Cod. 067

17th century Italian (Tuscany) Baroque frame with carved openwork scrolls around the sides

With cm 12.5

Tuscany Baroque frame

Reproduction of a Tuscany Baroque frame. Calculate price using our algorithm. Check delivery time before buying.


This Tuscany Baroque frame is made of wood pulp on plywood. We combine these two materials together to obtain the maximum strength with the minimum weight.

Section width cm 12.5
Rabbet cm 1

For an additional price, you can customize any feature of this frame.

Tuscany Baroque decorations

The scroll decorations are made of wood pulp. Carvers remodel them by chisel. Watch a video of the carving process following this link to our Youtube Channel: 

Our carving technique is very innovative, clean, and makes you save a lot of money without losing quality.

Patina (Antique dark color)

“Patina” is an Italian word that refers to the tone and age of the gold. Making an astonishing Patina is one of the major skills of the gilder.

To realize the Patina gilders use a variety of stones to hit the frame surface and create micro broken parts on it. Later on, they darken the gold applying several hands of dark shellac.

In other words, Patina is used to fake the age that reproductions must show. Even the wormholes are fake, in fact, you will be able to catch them analyzing the picture above.

In conclusion, any little damage on the gilded surface is deliberately made by us to age the frame.

Aging process videos:

Explanation of the 1st phase of the patina
Explanation of the 2nd phase of the patina
Rubbing out gold
Distressing the gold surface
Fake wormholes
Darkening by shellac
Final result