Cod. 145

Reproduction of Custom Victorian Frame gilt on wood with fine decorations all along the sides. Good for mirrors and paintings as well

Width cm 8

Custom Victorian Frame

Reproduction of a custom Victorian frame. This late 18th-century model is available in any size so that you can frame with it any kind of painting. Calculate Price | We Ship it in 60 DAYS from the order, and the delivery is by DHL courier. The shipping process lasts about two working days for Europe and five days for the rest of the world.

Properties of Custom Victorian frame

This gold painting frame is made in ayous and tulipwood perfectly combined to obtain maximum strength. We realize the front of ayous with decorations in wood pulp. The backside is in tulipwood because it is more resistant and allows to create a rabbet with a height that can vary from 2,5 cm to 3,5 cm.  It is completely customizable to meet any client’s desire. For instance, you can change color and shape. You can enlarge the width size by adding other moldings to this profile and get a very large profile at a very reasonable price.

Section width cm 8
Rabbet width cm 0.8

Custom Victorian Frame

“Patina” is an Italian word that refers to the color of the finishing. Specifically, it relates to how dark has to be done. Making a great Patina is one of the significant skills of the Gilder in order to produce a fine Reproduction of Renaissance style and make it look like an original one. We carry on that procedure pretty much as old master framers did. First of all, we rub out the gilded surface of the painting frame to make it look old, and then we hit it with different stones to create tiny broken parts. In the end, we create fake wormholes by using a special sharp nail. Because of these distressing processes, the frame can’t look like a new one anymore.

Every step of the patina procedure can be eliminated or changed to adjust the final result to the client’s taste. It is important to understand that any one of the skills used to obtain the final result is made following the blueprint of a bigger plan. Change one step of the procedure can be tricky so we always advise our customers to let us do this task. 

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