thin boards, and paper the same way, as they don’t usually need a deep rabbet. When it is a matter of canvas, things change a bit, as we have to check how thick is the canvas. Canvas is stretched on a wood frame stretcher, which can be thick something between 1 cm up to 3 cm for bigger painting canvas.

We always ask the customer the exact measurements of the canvas, including is depth. Most of the time, we have to increase the thickness of the rabbet that clients purchase to be adapted to their paintings.


To frame mirrors, we have to focus on their weight. Especially when they are big, they can weight quite a bit. To be sure that the frame is strong enough to contain a heavy mirror, we must enforce the body structure of the frame with hardwood. We mainly use for that purpose tulipwood, which is handy to work, and resistant enough to strengthen the back of the frame. The front part of the side can still be in other kinds of softer woods so that we will create a mirror frame resilient and light at the same time.

antique picture frame moulding gold leaf

Dutch Gold leaf and Genuine Gold leaf are our most common types of finishing. When the frames are finished, they look similar even if they’ve got one or the other of these two different finishings because we put on top of them a Patina, which tends to hide the type of leaf of the gold. The two techniques look astonishing even if there are subtle differences if we try carefully to compare them.


Antique custom frames in Dutch gold leaf are beautiful. They are much cheaper than the one realized by water gilding and genuine gold leaf. The majority of the pictures of our expensive frames gallery show unique models gilt with Dutch gold leaf. As you can see from them, the frames are beautiful because the patina makes them look like the original.

If you take a closer look at the photograph, you will realize that the frames have got a few little broken parts, some wormholes, and other tricks to let them look like antique. All those tricks are part of the procedure of the patina. Besides, to darken the gold surface, we use several hands of shellac mixed with dark earth green powder. The final result is astonishing. You can’t distinguish them from the authentic frames.


There is not much to say about genuine gold leaf when we already achieved a great result with Dutch gold leaf. Of course, if we use real gold leaf with water gilding and red bole, the reproduction frame will be created even more equal to the originals. We strongly recommend using the ladder technique just for significant paintings as it costs much more in terms of effort and money. Follow below a couple of links to see genuine gold leaf finishings.

Cod. 01

Cod. 010

ANTIQUE picture frame moulding calculator

We built for our customers an interesting tool: an antique picture frame moulding calculator. Down below we answer a couple of very common questions.

How does it works?
The Calculator works inserting the size of your painting on the text boxes, selecting few options and you will get straight away the tota price of the purchase with shipping cost included to your delivery area.

Why would I use it?
You use our antique picture frame moulding calculator if you need to purchase a custom size frame. From the calculator page you will be able to buy the product and receive it with the perfect size you inserted in the text fields.

Where do I find it?
After you’ve clicked the frame code from any gallery, you will open the main page of th eproduct. Just beside the picture you’ll find a button sayng: “GET A QUOTE“. You click on it and you’ll land to calculator page.