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Reproduction of an Empire Picture Frame gilt on wood. It’s an early 19th century French picture frame

Width cm 9

Empire Picture Frame

Reproduction of a French Empire Picture Frame gilt on wood. This early 19th-century model is available in any size. You can save money if you wish, opting to buy the affordable version of this model. See it following this page: model #095 Calculate Price | We Ship it in 60 DAYS from the order and the delivery is by DHL courier. The shipping process lasts about 2 working days for Europe and 5 days for the rest of the world.

Properties of the Empire Picture Frame

This Empire Frame reproduction is made of ayous and tulipwood combined together. The reason we mix two different kinds of wood is to strengthen the structure of the frame without having it too heavy. The heavy frames are not very good for hanging on a wall that’s why we try hard to maintain our models quite light.  Spending a bit more is possible to customize this model as you prefer. For instance, you can change the section width, the rabbet size, and the finishing as well.

Section width cm 9
Rabbet cm 1

Empire Picture Frame Decorations

The carving of this frame decorations is handmade. They are made of wood pulp to fasten the building process. That drives to a great result of saving a bunch of money. Quality remains on top-level because our wood pulp is made 99% of recycled wood. For a lower price, you buy a durable product with an astonishing style. Major museums and antique dealers love our system so we think you will do the same. Watch a video of the procedure following this link on our Youtube Channel. |

(Antique dark color)

This Reproduction of Empire Picture Frame looks pretty much as an authentic frame because of its color. The gilding is darkened by an ancient technique of aging gildings. We have been used this method since 1905 when our workshop was born in Italy. Check the photographs above in detail to realize how tricky that procedure can be. You’ll see even wormholes and little broken parts on the gilded surface. They are all made on purpose by us! As a result, the frame looks antique and it is not an easy task to find out that is a fine Reproduction, even for experts.

You can discover more about our darkening frame technique following this link: antique picture frames

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