Cod. 113

Reproduction of an Antique Gold Photo Frame gilt on wood. It’s a 16th-century style Renaissance Cassetta frame

Width cm 6


Antique Gold Photo Frame

Reproduction of an antique gold photo frame gilt on wood. This 16th-century Renaissance style frame is available in any size so that you can frame with it any photo. Originally this model was created for antique paintings as in older times photographs weren’t exist. Calculate Price | We Ship it in 60 DAYS from the order and the delivery is by DHL courier. The shipping process lasts about 2 working days for Europe and 5 days for the rest of the world.

Properties of antique gold photo frame

This antique gilded photo frame is made in ayous and tuulipwood perfectly combined together to obtain the maximum strength.  It is completely customizable in order to meet any client’s desire. For instance, you can change shape.

  • Section width cm 6
  • Rabbet cm 1

Antique gilded photo frame molding

The surface of this antique photo frame is completely smooth. We gild it either with Dutch gold leaf or genuine gold leaf under request. Price for Genuine gold leaf rise about 25% more then the standard price that you can calculate on your own by our algorithm. Watch a video related to the gilding process on our Youtube Channel: Dutch gold leaf gilding process

If you go for genuine gold leaf just send us an email requesting it and we will reply within 24 hours with the new price. See a video showing the genuine gold leaf gilding process: Genuine gold leaf gilding

Antique dark color

The ancient style of this fine Reproduction of antique gilded photo frame is given by a complex technique. To do it our Gilders use different kinds of stones to hit the surface of the gilding and create little broken parts. In addition, the wormholes are fake as well. Check the photographs above to realize how antique this frame looks like. All together, those tricky tricks form the complexity of our technique.

See more about of antique dark finishing: antique picture frames

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This Reproduction of antique gold photo frame fits very well with any kind of photo because of its small width. Of course, as already said this model was born for Renaissance paintings but in the last years, we’ve seen many of our customers use it for other purposes. In conclusion, our advice is to choose this frame to frame an important painting or just if you need just to match an astonishing frame with a beautiful portrait of your loved one.