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Reproduction of a fine Italian Ornate Baroque Frame carved on lime and gilded with gold leaf. It is a typical 17th century Bolognese picture frame

Width cm 13.5

Ornate Baroque frame

Reproduction of an Italian ornate Baroque frame carved and gilded on lime. This early 17th-century model is available in any size, therefore you can order it for any painting. Calculate Price | We Ship it in 60 DAYS from the order and the delivery is by DHL courier. The shipping process lasts about 2 working days for Europe and 5 days for the rest of the world.

Properties of ornate Baroque frame

This ornate Baroque frame is made of lime and tulipwood. Tulipwood is in the back to strengthen the body of the structure because it is hardwood. We use lime instead, which is very soft for the carvings on the front side. As a result, we create a very solid frame that can easily be hung on the wall because it is not too heavy.  You can customize its width as you prefer. 

Section width cm 13.5
Rabbet cm 1

ornate baroque frame decorations

The carving is handmade. Watch a video of the carving process following this link | This is one of our most expensive frames. We make this model entirely by observing the ancient techniques because the carvings are too big to be made with wood pulp. The video above shows how long is the carving process. Only the carving process itself can take up to 50 hours working for a medium-size frame. Then you have to add the rest: first prepare it for gilding with several hands of gesso, second gilding, and third darken it to make it look old.

Patina (Antique dark color)

The technique of aging the frame is called Patina. That is an important skill of the gilder to finish the frame with a surface enough rub, distressed, and darken to look like an authentic ornate Baroque frame. Gilders work with a stone to hit the gilded surface to distress it. The fake wormholes as well. Take a careful look at the pictures above to identify any one of our little tricks to realize an astonishing patina. You will discover that any fake damaged little part of the gilding is just a part of our technique.

Discover more about the aging process following this link: antique picture frames

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