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Cod. 147

Antique White Frame lacquered on wood. It’s a typical early 18th-century white vintage frame. The finishing is well darkened and distressed to look antique

Width cm 4,5


White Vintage Frame

Reproduction of a White Vintage Frame lacquered on wood. This 18th-century model is a rare Italian antique white frame with Ivory finishing very well distressed to look old. Calculate Price | We Ship it in 60 DAYS from the order and the delivery is by DHL courier. The shipping process lasts about 2 working days for Europe and 5 days for the rest of the world.

Properties of the white vintage frame

This antique white frame is made of ayous and tulipwood. Those two types of woods are combined together to strengthen the frame structure. The tulipwood is on the back and as it is the hardwood gives the frame solidity. The front side of the frame is made of ayous to maintain the frame enough light.

You can customize this frame as you prefer. You can change its shape and even its finishing. See this same model finished with gold: cod 063

Section width cm 4,5
Rabbet cm 1

white vintage frame finishing

The finishing of this white vintage frame is handmade. We first use a simple white lacquer to cover the surface and when it is dry we apply a couple of hands of shellack on top of it. Even if it is very quick, this procedure is tricky. In fact, if you put too much shellack on top of the white, it will appear too dark and quite far to seem ivory.

Dark old ivory for an antique white frame

To obtain the color of dark old ivory we must go through a technique that in Italy is called Patina. That consists of the process of aging the surface using a few tricks. Our workers first hit the frame with a stone to make few fake tiny broken parts all along the sides. Then with a long nail, they fake even wormholes. You will be able to see them analyzing deeply the picture detail above. As a result, any damaged little part of this white vintage frame is just a part of a bigger plane.

Discover more about our darkening frame technique following this link: antique picture frames

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